Nisteria Chronicles

Nisteria Chronicles

by Durmatagno

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Welcome to the world of Nisteria, a world of magic and wonder. Where any humble peasant can climb to the heavens or descend into the deepest depths of hell. A world the gods have given structure and purpose, varying from the ability to, with a simple spell, see your stats and skills, as well as choose or change one’s own job. A world where the best and worst of humanity, and the other races, can find a path to their hearts desire. The Gods have made revival and reincarnation of the dead fairly easy for even low level mages, and even have a natural reincarnation cycle set in place for the souls that passed on without being brought back. Rarely, souls from other worlds even enter this cycle, every reincarnated soul, as a reward for living a life to the full, is reborn with some unique skill. These skills awaken only when the new life is in need, and most who are reincarnated will live simple, happy lives without ever once regaining the memories of their previous jaunt through this or other worlds.  Kahari, Bedora, Nissa, and Chara are a party of four in the world of Nisteria. As they team up to taken down a shady organization that took everything from Kahari, they find themselves thrust into a conflict older and more complex than they could ever have known. Along the way to unravel dark machinations from powers far above them, they build themselves a family from each other and the others they meet along the way, building a foundation of stone that they hope is strong enough to weather the coming storms.

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