Chaotic Craftsman Worships The Cube

Chaotic Craftsman Worships The Cube

by ProbablyATurnip

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Summoned after an unfortunate accident in hopes they could protect the world from a coming threat, Ben and his classmates are gifted another chance at life. With fame and fortune promised to whoever is willing to fight for the sake of the world it doesn't seem like a bad deal, there's just one small problem. Ben wasn't blessed with any magic or combat skills, just crafting and enchanting. While the skills themselves aren't useless they also aren't seen as being necessary to the coming war. Now not needed and alone Ben tries to find a place in the world while meeting some of its colourful characters along the way.

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CH44- Side Story 1- Ben's time at the church, Part 1 ago
CH45 - Side Story 1- Ben's time at the church, Part 2 ago
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CH91 Side Story 3- a lesson on invaders ago
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CH184 As others start to move part 1 ago
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CH196 As others start to move part 2 ago
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Clear Heart

Nothing new but avoids flaws that ruin it for me.

Reviewed at: CH110

MC isn't a cardboard cutout? Check! MC isn't a (complete) ass? Check! Attention to detail? Check! Pacing? ... Good use of time-skips, events arei mportant to the character even if not the world... Check, mostly. Super-supremo-chad saves the world with his suspiciously encyclopediac knowledge? Thankfully unchecked!

He's a flawed but likeable character with a good idea from time to time, I'm not being spoonfed every twist and surprise, and irrelevant details are skipped and summed up.

All in all, I'm happy with it. There's things I'd change or prefer to happen, but for the crafter-character genre, this is pretty close to my baseline preference.


An interesting dynamic

Reviewed at: CH177

I honestly just really like the story. Ben and Theras have an interesting dynamic that  doesn't instantly go places, instead things simmer. There are a lot of POV chapters, but they generally at least move the story forward instead of rehashing events. People Complain about the FL's mother but I don't think she's that bad, specially when you consider world events. I also like that there's a beleivable reason for Ben to be special in his feild, despite being new to this world and starting behind other craftsmen. The system progression starts slow, but it's going steady at this point in the story.

I also like that the story isn't too dark and the author hasn't needed glaring plot holes for events that happen. It does have the protential to turn dark later but I hope it doesn't.


Expected power fantasy, thankfully it wasn't

Reviewed at: CH159

Style.... okay so the style is good. It has standard fantasy story, impending doom, demons and elements suggesting BBEG. It nicely alludes to this while, for the most part, keeping it in the background. I came here promised a crafting story, and got... a crafting story. Yes skills turn time schedules on their heads, but I think about that like its literally a world covering magic spell that tells you how to do things quicker and better, it's probably gonna be bonkers powerful.

Story, I thought MC was gonna come in be all I have the weakest class which is secretly crazy powerful and be combat crazy. Pleasantly surprised when MC is not really interested, or good at combat, and literally makes more brain power to focus on crafting, will not sleep because crafting, will not eat because... well you get it. It's a crafting slice of life story, not heavy on combat, focussed on the crafting and the relationships around the MC. That being said everyone is terrified of demons, but technically some of the races in the story count as demons right? That might just be a settng thing though. Anyways, its slow paced inter-personal relationship stories, so everyone looking for rip and tear probs can keep looking.

Grammar, I've not recalled a point where the grammar has interfered with the reading, so 5 stars here.

Characters, ML and FL are bloody clueless, but there is a certain cutesie pie charm to this. At the beginning MC is not chosen, but no one is a dick about it, again a refreshing change. MC simply pops out into the world to see if he can live his best life and settle down to "git gud".

TLDR: A pleasant read, slow paced and character driven rather that action fantasy. I am currently enjoying this.

Thank you Turnip! 


I would love to give a higher score, but..

Reviewed at: CH96

The most glaring flaw of the stroy is quite frankly, the utterly slow event progress. It has been 96 chapters and very little has truly happened.

However if you overlook that , this story has a good premise. It offers us the point of view of an average person thrust into a fantasy world , who actually has common sense.


I really tried to enjoy this book. The first few chapters were infuriating. Its a pretty generic 'sent into another world with your class / seemingly weak hero gets shit on by everyone' thing. I was happy that the main character wasn't hated or bullied, but the explanation for why no one wanted him was still lacking. After that nothing really made sense. He has no magic affinity, but and was told he wouldn't be able to enchant, then was enchanting things the next chapter with no onscreen instruction. He was looked down on as a "jack of all trades" for being a craftsman, instead of something specific, but then it turns out that blacksmithing involves potion making and working with organic materials. To prove he could be a blacksmith, he had to hunt a wolf, then the blacksmith was somehow amazed at the idea of using a trap to kill a common local monster that fell for a trap extremely easily. The final straw was when the MC was told to make something at the forge with no training and worked for 20 hours, producing a full set of enchanted chain mail. I had to stop and research chain mail crafting, because while I knew that couldn't be right, I wasn't sure how bad it was. To do what he did should have taken hundreds of man-hours of work, and yet he did it in under a day with no training, beginner stats, and a level 1 skill. 

After that I skipped around a few chapters hoping it would get better, and wasn't really impressed. Most of the writing isn't too bad, I just hate the story. If the first 15 or so chapters ever get completely re-written and the rest isn't nearly as bad it could be enjoyable.


It would be good, except... (Update in Spoiler)

Reviewed at: CH86 Thera's Perspective

I really like this story. Or I would, at any rate. It's a crafting isekai System novel with some divine hijinks and an MC no one thought could succeed. That's fine. I can appreciate that. It has good grammar and the characters are interesting, if a little archetypal. A little slow, but a good, decent progression with enough of that delightful nutty crunch.

The thing that drags this novel down for me is the FL's mother.

The FL's mother is manipulative and a little sadistic. Sent her own daughter into mortal danger on the off chance she could increase her personal power, and admits that she ALSO did it for her own enjoyment. The story bends over backwards to make her right about everything all the time. I hate her. I hate her so much. Robespierre was right about this noble.

Chapter 86 Edit: The FL's mother has caused me to drop this novel. She has now used the MC's lack of local cultural knowledge to trick him into proposing to the FL at an official event in front of nobles and other power players.



Was a nice read up to a point.

Reviewed at: CH76

The first 70 chapters were great! Then the next 20+ chapters are filled with other perspectives that completely ruined it for me.

I like reading about the MC, a chapter with another perspective every now and then (about 1/10 chapters) is fine, which is basically how the author did it till chapter 68.

From there it is heavily downhill if you share my opinion, over the next 26 chapters, 10 of them are other perspectives, 1 a side story and 1 a character summary.

It felt like a rather abrupt change, I don't feel like the story is about the MC anymore.


One hell of a crafting story, complete recommenda

Reviewed at: CH81

This story is one of the greatest fantasy works I have read for so little people having favorited it. As far as "another world" stories go, certainly there can be comparisons to genre powerhouses but I cannot stress this enough, the story works from the perspective of appreciating the artistic process and that the protag isn't one of those horribly overpowered and self righteous balls of character traits that usually come out of these stories.

The main character, Ben, is a joy to read from the perspective of and the story tackles the whole reincarnated/transport plot hook with the gravatas it deserves, only reason that it doesn't have five stars is cause nothing is perfect and that weird turnip in grouchy marks glasses might get a funny idea.

TLDR it is a story which thrives in thinking hard about the basics thoroughly and expanding an otherwise self pity story into a true otherworldly narrative.... And by does it take its time to live up to that name.

Sorry of vagueness but the story is a gem, I hope that probablyaturnip continues it to his/her satisfied conclusion.

Only bone I could pick is how infrequently a certain plot device isn't used but that is both a nitpick and would kill the tone of the story.


Falls Flat over time

Reviewed at: CH109

Starts off like most Isekai with dying on Earth and be transported to another world followed by the MC having a skill and talent that is deemed basically worthless. This is usually where the MC finds out their talent is actually super OP, right? No, he is just a normal craftsman who is maybe slightly better than some people. Still haven't figured out why this story is about him and not anyone of his other co transmigraters instead. Would probably be a more interesting story.

Overall the writing, grammar, and characters are fine.


I love the world! The premise was solid, and the chapters leading out of it were solid. I'm pretty impressed with the story, and how it has developed over a long period of time. Sometimes the plot comes to a screeching halt- but I'd describe that as a smaller hiccup.

I'm pretty impressed by the skill system- it seems robust (in terms of being a reader, immersion wise). I think I'm less impressed by the magic/mana- something that comes to mind is one of the first conversations about Thera's staffs, talking about the technical details of some of it's features. I think that coversation showed that there was a lot of depth in the magic, but for the most part the conversation carried on as if people already knew the prerequisite. About a hundred chapters after that, I still have no idea what a staff does. Does it... reduce cast time? Conserve mana? I don't know. Later on we get to see some space mages, but I can't recall if they use staffs or not. Should they? There's also the fact that there are staffs, and there are Thera's staffs (I don't know what staffs generally do, and sometimes it feels like it gets mixed up with describing what a staff does in Thera's hands, which the story pays significant attention to). Reflecting back on it we are constantly told that Thera has some idiosyncracies, but it's difficult to contextualize without a baseline. Also I dislike how Ben keeps joking about his engagement. I don't mind the engagement as a plot point- but being constantly reminded every third paragraph makes me want to vommit. I think the criticism of "this story is slow" fits well here. I feel generally positive on how Thera and Ben's relationship will develop, but yeah why is this happening? Of course, there are some valid reservations in the context of the story. But there are about as many, if not more valid reasons why the relationship should develop, or even change from this weird status quo situation. But also, I want to hear something more interesting than a Borat impression of "my wife". 


But what ties things up rather nicely is how the lore interacts with the skill system- that it was built to defeat the invaders. Everyone's purpose is to defeat the invaders. It's a rather simple plot point, but it's great how everything that happens or exists or doesn't exist is centered around that plot point.