Victoria sat by the lakeshore, with her foot dipped in. She dabbled the water, staring deep at her only foot. The smile she had slowly receded until what was left was only a slight curve at the corners of her lips. The surface of the lake broke with a splash of water raining onto Victoria. “Hey,” Victoria said, looking at Max, who just emerged from underwater. “Hey,” Max said as he swam to shore. He brought himself up and sat beside Victoria.

He glanced at her, and she glanced back. He saw her skin with smudges and dried blood on her face. He dabbed his hand in the lake and wiped away the impurities on her profile. He was gentle in his touch, and by then, he saw what was underneath. A beautiful woman with beautiful olive skin. Her brows were thick, and so were her eyelashes. Her jet black hair was tied in a bun, but he could see a few stubborn ones sticking out, as if proud of its wavy nature.

Victoria felt something from those eyes, something unexplainable. She didn’t know why, but she put her guard down rather quickly with this guy. A stranger she met in a Rupture. “Who are you exactly?” Victoria asked.

“Just a guy,” Max said. “A guy who likes pretty women.” He grinned and gazed at her.

Oh please, was one of those thoughts that ran through Victoria’s mind. “Could you get any more cornier than this?”

“Corny is just another word for being truthful,” Max said. “Oh please,” she said it out loud, yet there was a smile. “Can you please not do this? You know I can’t run away from that corny of yours, not with me being like this.” Victoria pointed at her stump. “And besides, what kind of one-legged woman would be considered beautiful?”

“The kind that I’m looking at,” Max whispered. She looked at him and their eyes locked. Max gazed deep into her dark brown eyes as he inched closer to her. He felt her breath brushing over him and seeing her slowly shutting her eyes, Max kissed her on the lips. They paused, and both stared at one another. She replied with a kiss of her own and Max countered back. Their lips smacked at one another as Max’s hands crawled in between Victoria’s hair. He locked her in place as he savored Victoria’s soft and supple lips. It went slow, but Max turned aggressive. She moaned, and Victoria returned the favor, pushing herself to Max. She went for it, and their tongues intertwined, stroking like they were dancing the tango. Her arms hugged Max by the neck, and slowly both went down on the shore with her on top. They kissed, and they never let go. Max hugged her by the waist with one of his arms, and they enjoyed each other company.

She kissed and kissed, and suddenly, her lips couldn’t find her partner. She opened her eyes and saw Max looking at her with a frown. “What’s wrong?” she asked. Her brows knitted as she couldn’t hide her disappointment at the sudden stop.

Max raised his eyebrows. “Well, we got company,” Max said. He turned over. and now he was on top. “Wait for me. I won’t be long.” He planted a quick kiss on her lips and grinned. He left, and Victoria propped her upper body up. She watched the back of Max leaving her, and deep down, she hoped he never left.

Max trod through the meadow with a machete in his hand. Great. First, my scar cock-blocked me, and now a pack of dogs is cock-blocking me. He glanced at his machete, and he shook his head. Yup, shitty blade. Like always. He made a few swings, getting ready. Two wolves rushed at him, and with Soaring Rage Blade, he made quick work of it. Yup, now it’s officially empty. He recovered MP a bit due to the MP regeneration, but it wasn’t enough. They’re not that many, so I guess I can handle it. A single green wolf took its chance. But a blade cleaved it right at the center of its head. It was manageable for Max even without MP or Chakra as long as they were not that many like before.

While he went for an onslaught, it got him thinking about Victoria. That works surprisingly well. Didn’t know I’ve got game that easily, or is it the Charm doing its work? Max wasn’t sure about the true application of Charm, and surprisingly he might be on to something. Meanwhile, he killed another green wolf that leaped into the air. It pierced right from below, and as it dropped, Max kicked it to the side.

Hmm, I think it’s the Charm. I know how to flirt, but I doubt it will work when I’m looking like this. He remembered something. He just woke up from a coma with a body that was more similar to a skeleton than a man, and he doubted women would dig such looks. And to top it off, he wore clothes that should be worn at home and not outside. He could see perfectly that Charm might have done something. Ah, shit. He frowned. I guess there’s one thing I regret being reincarnated here. My face’s too average. Back in my second life, I did have quite a look. I guess that’s one reason for how easy it was to get laid back then.

Max kept killing these green wolves that were coming at him like a train. One died, and another came. It continued as he racked up his kill count. He even saw where they were coming from. They were a forest at the end of his sight with wolves coming out of it, going straight for him. He killed and hacked them until a shout came from the back.

“John!” It was Victoria, and she was in danger. Max turned and ran. He saw Victoria floating on the lake with green wolves waiting at the shore. She made the right decision, and right now, she tried her best to keep herself afloat. She struggled a bit as she wasn’t used to swimming with only a leg.

Max saw her, and then he rushed. He took the green wolves by surprise, killing one of them easily. The others pounced at him. One bit him by the forearm, and he let go of his machete. His other hand caught the falling machete, and he stabbed the wolf right at the underbelly. Another leaped at him and tackled Max to the ground. It tried to bite off Max’s head, but Max kept it at bay, pushing it with his forearm. He took out his combat knife and stabbed it right in the eye. The green wolf went limp, and Max pushed it to the other side.

Yet, he felt pain in his ankle. A green wolf bit him and dragged him away. He fell back with his head hitting the ground. Fucking mutt. He cursed, and he grinned. He kicked the green wolf on the head with his free foot. He stomped it down, one after another until the green wolf finally let go.

He leaped and tackled the green wolf head-on. He stood and put his weight on the struggling green wolf. With his clenched fist, he barraged them at the green wolf’s head. He punched it until it didn’t move. His fists bloody, covered with the blood of his enemy. Max got up and felt it wasn’t over yet. He went back to the dead green wolves and retrieved his machete and combat knife.

He looked around, and the numbers were growing. “They won’t stop would they?” He smiled. Oh well, it’s not like that different from my second life. The situation reminded him of back then. He was surrounded in all directions. A lost cause one might say, but that day wasn’t the day Max died. He survived it, and he would do it again. “Okay, bring it.”

As if they understood what Max said. The wolves went on for the attack. They were hungry for human flesh, and they were not backing down. Unfortunately, so did Max. He killed and slaughtered, baring his machete and dagger. But this time, it was different. Their bites went through and those fangs sunk inside Max’s flesh. But he didn’t scream or yell. He countered and killed whatever that bit him, by machete, by knife, or even with his bare hands. He poked eyes, snapped necks, and bit them at the ears. A horrifying sight as Victoria saw it all. Her jaw slacked, seeing a one-man battle. Then, the kill count reached nineteen.

Level up to Lv.10

Good. He saw the text, and the points were gone. He felt the MP, and he soared with the machete and his knife. Soaring Rage Blade went mayhem in quick succession. He killed them one by one, not missing even a beat. He was like a tornado, destroying anything in his path. Max knew he had to make use of it with not a second to waste. His MP trickled down like a tap being left open. He stabbed, he slashed and he hacked them until the green on the ground was now covered in a dark crimson shade. In the end, another twelve green wolves were dead.

Max stood there with his breath ragged. His clothes ripped apart, and his body was covered in blood. The blood of his own and also the blood of the wolves. He exhaled slowly and dropped his machete and knife. He walked closer to the shore and ripped what was left of his long sleeve shirt. He glanced at Victoria, who was still floating on the lake. He gestured at her to come, and she did. She struggled a bit, but she reached the shore. “Are you-” she couldn’t ask. She gasped in surprise at Max’s action. He carried her in his arms and went away from the bloody shore. Victoria looked at Max and looked at his body. He was scrawny, barely with muscles, and yet he won against them all. It defied Victoria’s logic, and only one thing could explain them all. How high is his level? Victoria wondered, but she didn’t ask.

They reached a cleaner shore with no dead green wolves and no blood to taint their eyes. He let her down gently on the ground, and he knelt beside her. He grasped Victoria by the side of her head, barely with any force. He gazed into her eyes. “Are you hurt?” he asked. She shook her head and looked at him. “We need to look at your wounds, you’re-” She stopped. He touched her lips with the end of his finger. “I’m fine.” He smiled. He left for the lake and slowly submerged himself in the water. His hands wiped away the blood with the aid of the water. Victoria looked from shore and stared at the man with who she shared a kiss. Scars? With the blood gone, she witnessed what was hidden beneath the clothes. What happened to him? She saw the long scars from his neck down to his flank. Soon, Max emerged out from the lake and approached Victoria.

“We need to get back to the woods,” Max said, looking at the sky. It was turning dusk, a sign of the night approaches. “On the trees?” Victoria asked, and Max nodded.

Max went back to reclaim his machete and knife. He then carried Victoria in his arms, and by nightfall, both were on top of a tree branch. They found a wide enough branch with a good height, enough to eluded the predator on the ground. Howls echoed through the night as Max leaned over the tree trunk with Victoria sitting between his opened legs.

“Are you sure it’s the best sitting like this?” Veronica questioned, snuggling down her buttocks close to Max’s crotch. “Of course, wouldn’t want the branch to snap do we?” He smirked from behind. “And don’t get any ideas with us like this,” Victoria warned. “You mean this?” He wrapped his arm around Victoria’s waist and pulled her close. She turned her head around and glared. “It’s for reassurance. Don’t want you to fall.” He smiled. Then, he glanced to the side at something. Something he had ignored right until now. It appeared right after reaching level ten. How generic.

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