Victoria had second thought bout Max, she just met him and he was a stranger. But she gave in. She leaned her head over Max’s shoulder. The tension she felt went away as her whole body loosened. A lot had happened today, from being close to death and to being saved by a stranger. A stranger that stole her kiss. “Max?”

“Yea,” Max replied. His eyes were still at the text panel. He was weighing his options. He knew what a class meant in a game. It defined your whole being, your future, and your role. But for Max, it wasn’t much. Which one would be fun?

Class Option








I can cut off most of it. Warrior out, mage out, fighter out, scout out, and bard. Bard is the one who uses the guitar right? Or is it the lute?

“John,” Victoria whispered. “Are you here to close the Rupture?” The topic about Rupture made him glanced away for a bit. “Closing? What do you mean?”

She turned a bit to Max. “Killing the Alpha?” Even more foreign word to Max’s ears. “Alpha?”

“You seriously don’t know?” Victoria questioned. “You’re not one of the Elites?” Yes, even more nomenclature that was only becoming a blur in Max’s mind. “Ma’am, it’s classified,” Max replied. His answer only prompted the Miss Soldier to turned her whole body around. “Careful, you don’t want to drop.” Max held her tight by the waist.

A skeptical look on Victoria’s face. “Are you not even military?” Her piercing gaze was like the tip of an arrow. “Does that even matter, Miss Santos?” The barely passing moonlight shed a little light on their eyes and even then their gazes were intense. “I suppose not,” Victoria replied. She gave in first and turned back to the front. Then she leaned and gave a hard land on Max’s chest. “And it’s Tori. You can just call me Tori,” Tori said.

He hugged her from the back and rested his head close beside hers. “So Tori,” Max whispered. “About the Elites and Alpha.”

She groaned a bit and adjusted her body on Max. “Military intelligence is strictly not for civilians… sir,” Tori replied. A hint of coldness in her voice. “A bit cold don’t you think? I think you need a bit of heat,” Max whispered in her ears as his lips slowly glided on Tori’s face. He caressed her cheek with his lips, kissing her with little pecks.

There was a look of annoyance on Tori but she didn’t refuse the gestures. The thing that happened in the afternoon came up in her mind and it would be a lie if she said she didn’t want it to continue. She didn’t know what got into her as she longed for Max’s lips. “Ah,” Tori moaned. She felt a strong grip on her breast. Max ambushed her with success, fondling her soft mound over the rough military jacket. Tori arched her body with zest, feeling the jolt running through her body. Max caressed Tori’s neck with his lips and gave a slight fun nibble at the end. “Ah.” He heard her moan again and it fueled Max’s desire even further. “What about now Private Santos?” he whispered close to her ear and bit her on the ear.

“Classified…and…ah…it’s Sergeant.” She was still tight on the lips while moaning at intervals. She felt the pleasure but she was still sane to her duty. Yet Max had a secret weapon. His hand left Tori’s waist and crawled down under her pants. His fingers felt the wetness between her legs and he grinned. “Ah!” Tori jolted, feeling something encroaching inside of her. Max did it again and again, harder with each thrust. She cried in ecstasy and the fun suddenly stopped. “And now?… Sergeant Santos?” Max asked in his raspy voice.

Tori turned her whole body in haste and grabbed Max by the shoulders. She went for a kiss as her tongue ravaged Max’s inside. She almost fell but Max held her on the waist. Then she parted. She gazed Max in the eyes with her eyes half-opened. “Fuck me,” Tori insisted with her sultry voice. And to that, Max smiled. Yup, it’s definitely the Charm.

It was a lovely evening for both Max and Tori, especially Max. A tree among the sea of them shook violently with leaves falling. It was truly remarkable how humans adapted to their surroundings just for the sake of their own desires. Even a tree branch couldn’t stop them much less hungry green wolves prowling on the forest ground. The cries of pleasure echoed from the treetop as if they didn’t care about eavesdropping ears. Those with keen hearings perked their ears and left their shadows.

An hour went by and two humans snuggled with each other on top of a tree. They felt the warmth of each other as if their skins were glued together. I last longer than I expected. I can vouch that Sage Flesh Alteration helps the most but does Vitality plays a role here? While Max had his questions, Victoria Santos lay her head on Max’s chest with the man’s arms wrapped around her body, keeping her safe, both in mind and body.

“Elites and Alpha, Sgt. Santos,” Max said. “You’re persistent, do you know that?” She smooched him on his bony chest. “Well, you did love me being persistent just now.” He meant it physically. “Ouch.” Tori pinched him a bit and gave him a lackluster glare. Max raised his eyebrows with a smile.

Tori sighed. “Alpha is a monster designated by the military for being the strongest monster in a Rupture,” Tori explained. “So they’re Boss monsters,” Max said. “Boss?” her tone told him she was confused. “Like in a game. The type where you kill monsters,” Max said.

“I don’t play games,” Tori said. Of course you don’t. “Not with how you play with my… ouch.” He stopped with a pinch at his flank. Feisty. “Continue, please,” Max said.

“In order to close a Rupture, you need to kill the Alpha,” Tori said. Simple enough. “And the Elites?”

“The first surviving soldiers that ventured into the Rupture. I’ve never met them but I heard rumors about them. They were strong, very strong. Some of us even compared them to the superheroes in the films…”

“You mean comic books,” Max corrected. He felt a lighter pinch not enough to yelp but he knew what it meant. “And I don’t know if this is true but I’ve heard the Elites are fighting at the front line.”

“Front line?” Max asked. “Ruptures classified by the military to be the highest danger level.”

Plausible reason. I can understand that these Elites might not be enough in numbers. Such that I can tell with all these Ruptures still going around. Even this one is still here, even when it’s close to a residential area.

“You know their levels?” Max asked. “No, I don’t know. They’re pretty much a mystery even in the army.” Max’s finger danced on Tori’s back, gently caressing her like playing a slow tune on a piano. “Then, is your mission to close the Rupture?” He ripped the big question, not minding the implication.

Tori stayed silent for a while. She didn’t say a word while Max’s naughty fingers crawling on her back. He didn’t really mind about it and just threw it out without thinking much. “My squad is not here for closing,” Tori said. Oh, this seems interesting. “We’re sent as vanguard to secure a perimeter and establish a base,” Tori continued.

Is she sure about telling me this? I’m flattered but unlike the intel from before this one is directly related to her.

“Military protocol?” he simply asked. He kept it around the bay, not wanting to touch a nerve. Since she did have her whole squad ended up dead. “Yes. It’s designed to wait for reinforcement from another squad to up the chances of killing the Alpha.”

Hmm, why do I feel that it doesn’t make any sense? Why can’t just the two squads enter at the same time? If they did that, Tori’s squad wouldn’t suffer this kind of loss.

“Hey,” Max called. Tori glanced upwards and gazed into Max’s eyes. “You sure about telling me all of this? You do know you can get court-martial,” Max said. Tori leaned forward and kissed Max on the lips. “No one would know… Unless you tell on me.” Tori smiled. “Besides, I don’t think I can continue…” her tone softened until barely a mumble. Her smile was gone as her future was uncertain. Max saw the change in her, and he knew what it was about.

“I think I might report you,” Max said. Tori broke off from her daze and scrunched her brows at Max. “Better yet, I think it would be wiser if I represent the Military Court. In my defense, a good spanking is a good punishment,” Max grinned at Tori. He gave a nice resounding spank at her ass and squeezed to his heart content. “Pervert,” Tori smiled. He kissed her. “Only to you babe, only to you.”

Max looked down and saw the few stares directed at them. “And we need to move.”

“What? Why?” Tori questioned. “It’s nothing, just a few prying eyes, invading our privacy.” Max carried Tori in his arms. “Seat belts, my lady,” Max said. Tori hugged Max’s neck with a light smile. “Good, and now hold on.” Max jumped to the next tree and then to another. While those down below chased down. Yet Max was like a monkey with freedom on his feet. Soon, Max lost them as he headed closer to the treetop, finding solace in the thick foliage. He secured Tori’s safety on the treetop with a makeshift platform made with branches settled between two thick branches. It was enough to hold the weight of two people. He learned a lot in his second life since most of his early time was spent in the wilderness. To be truthful, he didn’t know he would use it here in the modern world. But life had its own surprises, you would never what would come. Both lay in each other arms and slept peacefully through the night.

Dawn broke and Max got up early. His grumbling stomach as well as Tori’s prompted him to go down. “Come back,” Tori said, gazing deeply into Max’s eyes. She was no longer seeing a stranger. She feared for him, feared for his life. She didn’t want to lose him. “I will.” Max kissed her one last time and then, he jumped. He vanished under the leaves as Tori prayed for him. Please come back.



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