Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Michael is unwittingly selected to represent the people of Earth, as part of a harsh test which will determine the fate of our world.

Murdered at 24, the depressed loner is reborn as Rihelah, a newly-hatched female mantis upon a strange world. Trees tower above her like skyscrapers, dragons reign as gods, and damn-near everything wants to eat her!

Follow Rihelah as she navigates this new world, eventually finding herself embroiled in awkward situations, terrible conflicts, and major wars. The path toward strength, personal growth, and real friendships will take her places she never imagined. The aggressiveness and violent tendencies of her new species pose a terrible challenge to morals carried over from her past life. With a strong heart and the will to survive, Rihelah does her best to stand against the dangers and challenges ahead as she resists the temptation to become an absolute terror.

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NOTE: The "Gender-Bend" portion of this story is over and done with rather quickly for the main character, especially since it's vastly overshadowed by the fact that she died, and has been reincarnated as a tiny insect. It's only there for flavor, not as a main focus of the plot.

Rihelah will never be a romantic character.

[Participant and subsequent winner alongside many others in the 2021 Royal Road Writathon challenge.]

A few more things to note:

1. This story is dark at times. There is a fair bit of death and suffering in this book. Rihelah starts out very weak.

2. There will be situations in this book that some people may find traumatizing. Many of the antagonists in this book are truly evil, and their behavior will reflect this.

3. Elves!

4. Dwarves!

5. Dragons!

6. If you want to support my writing, my Patreon has advance chapters available!


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Word Count (12)
1st Anniversary
Royal Writathon April 2021 winner
5 Review Upvotes
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Awakening ago
Chapter 1: Welcome to the Food Chain ago
Chapter 2: First Contact ago
Chapter 3: Surprises ago
Chapter 4: Escape and Fire ago
Chapter 5: Nytalis ago
Chapter 6: Basic Bitch ago
Chapter 7: Blown Away ago
Chapter 8: Poorly Adjusted ago
Chapter 9: Systemic Chaos ago
Chapter 10: Overwhelmed ago
Chapter 11: Massacre ago
Chapter 12: The Wages of Sin ago
Chapter 13: Lost in the Deep ago
Chapter 14: The Lady's Lair ago
Chapter 15: Daylight ago
Chapter 16: Chasing Royalty ago
Chapter 17: Deep Blue Sea ago
Chapter 18: Fuutsuban Beach Trip ago
Chapter 19: Fuutsuban Beach Trip (2) ago
Chapter 20: Shilwani Magic ago
Chapter 21: Magical Girl ago
Chapter 22: She Had Legs ago
Chapter 23: Baby Dragon ago
Chapter 24: Kosval ago
Chapter 25: Long Live Fuutsuba ago
Chapter 26: Clean Up Crew ago
Chapter 27: For Nytalis ago
Chapter 28: For Freedom ago
Chapter 29: Silverleaf Cutting ago
Chapter 30: The Ogre Wilds ago
Chapter 31: Secrets of the Ogres ago
Chapter 32: Separation ago
Chapter 33: Rihelah's Long Night ago
Chapter 34: The Lost Hunter ago
Chapter 35: The Angry Baby Dragon ago
Chapter 36: Hunters ago
Chapter 37: The Road to Siurx ago
Chapter 38: Hidden Demons ago
Chapter 39: Demon Hunters ago
Chapter 40: Demon Hunters (2) ago
Chapter 41: Red and Black ago
Chapter 42: First Princess ago
Chapter 43: Growth and Goodbye ago
Chapter 44: Flying Solo ago
Chapter 45: Protector ago
Chapter 46: Hearthwood ago
Chapter 47: Unfamiliar Surroundings ago
Chapter 48: Elves and Humans ago
Chapter 49: Family Dinner ago
Chapter 50: The Silent Burrows ago
Chapter 51: Descent ago
Chapter 52: Greater Than Expected ago
Chapter 53: So it Begins ago
Chapter 54: Blood and Ashes ago
Chapter 55: Harsh Reality ago
Chapter 56: Greatmother ago
Chapter 57: Unleashed ago
Chapter 58: Beasts and Bloodshed ago
Chapter 59: Cruelty and Arrogance ago
Chapter 60: Great Exodus ago
Chapter 61: Possession ago
Chapter 62: Swift Action ago

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Pretty darn impressive sense of plot motion. It doesnt drag through scenes. Plenty of fighting and interesting comedy choices. I like the twists so far and theres some really evil people in this book! Grammar is way better then mine! Nice to see a MC who doesnt start OP and murdering everything with no danger danger danger!!

Im enjoying this book so far. keep writing!


Trying to think of a good pun...

Reviewed at: Chapter 28: For Freedom

It's always interesting to view things from a nonhuman view.  Though the MC and crew are pretty anti-human and anti-modern society.  I hope this is mostly the MC and not the author, though.  But personally it always makes me laugh to see the naive hippy views.

very much hippy vibes, which gets grating as they are usually a little naive and a lot fanatical.  also, the humans get pretty stereotypical bad rep.  However, this may change as the story progresses and already there is a friendly hummie kingdom in the story so...

Grammar was alright as far as I could read, but I wasn't paying attention.

The character is interesting and has already had somewhat of a dynamic change which has already lead to a dramatic change to the story archtype.  it started emo edgelord in the beginning, but the story has already progressed to a bit more of a friendly happy get together kind of direction?  Basically that super moral hero wins from the 80-90s with a lot more blood and gore, shouldn't last though with the foreshadowing...

anyway, I liked the story and need two hundred words and I am like twenty short so how is this not two hundred words yet?


Good pacing high fantasy fun!

Reviewed at: Chapter 30: The Ogre Wilds

Was pleasantly surprised by this story. Better then most fiction in several aspects.

Inspiring, I will start a D&D campaign with this evil greedy humans plot. Thanks for the read.

Filler words filler words filler word filler words, reviews must be at least 50 words long. Looking forward to reading more.

Mighty Moushie

If I remember, I will up update this further into the story. Now, the review!


I just happened to notice this in the recent updates, and boy am I glad I clicked it. A unique reincarnation tale where the MC really has no advantages. There is already an intense struggle to survive from an insect perspective, and several unique characters that all have depth despite only having 4 chapters to work woth.

Grammar is on point, and if there were any issues so far I glossed over them while reading, they were that minor. The story flows well, with an excellent balance between action and worldbuilding. No infodumps, just the MC trying to learn and survive with no real help. The only reason I knocked anything off is that I can't justify full marks on a story with just 4 chapters.


The story started out interesting I thought the author was talking about covid or an upgraded version and painted the world very well when the MC was a bug and a human and I see no grammar errors so far but I'm not that good at writing to no the difference I would recommend anyone reading the review to pick this up and read it


The story is really well written with no grammar mistakes. I was expecting something else after reading the description about him representing Earth but so far until chapter 43 it's almost never showing up. It's mostly another isekai with non-human MC (monster evolution kind) trying to survive as a chosen one while the world is trying to kill him. The author also fixed the only annoying thing for me in this novel which was a really heavy Scottish brogue that dwarves spoke but it's now at a pretty low level and not that hard to understand. Overall it's a pretty good story that I can recommend you to read.


Writing, language, and grammar are all top-notch!  Fun story so far, MC isn't OP...struggles and characters are believeable.  World building is good so far, there's character growth not only in the MC but in supporting characters as well.  I see a lot of potential here and I look forward to each chapter that's released!