How am I Supposed to Save This World with No Power?

How am I Supposed to Save This World with No Power?

by someonebad

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Wu Li was but a student trapped in a future he did not want when the Portal sought him out to become the Savior of an entire world. However, unlike any beings born in that world, Wu has not a single ounce of power within his body. Worse yet, he's the fourth one that's been summoned in history and he's got massive shoes to fill. 

How will he overcome his own powerlessness and become the savior that everyone expects him to be? 

With a beautiful girl acting as his slightly disappointed yet adorable guardian, a smoking hot rivalling bounty hunter from the High societies out to take his head, and countless other encounters along the way, Wu fights on to become the greatest of the four saviors, while seeding this world with...the principles of science.

This is a story set in a world with a rich history of the magic power known as the Wave, and all native species are capable of interacting with the Wave to obtain power in a variety of ways. Think of this as a combination of Dr Stone and Black Clover! 

I am writing this story using similar structures to anime seasons, and the chapters in itself are structured more like manga chapters. The first two seasons are already planned out, and it is likely going to be daily upload of chapters from ~ 2 k words in length during the 'season' when there is backlog of chapters, with a week or two of a break in between seasons if no backlog.

If you liked this story, please drop a rating and review. If you hated it, please drop a review and help me get better. Don't just spam a 0.5 rating and leave like a coward lol.

This is what you should expect:

- Character growth and development

- Sensible characters, especially our MC

- Thought out and nuanced power system

- Rich world with history and mythologies

- Progressions of the main cast

- A pretty solid plot that should get better with time!

- A dash of romance and .5 chapters (iykyk)

]For more info on the world, check out the World Anvil link:

To see the map of the world, check this out:

Hope you enjoy! Leave your comments! Drop your ratings! Here's my Discord !

We back and grinding!

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Table of Contents
285 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
List of Story Arcs (Up to Season 3!) ago
Prologue: Time in a Bottle (Arc 1 Start) ago
Chapter 1: Dreaming Awake ago
Chapter 2: The Perfect Mirage ago
Chapter 3: Questions/Ritual ago
Chapter 4: Moment ago
Chapter 5: Don't Panic ago
Chapter 6: The Powerless Savior ago
Chapter 7: Saving You ago
Chapter 8: The Savior and His Guardian (Arc 1 End) ago
Chapter 9: Enter the Endlessness (Arc 2 Start) ago
Chapter 10: Remnant ago
Chapter 11: Past Future Confrontation ago
Chapter 12: Relentlessly Forward ago
Chapter 13: Making Better Tomorrows ago
Chapter 14: Acceptance (Arc 2 End) ago
Chapter 15: The Hunt Begins (Arc 3 Start) ago
Chapter 16: Her Code ago
Chapter 17: Krakening Manifestation ago
Chapter 18: It's a Pond Alright ago
Chapter 19: All Mercenary Stories End the Same ago
Chapter 20: Fated Meeting ago
Chapter 21: Rocky Developments ago
Chapter 22: Konfrontation ago
Chapter 23: Kontrol/Konvince ago
Chapter 24: First Fight ago
Chapter 25: Unleash the Kraken ago
Chapter 26: Promises/Future (Arc 3 End) ago
Chapter 27: Finally, A Weapon (Arc 4 Start) ago
Chapter 28: PEW PEW ago
Chapter 29: Upstream ago
Chapter 30: The Dropout of Sky Guardian Corp ago
Chapter 31: Journey to the Titan's Spine ago
Chapter 32: Fuel Rock Prime ago
Chapter 33: Quickie Heist ago
Chapter 34: Trigger ago
Chapter 35: Anti-Wu Alliance (Arc 4 End) ago
Chapter 36: New Home (Arc 5 Start!) ago
Chapter 37: Translational Research in Another World ago
Chapter 38: Training Days ago
Chapter 39: A Day Off Won't Hurt ago
Chapter 40: Peaceful Days Don't Last Long (Arc 5 End) ago
Chapter 41: My Revenge (ARC 6 START! FInal Arc of the Season!) ago
Chapter 42: Second Wave ago
Chapter 43: Monster ago
Chapter 44: Resolve/Betrayal ago
Chapter 45: Shattered Dreams ago
Chapter 46: Requiem ago
Chapter 47: Rains of Sunshine Valley ago
Chapter 48: Wu and Lera (R18) ago
Chapter 49: His Truth ago
Chapter 50: Their Future ago
Chapter 51: A New Path Forward (Arc 6 and Season 1 End!) ago
Chapter 52: Just Another Entrance Exam (Arc 7 and Season 2 Start!) ago
Chapter 53: Newfound Strength ago
Chapter 54: Just Another Oxford Wannabe ago
Chapter 55: That Ville College Welcome ago
Chapter 56: Initiation ago
Chapter 57: Enemies Everywhere ago
Chapter 58: The Loneliest Place ago
Chapter 59: Stories of Legend ago
Chapter 60: Changing Tides ago
Chapter 61: Rising Challenger ago
Chapter 62: Power Struggle (Arc 7 End!) ago
Chapter 63: Forward Backward (Arc 8 Start!) ago
Chapter 64: Lera's Rebellion ago
Chapter 65: The Law of Combat ago
Chapter 66: Regretless Consequence ago
Chapter 67: The One Who Wins ago
Chapter 68: Hard Carry (Arc 8 End!) ago
Chapter 69: Ring of Fire: Fire Bout! (Arc 9 Start!) ago
Chapter 70: Ring of Fire: First Bout End! ago
Chapter 71: Ring of Fire: Second Bout Start! ago
Chapter 72: Ring of Fire: Second Bout End! ago
Chapter 73: The Homeless Savior ago
Chapter 74: Wu in the Woods ago
Chapter 75: My Way of Getting Stronger ago
Chapter 76: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 77: Unexpected Guest ago
Chapter 78: Welcome to My Squad (Arc 9 End!) ago
Chapter 79: Winter Wars Start! (ARC 10 START!) ago
Chapter 80: Winter Wars Royale ago
Chapter 81: Winter Wars...Resort? ago
Chapter 82: Winter Wars Backstage ago
Chapter 83: Winter Wars: Ver VS Matty Joel ago
Chapter 84: Winter Wars: Kraken Manifester VS Duplication Manifester ago
Chapter 85: Winter Wars: Round 1 Intermission ago
Chapter 86: Winter Wars: Braka VS Fatera ago
Chapter 87: Winter Wars: Scar Caster VS The One Who Wins ago
Chapter 88: Winter Wars: Lera Huten VS Yuna Hu ago
Chapter 89: Winter Wars: The Guardian VS The Tiger Cub ago
Chapter 90: Winter Wars: Void Domain ago
Chapter 91: Winter Wars: The Curse of Victory ago
Chapter 92: Winter Wars: The Darkness Within ago
Chapter 93: Winter Wars: Ver VS Curse Caster ago
Chapter 94: Winter Wars: Rematch! ago
Chapter 95: Winter Wars: Alpha ago
Chapter 96: Winter Wars: Collision Course ago
Chapter 97: Winter Wars: King's Palace ago
Chapter 98: Winter Wars: Yuna VS Fatera! ago
Chapter 99: Winter Wars: The Power of the Tiger ago
Chapter 100: Winter Wars: Killa Mode ago
Chapter 101: Winter Wars: Grand Final ago
Chapter 102: Winter Wars: Dominance of the Demon ago
Chapter 103: Winter Wars: Erotic Escape Execution ago
Chapter 104: Winter Wars: Aftermath ago
Chapter 105: Winter Wars: Squad House (Arc 10 End!) ago
Chapter 106: The One Who Saw (Arc 11 Start!) ago
Chapter 107: A Proper Heist This Time ago
Chapter 108: The Revolutionary Manuscript ago
Chapter 109: Wu's Squad VS Ghost ago
Chapter 110: Forbidden Casts ago
Chapter 111: Cards on the Table ago
Chapter 112: Plans for the Future ago
Chapter 113: Fatera's Breakthrough Attempt (Arc 11 End!) ago
Chapter 114: Off to the Island! (Arc 12 Start!) ago
Chapter 115: Let's Get This Party Started ago
Chapter 116: Capture The House ago
Chapter 117: Chores/Splinter ago
Chapter 118: Lera's Doubts ago
Chapter 119: Fatera's Doubts ago
Chapter 120: Void Domain: Laser ago
Chapter 121: Scrimmage ago
Chapter 122: The Coconut Game ago
Chapter 123: Shin VS Fatera and Augen ago
Chapter 124: Tiger in the Woods ago
Chapter 125: The Way of the Chef ago
Chapter 126: Coconut Game Conclusion ago
Chapter 127: An Actual Beach Episode ago
Chapter 128: Evermorphing Future ago
Chapter 129: Integration ago
Chapter 130: Go Hard ago
Chapter 131: Go Home (Arc 12 End!) ago
Chapter 132: Homecoming (Arc 13 Start!) ago
Chapter 133: A Mother's Wisdom ago
Chapter 134: Winter Break End! ago
Chapter 135: Reunion ago
Chapter 136: Summer Selections: Preliminaries ago
Chapter 137: Spring Days ago
Chapter 138: A Normal Bit of School Life? (Arc 13 End!) ago
Chapter 139: Cultural Festival Preparation! (Arc 14 Start) ago
Chapter 140: Roller Coaster of a Project ago
Chapter 141: Cultural Festival Start! ago
Chapter 142: MFT: Wu and Fatera ago
Chapter 143: MFT: Wu and Augen ago
Chapter 144: MFT: Ver and Lera ago
Chapter 145: MFT: Wu and Lera ago
Chapter 146: Day of Confessions ago
Chapter 147: Rekindled Fire ago
Chapter 148: Night of Love ago
Chapter 149: Love Blossoms Like Flowers (Arc 14 End!) ago
Chapter 150: Days before the Summer Selection (Arc 15 Start!) ago
Chapter 151: Summer Selections: The Pre-Show! ago
Chapter 152: Summer Selections: Start! ago
Chapter 153: Summer Selections: Ambush ago
Chapter 154: Summer Selections: Way of the Sword ago
Chapter 155: Summer Selections: Clash of the Legendary Weapons ago
Chapter 156: Summer Selections: Fatera/Augen ago
Chapter 157: Summer Selections: Lera/Wu ago
Chapter 158: Summer Selections: Initiative ago
Chapter 159: Summer Selections: Strongest Squad ago
Chapter 160: Summer Selections: Journeying Trio VS Demonic Manifester ago
Chapter 161: Summer Selections: A Chance to Act ago
Chapter 162: Summer Selections: Surpass Your Limits ago
Chapter 163: Summer Selections: Dominance of the Dragon ago
Chapter 164: Summer Selections: Fake ago
Chapter 165: Summer Selections: Glass Cannon Battleground ago
Chapter 166: Summer Selections: Disruption is Utility ago
Chapter 167: Summer Selections: Dominance Clash ago
Chapter 168: Summer Selections: Ice Cold ago
Chapter 169: Summer Selections: Their Pasts ago
Chapter 170: Summer Selections: Perfect Synchrony ago
Chapter 171: Summer Selections: Chaos Walking ago
Chapter 172: Summer Selections: An Example to be Set ago
Chapter 173: Summer Selections: Power of the Grand Commander ago
Chapter 174: Summer Selections: Fall in the Summer ago
Chapter 175: Summer Selections: Power of the Fourth Savior ago
Chapter 176: Summer Selections: Our Time ago
Chapter 177: Summer Selections: Finite Infinity ago
Chapter 178: Summer Selections: The Watts Siblings/Fatera and Augen ago
Chapter 179: Summer Selections: Strongest in This World ago
Chapter 180: Summer Selections: The Future is Here ago
Chapter 181: Summer Selections: War of the Fourth Millenia, Begin! (ARC 15 END!) ago
Chapter 182: New Dawn (Arc 16 Start!) ago
Chapter 183: Hack ago
Chapter 184: Turning Hammers into Scalpels ago
Chapter 185: The Best Defense is Offense ago
Chapter 186: Joseph and Alina ago
Chapter 187: Mission in the Mist ago
Chapter 188: Muddy Truth ago
Chapter 189: Mountain ago
Chapter 190: Departure, Dinner and Dance ago
Chapter 191: Return to the Dwellers ago
Chapter 192: Journey to the Titan's Spine 2 ago
Chapter 193: Isabella Avery, The Flawless (Arc 16 END!) ago
Chapter 194: Valkyrie's Descent (ARC 17 START!) ago
Chapter 195: Execution of the Valkyries ago
Chapter 196: Fear Not, We are Here ago
Chapter 197: Talonia Adventures ago
Chapter 198: Truth of the Valkyries ago
Chapter 199: Chilling Rivalry ago
Chapter 200: Shadows of Ghost Town ago
Chapter 201: Battle at the Ghost Town ago
Chapter 202: Winter Lions ago
Chapter 203: Darkest of Nights ago
Chapter 204: Cave Confrontation ago
Chapter 205: Fear was what made us different ago
Chapter 206: Fear is what drove us apart ago
Chapter 207: The Start of Revolution ago
Chapter 208: Turmoil in the Palace ago
Chapter 209: Seeds of Hope ago
Chapter 210: Birth of a New Age ago
Chapter 211: Transformation ago
Chapter 212: Bring Her Back ago
Chapter 213: Final Battle Start! ago
Chapter 214: Protectors of Talonia ago
Chapter 215: Vision for this Kingdom ago
Chapter 216: A New Spring ago
Chapter 217: Talonian Trees in the Talonian Snow ago
Chapter 218: A couple of Royal Weddings (Arc 17 END!) ago
Chapter 219: Pathway to Technology (Arc 18 Start!) ago
Chapter 220: Ver's New Life ago
Chapter 221: New Mission, Old Friends ago
Chapter 222: To the Conference! ago
Chapter 223: Poisonous Past ago
Chapter 224: The Many Faces of Vengeance ago
Chapter 225: The Other Side of That Day ago
Chapter 226: His Turning Point ago
Chapter 227: Power ago
Chapter 228: Cerberus, Rote, and Rache ago
Chapter 229: Match up of the Legendary Kind ago
Chapter 230: If that's fake, what do I have left? ago
Chapter 231: Ethereal Conference: Day 1! ago
Chapter 232: Meeting of the Upper Half ago
Chapter 233: Ethereal Conference: Day 2 ago
Chapter 234: The Target All Along ago
Chapter 235: This is our realm ago
Chapter 236: Rageful Assault ago
Chapter 237: Beach Battle ago
Chapter 238: Together, like Equals ago
Chapter 239: The Reason I Must Live ago
Chapter 240: Each One's Pain ago
Chapter 241: The Birth of Rage ago
Chapter 242: The Reason We Are Alive ago
Chapter 243: Vengeance's End ago
Chapter 244: Next Step Forward ago
Chapter 245: Into the West (Arc 18 END!) ago
Chapter 246: From the Other Side of the World (Arc 19 Start!) ago
Chapter 247: A Seaside Catchup ago
Chapter 248: The Runaway Princess ago
Chapter 249: The King's Eye ago
Chapter 250: Our Stories Define Who We Are ago
Chapter 251: Enter Necrovia ago
Chapter 252: The Blood of Necrovia ago
Chapter 253: Reunion ago
Chapter 254: History in the Sands ago
Chapter 255: The Dune's Eye ago
Chapter 256: Streets of the Dune's Eye ago
Chapter 257: Sisters ago
Chapter 258: Tonya's Choice ago
Chapter 259: The Land of Stones ago
Chapter 260: What goes on in the Mines ago
Chapter 261: Mila's True Plan ago
Chapter 262: Next Steps ago
Chapter 263: Dune's Diamond ago
Chapter 264: Glaza's City ago
Chapter 265: The People's Need ago
Chapter 266: The Matter of Water ago
Chapter 267: Budding Flames ago
Chapter 268: The Pit of Snakes ago
Chapter 269: The Princess and the Rebels ago
Chapter 270: The Princess and her Journey ago
Chapter 271: The Small Job ago
Chapter 272: Turning Point ago
Chapter 273: The Fire that I Put Out ago
Chapter 274: Fight for the Future ago
Chapter 275: Solutions for the People ago
Chapter 276: A Tale of Two People ago
Chapter 277: A Tale of Two Cities ago
Chapter 278: The Great Equalizer ago
Chapter 279: Coronation of the Queen ago
Chapter 280: The Basis of a New Age ago
Chapter 281: The Magic of Science ago
Chapter 282: Here is my Voice ago
Chapter 283: Battle Preparation ago

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Let me start off with the good without spoiling any story. 

The pacing is good and I like the quirky, sort of upbeat feel it has. The author mentioned being inspired by manga/anime and it definitely shows, in a good way.

It feels like it's going in the direction of some sort of LitRPG Dr. Stone, which would be an interesting concept to read. There's no overly trope-like qualities like black and white justice where MC and friends are all beautiful, strong and smart while the evil guys are all ugly and shitty, which is always a bonus to me.

The downsides are that the story doesn't feel quite polished. Paragraphs vary in length tremendously. A pet peeve is also the excessive use of ellipses, which also instead of the usual three dots it can go between three to six, making it feel inconsistent.

I'd say a good ol' piece of editing would do it well, maybe through Grammarly or something similar just to keep it clean and uniform but that's just how I prefer to read it.

Other than that I'd say good luck in the story, I'm interested in seeing how it takes anime tropes and twists it to fit its own narrative.


An Isekai by a fan, for fans of the genera

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: Relentlessly Forward

Isekai by a writer who likes them, for fans of the genera.


The story is unapologetic in its status as an Isekai. It sticks to a number of conventions with some clear influences. Our guy, (Wu) is your average guy, pulled into a world to be its savior, if only he can figure out how. Its complicated with the twist that the title indicates. If that’s what you came for, that’s what you’re going to get. With the occasional wink and nod here in the text its clearly written by a fan, for other fans.


Style: The authors style, is actually pretty interesting. He uses line breaks, as a kind of textual marker, almost like one would a verbal pause, or a purposeful alternate in tone. It’s genuinely interesting, and I can’t say I’ve seen its like elsewhere. There’s some potential for confusion here, especially in dialogue blocks, but it seems like there’s bits here and there to keep it straight. He alternates, between a more high minded narrative style, with dialog breaking into a more modern sound. It grew on me over time, and has humorous twists that flow from the block breaks. Pacing wise, this story has places to be, so isn’t bogged down with undue description or exposition and errs on movement in the story instead. There’s also some head hopping, but due to the line breaks its not difficult to infer when it happens, and from context whose head we’re peeking into.


Story: World building is definitely where this story feels like it got its start. I mean, the author has a world anvil link, and clearly the magic system (The Wave) has some work put into it. If its hard, its yet to be outlined in high detail, but I think the author has its limitations in mind. The plot is pretty straight forward at least in the broad strokes. It’s broken down into small, tight arcs, that are really more like vignettes which gives it an episodic feel.


Characters: The characters remain distinct, and manage to be rather expressive despite some having little screen time in some cases. There’s some clearly archetypal setups here, so some character relationships develop a bit fast, but I chalk it up to genera convention. Very much a we know where this is going, so lets just get there type move. There’s some inconsistencies in feel that I suspect draw from this decision to lean into expectation, with the characters being defined in the writers head and simply a lack of screen time to let these things fully get laid out. Places to be, as I said above. The dialogue is passable, with lots of informal slang, and is serviceable when its not. That said, I feel like I’m missing some communication signals that are artifacts of convention, that as at most a very casual reader, I think I missed.


Grammar: This, is the weakest part of the story for sure. There’s places where tense changes occur that take a bit to get accustomed to, or words choices that are just a bit off. Possibility for possibilities or happens for happened coming to mind. The punctuation is fine, and the meaning is clear, but if you’re a stickler there’s a passage or two likely to pull you out of it. His diction is good, leading me to believe its likely that English is not the writers mother tongue.


In summary, its a fast paced story with an interesting style. The plot is what you expect, with the usual suspects in tow, but its clearly for the isekai audience. It revels in what it is which is rather refreshing. It’s got an interesting world, that I can tell is developed, just waiting for readers to experience it.


It looks like Japanese Light Novel, it is named like Japanese Light Novel, but it is not Japanese Light Novel. What it is? 

This story, basically.

How am I Supposed to Save This World with No Power?

I read it mostly to find out if protagonist really has no powers. And guess what I found out? 

Style - When it comes to style, it is usual fast and dirty approach for storytelling where story doesn't bother with descriptions and just dashes forward to meet the plot point. Fast paced conversation you can not track, and scenes hard to imagine, with next to no effort put to formating, this story simply can't receive more than 4-stars for its style.

Grammar - All stories I review shall receive 5-stars for Grammar by default, this one is not an exception. English is not my first language.

Story - Story was what brought me me there, and I must say, it did fulfilled my expectation. I wondered how is author going to bypass the whole "no power" thing, if at all and ... of course he did! With unwaveringly loyal waifu "Guardian" who has all the magical powers, if you wonder, while protagonist can be smug Wiki-smart guy... I am not sure if I am disappointed, but I can't leave this story with more than 4-stars rating, especially how confusing it can get in combination with its chaotic style of writing. 

Character - Characters are equally unimpressing. We have generic Wiki-smart guy, and his waifu. And that's pretty much it. I can't say anything about them, other than Wiki-Smart and Waifu. W&W Inc. It doesn't feel unique or at least interesting enough to warrant more than 4-stars.

Overall, I would call this story generic, rather than bad. None of its features really stand out. 4-stars. 


Really enjoy this whole take on an isekai where the lead is powerless. For the story alone I'd give it a five-star review but there is a spattering of misspelling and wrong word ussage. Definetly needs some polishing with minor editing and spelling errors but still a really enjoyable read. Overall a great story, and if the editting is ever fixed would definetly bump up the quality. Thanks for the Tale!


HAISTSTWWNP (what a long acronym) is a great Isekai with little plot armor, a lot of ingenuity and realistic(ish) characters. The MC behaves and reacts in ways that are closer to what a "normal" person would. There is an implicit understanding that he is level headed, but also human and emotional at times.

While I think that this piece of work could use some more traditional ways of exploring human nature, reactions, and overall have a more impactful educational roll; it is still a great read. It could use some editing for grammar. I've found a quite a few either misspelled words or incorrect words, but it is still very readable.

 I appreciate the "magic" systems and the in-depth geographical, physical, and societal aspects.