A Drop of Water & Blood

A Drop of Water & Blood

by Probably_an_author

When an accident threatens seventeen year old Shay's life, he catches the eye of ancient vampire Jonathan. Something about Shay compels Jonathan to save his life, turning him into a half-vampire in the process.

His dreams of going to college and becoming a journalist have been shattered, in its place is a fight for survival. Vampire hunters will stop at nothing to rid the world of creatures of the night. And darker beasts prowl, seeking to take London for themselves.

But there's still one person from Shay's old life that wants to rescue him. Rosheen, his best friend. Convinced that Shay is enslaved by a vampire, Rosheen makes it her life's mission to track Jonathan down and kill him. With the help of Van Helsing's forbidden techniques, she will learn to master the mystic arts and exact her revenge.

Torn between his loyalty to Jonathan, the vampire who saved his life, and Rosheen, his lifelong friend, Shay will soon be forced to choose a side. But when the line separating good and evil becomes harder to distinguish, how can he ever know which choice is right?

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I can tell that eventually someone's going to be really happy they found this story. There's some definitely excellent vampires and urban fantasy stuff going on, and while I don't know that I'm going to come back for more, I do hope this finds its audience and that the author continues to have fun writing it.