Re:Born - Necro

Re:Born - Necro

by DarkGodEM

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

After months being chased away by the church backed States and its Papal Armies, Soleir found himself between a rock and a hard place.

Having been cornered by a massive army from the combined effort. There was no way out for him. Or so they thought.
The genius necromancer had one last card up his sleeve. The most advanced Death Magic ever created by men. However...

How could his magic have failed? All the years of careful planning leading up to this moment… The magic supposed to make him immortal...

At least he now still has another chance. And this time, no man or god will be left standing on his path. Giving up his pride and masculinity, he goes by a new name:

Necronomia Vladya Drakul - The princess of Wallakia.

Winner of Scribbly Anniversary V2.
This novel was Exclusive to SH until April 2nd, 2021.

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Autistic Author

1st Anniversary
Word Count (11)
Table of Contents
88 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch 1 – The reincarnation spell ago
Ch 2 – Who am I? ago
Ch 3 – Dad’s back! ago
Ch 4 – The church again? ago
Ch 5 – They are so small… ago
Ch 6 – It’s not your fault… ago
Ch 7 – You are not my daughter, are you? ago
Ch 8 – Am I dead…? ago
Ch 9 – The cute magician ago
Ch 10 – Her first kiss ago
Ch 11 – Ace’s choice ago
Ch 12 – Don’t you want it? ago
Ch 13 – Necro’s magic ago
Ch 14 - Lap pillow and small-talk ago
Ch 15 – Dinner ago
Ch 16 – Necro’s drunk friends ago
Ch 17 - Necro's first orgasm (18+) ago
Ch 18 - Nightmare ago
Ch 19 – The pillow moaned? ago
Ch 20 – Decomposition Magic ago
Ch 21 – You know alchemy too? ago
Ch 22 – New party member ago
Ch 23 – Accidental Magical Development ago
Ch 24 – Changing scenery = nausea ago
Ch 25 - Bid's and Ace's Past ago
Ch 26 - A meal full of memories ago
Ch 27 – A busy night (16+) ago
Ch 28 – His sister!? ago
Ch 29 – I’ll serve you tonight (Part 1 – 18+) ago
Ch 30 – I’ll serve you tonight (Part 2 – 18+) ago
Ch 31 – I’ll serve you tonight (Part 3 – 18+) ago
Ch 32 – A full-course meal (18+) ago
Ch 33 – I said too much! ago
Ch 34 – It’s a trap! ago
Ch 35 – Start Talking ago
Ch 36 – Oh, Crap! ago
Ch 37 – Next Stop ago
Ch 38 – Mary’s doubts ago
Ch 39 – The Habsburgian army ago
Ch 40 – What the hell happened? ago
Ch 41 – Counting coins ago
HC 1 – Economy ago
Ch 42 – Raise Greater Undead ago
Ch 43 – Mass Raise Undead ago
Ch 44 – The Dark Captain ago
Ch 45 – Skeleton says: NOICE ago
Ch 46 – Ahem! ago
Ch 47 – Barrels and Jealousy ago
Ch 48 – Temptation ago
Ch 49 – Ace’s insecurity ago
Ch 50 – Royal Tent ago
Ch 51 – Dry wash ago
Ch 52 – Her initiation ago
Ch 53 – One, Two… Three? (18+) ago
Ch 54 – I might have broken her (18+) ago
Ch 55 – Heaven and Bliss (16+) ago
Ch 56 – Wake up! (18+) ago
Ch 57 – Misdirection ago
Ch 58 – Will all of it fit inside this tiny[…] ago
Ch 59 – The broken Paladin ago
Ch 60 – Rise, My Knight! ago
Ch 61 – Double the girls, double the jealousy ago
Ch 62 – Our Army ago
Ch 63 – Punishment for a jealous cutie (18+) ago
Ch 64 – A smooth ride ago
Ch 65 – The f*ck is that!? ago
Ch 66 - Finally, the town ago
Ch 67 – Cluj ago
Ch 68 - Hefty Unloading ago
Ch 69 - Hal's realization ago
Ch 70 - Bullionaire ago
Ch 71 - Ace's sweet tooth ago
HC 2 - Politics I ago
Ch 72 – A letter arrived ago
Ch 73 - Ungro-Habsburgian War ago
Ch 74 - Registration ago
Ch 75 - A cute little ferret ago
Ch 76 - High Treason ago
Ch 77 - Forsaken people ago
Ch 78 - Saved by the bell ago
Ch 79 - A Night in the tavern ago
Ch 80 - An earth-shattering scream ago
Ch 81 - Double Awakening ago
Ch 82 - Water Heating ago
Ch 83 - I was the enemy ago
Ch 84 - Cumming Clean [16+] ago
Ch 85 - Doggo Girl?! ago
Ch 86 - Beware of Doggo's Father ago

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Needs some editing, promising start!

Reviewed at: Ch 34 – It’s a trap!

The Story is good.

As you can read in the synopsis, it's an reincarnation theme, where some asexual necromancer got gender-bended into a legal loli. I won't go to far into the world building, since we're still at the beginning and that other review seems to have done that, better than I could. So I will highlight the aspects I think need to be mentioned.

The grammar is good, but has quite a few typos which need editing. 

The characters seem rather shallow as of now, and follow the stereotypes.

The good point of his reincarnation feature (necromancy ) got turned into nothing special, by reincarnating that girl of his previous life (estimated solution for hints)






So it currently is a very nice and enjoyable story the main charecter is quite enjoyable and there are a lot of interesting plots being started. The writing style is quite enjoyable and it is clear what is happening. There is a interesting magic system and you can relate to the charecters, even if they are a bit strange sometimes.

Gin Wolfstein

The best LitRPG with yuri smut I've ever read.

Reviewed at: Ch 13 – Necro’s magic
MC is a cute vampire, necromancer and legal loli.

This novel has lovable characters and a good development.

The narration is of high quality and the emotions and reactions of the characters are very well described.

The construction of the world is done calmly and in detail, gradually revealing the situation, rules and mysteries of the world and of magic.

The yuri may have started with the girls getting close a little bit fast, but if you take into account that the characters are inexperienced in love, it is not so strange that they let themselves be carried away by passion easily, not to mention the trials that they went through. And if you compare it with other hurried yuri-smut that I read in the past, this one has developed calmly and in detail. Without speaking he compensates for the speed with which the girls got close by taking their sweet time to detail their emotions, affection and reactions...

MC and their girlfriends kiss frequently, these and other displays of affection are one of the things that make this novel the best yuri smut I have ever read and it is not neglected even during s*x scenes.

After all, kisses, hugs, etc. make you feel that the characters really value each other dearly, that it's not just lust there that they also love, or at least that's how it is for me.

The narration of the smut in this novel is very detailed, but still simple, direct, fluid, short and without unnecessary poetic text to try to lengthen the scenes unnecessarily. And that makes it perfect for reading without losing focus or the rhythm of your own emotions, even during the fap...

PS: That is my opinion after reading up to chapter 56...