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Hello, folks, just to tell ya, chapters 8 to 75 have been published on Kindle and Audible. The audiobook is narrated by Travis Baldree!

After his parents died, Alex Roth had a plan: become a wizard. Through hard work, he was accepted into the world’s greatest university of wizardry—but fate had another plan.

On his eighteenth, he is marked as one of his kingdom’s five Heroes, chosen to fight the land’s great enemy. But his brand is 'The Fool', worst of the marks.

Rather than die or serve the other Heroes like Fools in the past, he packs up his little sister, his childhood friend and her cerberus, then flees for the university in hope of refuge, magic and to unravel the truth about his land’s evil.

There’s one small problem: The Mark tries to ruin magic while enhancing skills outside of divinity, combat and spellcraft.…

…that is, unless he can learn to exploit the hell out of it.


This the first time I am writing a web novel type story, and I hope you like it. I like progression stories and I've always wanted to try and write one like a few of the web novels that inspired me.

Updates Tues-Wed-Thur-Fri-Sat.

There are currently 20 advanced chapters on my patreon as a thank you to patrons.

Join us on discord! https://discord.gg/A4M3CzfWBn

Chapters will be roughly 2000-2500 words.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]


Rating: This story is kind of like a PG-13 movie. There'll be gore and some swearing but not much beyond that. If that changes, I'll warn you. 

Tone: Tone will be a mix of some action-adventure with excitement, comedy, slice of life elements and mystery. I won't be going too dark with this story. There will be mentions of war, some death, grief and violence.

MC: MC is analytical/rational with emotions. He is mostly in control of those emotions. MC will progress in power, eventually becoming very strong. Strong Lead tag added.

Fights: Fights will be detailed.


Stuff this story won't have:

- Extreme grimdark content

- Murderhobo plots

- Edgy, anti-hero MC 

- Pacifist MC

- Harems

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Table of Contents
391 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Fools and Inheritance ago
Chapter 2: Uldar's Legacy ago
Chapter 3: The Mark's Mocking Grin ago
Chapter 4: Departure and Dogs ago
Chapter 5: The Coins and the Priests ago
Chapter 6: Coin Tricks and Fire Light ago
Chapter 7: Good Dreams and Bad Luck ago
Chapter 76: The Path Alone ago
Chapter 77: Fire and Coils ago
Chapter 78: Many Hands Make Light Work ago
Announcement: Final Patreon Tier and Top Web Fiction ago
Chapter 79: An Elemental Battle ago
Chapter 80: Pack Tactics ago
Chapter 81: Fire and Midterms ago
Chapter 82: Challenge ago
Chapter 83: A Mana Monster ago
Chapter 84: Growing Bonds ago
Chapter 85: Chancellors, Ships and Priests ago
Chapter 86: Pirate Tales and Dances ago
Chapter 87: A Fine Evening and Anxious Morning ago
Chapter 88: The Interview ago
Chapter 89: Honours ago
Chapter 90: Isolde's Pressure ago
Chapter 91: The Rally ago
Chapter 92: The Demons ago
Chapter 93: The Chancellor's Power ago
Chapter 94: The Weight of Secrets ago
Chapter 95: The First Meeting of the Cabal ago
Chapter 96: Taking a Chance ago
Chapter 97: Ram's Forceful Guidance ago
Chapter 98: The Cleansing Movements ago
Chapter 99: Family Time ago
Special Announcement: Discord Server! ago
Chapter 100: The Masks that are Worn ago
Chapter 101: Nostalgic Recipes and Warnings ago
Chapter 102: The Festival of Ghosts ago
Chapter 103: Opportunities and Exams ago
Chapter 104: Golem Sculpting and the Sky-Ship ago
Chapter 105: Dryads ago
Chapter 106: The Stand-Off ago
Chapter 107: Haste and Lateness ago
Chapter 108: Secret Analysis ago
Chapter 109: Essence of Dungeon ago
Chapter 110: Preparing to do Horrifying Things ago
Chapter 111: Direction and Redirection ago
Chapter 112: Beneath the Barrens ago
Chapter 113: The Skeletal Ruins ago
Chapter 114: Names Left Behind ago
Chapter 115: Traps ago
Chapter 116: Creeping Doom ago
Chapter 117: Gateways and Redesigns ago
Chapter 118: Unreliable Lateness ago
Chapter 119: The Core's Properties ago
Chapter 120: Design Improvements ago
Chapter 121: Hunt-mania ago
Chapter 122: Rampage ago
Chapter 123: The Opportunist ago
Chapter 124: Lances, Cries and Shock ago
Chapter 125: The Impetus of Death ago
Chapter 126: Consultation and a Leap of Trust ago
Chapter 127: The Chancellor's Reaction ago
Chapter 128: A Proposition ago
Chapter 129: Allies ago
Chapter 130: Forging a Body and Plan ago
Chapter 131: Stealing the Enemy's Weapon ago
Chapter 132: The Forging ago
Chapter 133: The Hunters (Interlude) ago
Chapter 134: The Nest ago
Chapter 135: The Xyrthak ago
Chapter 136: A Cold Delivery ago
Chapter 137: Cuts, Teeth and Mana ago
Chapter 138: The Path of Proper Wizards ago
Chapter 139: Frozen Doors and Crooked Rectangles ago
Chapter 140: The Talk ago
Chapter 141: Rumble in the Alley ago
Chapter 142: A Hunger for Vengeance and Mana ago
Chapter 143: Escape and Hunting ago
Chapter 144: The Beating ago
Chapter 145: Preparing the Specimen ago
Chapter 146: The World's Worst Teabag ago
Chapter 147: The Siphoning ago
Chapter 148: Roth; or, The Magical Prometheus ago
Chapter 149: Hunters' Gathering (Interlude) ago
Chapter 150: Isolde's Dread ago
Chapter 151: Preparing for a Long-Awaited Party ago
Chapter 152: Reflections Under Moonlight ago
Chapter 153: A Dance of Minotaurs ago
Chapter 154: Shadows in the Garden ago
Chapter 155: A Battle of Masks and Claws ago
Chapter 156: Claygon ago
Chapter 157: A Duel in Dust ago
Chapter 158: A Successful Operation ago
Chapter 159: Bouncing Back ago
Chapter 160: Reaffirmation ago
Chapter 161: A Journey From Tree to Tree ago
Chapter 162: The Expedition and the Doodle (End of Book 1) ago
Chapter 163: The Heroes' Struggle (Book 2 Begins) ago
Chapter 164: The Corrupt Fool in Paradise ago
Chapter 165: The Final Hunt of First Year ago
Chapter 166: Rumbling Earth ago
Chapter 167: Earth Magic and New Beginnings ago
Chapter 168: The Final Debrief and Youth ago
Chapter 169: The Migration ago
Chapter 170: Birthdays and Spell-Guides ago
Chapter 171: Blood Magic and Incoming Visitors ago
Chapter 172: The Hydra and the Beast ago
Chapter 173: A Little Magical Botany Class of Horrors ago
Chapter 174: Respect and Questions ago
Chapter 175: Binding Circles ago
Chapter 176: The Power of Names ago
Chapter 177: The War-Spirit ago
Chapter 178: Relations Across the Planes ago
Chapter 179: Messenger Constructs and Limits ago
Chapter 180: New Prey ago
Chapter 181: Kitchen Nightmares ago
Chapter 182: The Rain ago
Chapter 183: Honey & Wine ago
Chapter 184: Wasp and Strange Circumstance ago
Chapter 185: Raging Wasp ago
Chapter 186: The Night of Long Stingers ago
Chapter 187: Reflections on Death ago
Chapter 188: The Patterns and Scripts of Time (Interlude) ago
Chapter 189: Like a Marriage (Interlude) ago
Chapter 190: A Brewing Rivalry ago
Chapter 191: Old Acquaintances and Reunions ago
Chapter 192: Rumours ago
Chapter 193: The First Briefing...and a Big Mouth ago
Chapter 194: Digging a Hole ago
Chapter 195: Beneath the Garden ago
Chapter 196: Magic Mushrooms ago
Chapter 197: The Birthday and the Rainbow Tower ago
Chapter 198: The Talk ago
Chapter 199: Prepping for the Grand Battle ago
Chapter 200: Strange Offers and Strange Summonings ago
Chapter 201: Travelling from the Deep ago
Chapter 202: Debts ago
Chapter 203: Revelations (Interlude) ago
Chapter 204: Chasing Vermin ago
Chapter 205: In a White Room with No Curtains ago
Chapter 206: Alex Roth Goes to Jail (Maybe) ago
Chapter 207: Resolution ago
Chapter 208: Nonaggression and Reading Lies ago
Chapter 209: Scouting Out The Grounds ago
Chapter 210: Posturing ago
Chapter 211: Lightweight ago
Chapter 212: The Prince vs. The Mad Wrangler ago
Chapter 213: The Prince and The Goblin ago
Chapter 214: Super-heavyweight ago
Chapter 215: Four Arms vs. Ten ago
Chapter 216: A Rain of Fists ago
Chapter 217: Mirrored Golems ago
Chapter 218: Vesuvius ago
Chapter 219: Powerlifting ago
Chapter 220: Fire in the Sky ago
Chapter 221: Archers and Cowards ago
Chapter 222: Reverent Archery ago
Chapter 223: Deific Need ago
Chapter 224: Great Hunts on Land and Sea ago
Chapter 225: Loss and Resolve (Theresa) ago
Chapter 226: Melee (Theresa) ago
Chapter 227: The Clash (Theresa) ago
Chapter 228: Heading to The Grand Battle ago
Chapter 229: The Grand Battle Begins ago
Chapter 230: Shock and Awe ago
Chapter 231: Vanishing Point ago
Chapter 232: Confrontation of Arrow and Word ago
Chapter 233: Bait ago
Chapter 234: The Battle of the Grasses ago
Chapter 235: Divine Wind ago
Chapter 236: Cutting In ago
Chapter 237: Double Elimination ago
Chapter 238: The Rising ago
Chapter 239: Fanaticism and Divinity ago
Chapter 240: The Wrinkle of Recognition ago
Chapter 241: The Prey that Fights ago
Chapter 242: Reckoning ago
Chapter 243: Mine ago
​​Chapter 244: The Bonds that Heal ago
Chapter 245: The Bonds that Harm ago
Chapter 246: Getting to Know Someone ago
Chapter 247: Demonic Reconnaissance ago
Chapter 248: Justice and Blood ago
Chapter 249: Life to Mana ago
Chapter 250: Flowers for the Fallen ago
Chapter 251: Memories, Recognition and Inheritance ago
Chapter 252: Grand Gifts and Unholy Friendships ago
Chapter 253: Scars ago
Chapter 254: An Ancient Search ago
Chapter 255: Late Summer Days ago
Chapter 256: Birthdays and Miserable Businessmen ago
Chapter 257: Fingers and Departures ago
Chapter 258: Family’s Parting on the Eve of Change ago
Chapter 259: Finals and Final Preparations ago
Chapter 260: The Usurper Returns ago
Chapter 261: Cycles and Struggles ago
Chapter 262: Greymoor ago
Chapter 263: One’s Territory ago
Chapter 264: Foul Bargaining ago
Chapter 265: The Battle of the Bog ago
Chapter 266: The Prisoner ago
Chapter 267: The Lean Times and Time of Plenty ago
Chapter 268: Uldar’s Apostles ago
Chapter 269: The Fae Wilds ago
Chapter 270: The Fae Lord ago
Chapter 271: The Offer ago
Chapter 272: Interlopers ago
Chapter 273: The First Survey's End ago
Chapter 274: The First Blood Magic Class ago
Chapter 275: Blood and Whine ago
Chapter 276: Patches, Circuits and Knots ago
Chapter 277: The Three Spells ago
Chapter 278: Elemental Experiments ago
Chapter 279: Unexpected Breakthrough ago
Chapter 280: Necessity in Discovery ago
Chapter 281: The Final Hunter ago
Chapter 282: The Arrival ago
Chapter 283: Recognition ago
Chapter 284: A Gathering of Heroes ago
Chapter 285: The Heroes Go Forth ago
Chapter 286: Heroic Battle ago
Chapter 287: The Blood-Hydra ago
Chapter 288: Fire and Retreat ago
Chapter 289: Dungeon Attack Plan ago
Chapter 290: Magical Reconnaissance ago
Chapter 291: The Delve ago
Chapter 292: Hand on Glass ago
Chapter 293: Breaking Walls ago
Chapter 294: Storming the Final Chamber ago
Chapter 295: The Battle of Chitterer Dungeon ago
Chapter 296: Harvest ago
Chapter 297: Sowing the Seeds ago
Chapter 298: Enchantment and Dodging Questions ago
Chapter 299: Brewing Allies ago
Chapter 300: And Just One More Thing... ago
Chapter 301: The Sage Contemplates a Third Option ago
Chapter 302: Reflections and Questions ago
Chapter 303: Aftermaths ago
Chapter 304: Dark Allies and Operation Grand Summoning Ascension ago
Chapter 305: Learning & Teaching ago
Chapter 306: The Evil Wizard Val'Rok ago
Chapter 307: The Spiral ago
Chapter 308: Ugly Behaviour ago
Chapter 309: Partners, Spirals and Tempting Fate ago
Chapter 310: Night Attack and Planning a Trap ago
Chapter 311: Movements in Sanctuaries of Magic and Faith ago
Chapter 312: Learnings in the Market ago
Chapter 313: For Science! ago
Chapter 314: Morning Amusement and Power ago
Chapter 315: Those that Have Faded ago
Chapter 316: An Explosion of Chaos ago
Chapter 317: A Fallout of Dust ago
Chapter 318: The Potential Horrors of Discovery ago
Chapter 319: A Wizard's Integrity ago
Chapter 320: The Set Up of Mercantile Schemes ago
Chapter 321: Dance and Ignition ago
Chapter 322: The Mana Fountain ago
Chapter 323: Sleep Demon ago
Chapter 324: Warping Flesh ago
Chapter 325: A Special Kind of Training ago
Chapter 326: A Moment of Tension ago
Chapter 327: New Sources of Power ago
Chapter 328: Assessing Each Other ago
Chapter 329: A Bigger Fish ago
Chapter 330: Treachery in the Dark ago
Chapter 331: Curtains of Tension ago
Chapter 332: An Impressive Demonstration ago
Grand Announcement: Paperback, Audiobook and E-book! ago
Chapter 333: The Shedding of Filth ago
Chapter 334: Like a Titan From the Tales of Old ago
Chapter 335: A Theft of a Sapling ago
Chapter 336: A Lack of Repentance ago
Chapter 337: For a Price of Three Wasps ago
Chapter 338: An Otherworldly Muster ago
Chapter 339: The Summoner's Commands ago
Chapter 340: The Fruits of Summoned Labour ago
Chapter 341: Make Like a Tree and Leave ago
Chapter 342: The Hunted ago
Chapter 343: A Living Clue ago
Chapter 344: Months in the Making ago
Chapter 345: Considering Dead Clues ago
Chapter 346: Fighting Fire with Fire ago
Chapter 347: Alexander Roth ago
Chapter 348: A "Triumphant" Return ago
Chapter 349: Just Communication ago
Chapter 350: Confounding the Confounding Variables ago
Chapter 351: Ancient Rituals and New Applications ago
Chapter 352: The Origin of Affinities ago
Chapter 353: The Changing Flame ago
Chapter 354: Redundancies ago
Chapter 355: Convenience ago
Chapter 356: One Person's Entrance... ago
Chapter 357: ...is another's wall ago
Chapter 358: Uldar's Guidance ago
Chapter 359: Usurpers ago
Chapter 360: The Challenges of Faith ago
Chapter 361: Challenged Beliefs and Alternate Plans ago
Chapter 362: Suppositions and Stories ago
Chapter 363: Heroic Tricks and Divine Gifts ago
Chapter 364: Convictions ago
Chapter 365: The Next Stage ago
Chapter 366: The Witch's Suggestion ago
Chapter 367: The Teleportation Shuffle ago
Chapter 368: Ransom and Descent ago
Chapter 369: The Dangers of Crymlyn Swamp ago
Chapter 370: The Dead Aeld ago
Chapter 371: The Elder Witch ago
Chapter 372: A Running Battle ago
Chapter 373: The Demons and Witches ago
Chapter 374: The Baby on the Mushroom ago
Chapter 375: The Patrol ago
Chapter 376: They Which Come From Beneath ago
Chapter 377: Painting with the Colours of Horror ago
Chapter 378: An Interrogation Professor Jules Wouldn't Like Very Much ago
Chapter 379: The Bait in the Skull Pits ago
Chapter 380: The Battle of the Skull Pits ago
Chapter 381: The Infiltration of the Demonic Camp ago
Chapter 382: Goading ago
Chapter 383: The Crack ago
Chapter 384: The Unmasking ago
Chapter 385: Roiling Chaos ago
Chapter 386: The War-Spear ago
Chapter 387: A Surprise Strike by Morning Light ago
Chapter 388: Ffion's Touch ago
Chapter 389: Looking to Question the Source ago
Presenting: Limited Run of Baelin's Charm-Pendants (Available in the Link below) ago
Chapter 390: Rewards Under a Grim Sky ago
Chapter 391: A Rude Breakthrough ago
Chapter 392: A Uniting Force ago
Chapter 393: The Catching of One Offguard ago
Chapter 394: Alex's Sickness ago
The Amazon Launch of Mark of the Fool: Paperback, Audio and Kindle! [+more] ago
Chapter 395: A Man of Culture...and Planning ago
Chapter 396: A Fortified Cavern ago
Chapter 397: A Confluence of Luck ago
Chapter 398: Links in the Chain of Destiny ago
Chapter 399: The Hidden Gateway ago
Chapter 400: Reaping the Harvest ago
Chapter 401: The Varied View of Death ago
Chapter 402: The Ghosts of Faith and Gods ago
Chapter 403: Reunions and the Refusal of Pettiness ago
Chapter 404: Isolde's Shame ago
Chapter 405: The Petrifier ago
Chapter 406: The Confounding Secrets of the Swords ago
Chapter 407: Seeing Things as They Are ago
Chapter 408: Dancing for Three ago
Chapter 409: Hostile Negotiations ago
Chapter 410: An Almost Empty Dungeon ago
Chapter 411: Bargaining From a Seat of Power ago
Chapter 412: The Wake of Pronouncement ago
Chapter 413: The Coming Storm ago
Chapter 414: Tapestries of Past Victories ago
Chapter 415: What Brews in the Dark Beneath the World ago
Chapter 416: Hungry Stone ago
Chapter 417: Theresa's Battle in the Dark ago
Chapter 418: Defences in the Blizzard ago
Chapter 419: A Battle in the White ago
Chapter 420: Blazing Desperation ago
Chapter 421: Seeing As They Are ago
Chapter 422: The Twinblade ago
Chapter 423: Awakening and Arrival ago
Chapter 424: The Battle on Two Fronts and the Stalker's Summoning ago
Chapter 425: Unable to Scream ago
Chapter 426: Change ago
Chapter 427: Racing the Explosion ago
Chapter 428: To Make the End of Battle ago
Chapter 429: The Exploring of Change and a New Battle Brewing ago
Chapter 430: Father (End of web novel book 2...ish. More like book 5 now, lol) ago
Chapter 431: Seven Seasons of Change (Beginning of book 6. Properly.) ago
Chapter 432: The First Letters ago
Chapter 433: Protective Children ago
Chapter 434: Tada ago
Chapter 435: Comparing Notes ago
Chapter 436: Reading People ago
Chapter 437: 'Protect' ago
Chapter 438: The Heroes' Paths are Not the Same ago
Chapter 439: Consolidating Resources ago
Chapter 440: Operation 'Nurturing Heroes' ago
Chapter 441: The Ancient Wizard and the Golem ago
Chapter 442: Approaches of Bombardment and Guile ago
Chapter 443: A Dance of Heat and Flame ago
Chapter 444: Selina and Claygon ago
Chapter 445: Upcoming Hellish Difficulties ago
Chapter 446: New Frontiers of Fortune ago
Chapter 447: Claygon's Good Impression ago
Chapter 448: The Lion's Den ago
Chapter 449: Creating Demand ago
Chapter 450: A 'Haunted House' ago
Chapter 451: The Baker's Tale ago
Chapter 452: The Horrible Hoard ago
Chapter 453: Cornering the Vermin ago
Chapter 454: A Beautiful Gift ago

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Good characters, good world building, excellent story so far...the only thing on my wishlist would be a little more depth to some of the characters....nuances in culture, language, cultural misundertandings, rituals, music, art, etc.  You get a lot of hints at it with the Prince, Minotaur, and Shark man, but I'd like to see their cultures fleshed out a bit more and see how that informs there character.  The magic system and cultivation could also be fleshed out a bit more...it's a bit more vague then I've gotten used to...the progression is there, but not as obvious as it could be for each character...the other heroes seem especially randomly powerful....seriously enjoy this story though.


Finally a male protagonist with high EQ

Reviewed at: Chapter 435: Comparing Notes

Seriously can't recommend the story more. The main character is great, both hard-working and kind, and most importantly still takes care of his younger sister and doesn't drop her like a sack of rotten potatoes the moment he gets marked as a hero.

The things I like the most in this story are the relationships - childhood friend who becomes his girlfriend, his younger sister, his schoolmates and 'cabal', even the teachers and coworkers. This might not be filled with endless battles and level-ups (thank god) or tension and fast progression, but it's incredibly satisfying to read.

The hero somehow manages to remain a normal person, and shows actual intelligence in solving problems. He doesn't end up just waving a hand and poof, problem gone. He actually makes creative solutions that are both effective and hilarious (still laughing at the "world's worst teabag"). An emotionally stable character that also uses intelligence and strategy? Sign me up!

The story has a wide cast of interesting characters, each with their own distinct personality. From the most wizardly wizard you'll ever meet who also happens to be a goat(man), to a three-headed dog that just won't let you pet him, to a lizard professor that likes to lick his eyeballs instead of a wink... they are all unique and a pretty colorful cast.

The story is slower, true, with a lot of slice-of-life, but I actually prefer it this way. Frankly if it was one battle after another, I would have probably gotten tired of it already. Instead, we get to enjoy a lot of interactions between characters, jokes, anecdotes and we get to see characters actually working out the problems, figuring out what's going on - this way we get to see how they figured stuff out rather than the author just saying "oh they figured it out".

Grammar is good too (as far as I, a non-native speaker can tell). There are some small issues when there's no space between words - likethis - but otherwise everything's ok.

I like the world-building, I love the mystery of the main plot, and I love and adore the fact that there's not too much tension. This story is very pleasant to read, the characters are likeable and fun, and I like the progression.

All in all, amazing story that I highly recommend.


So, just binge read the story up to chapter 406. And I have to say I'm a fan. There is good pacing, character development, humor, intrigue, politics, ethics and moral dilemma, combat, magic systems and rules, developing romances, realistic character decisions, not any unreasonable plot armors or lack of someone pointing out the obvious to protect the plot.

A little bit of everything for everyone!

I enjoy inner monolog comments and the pace that has been set for the story as well.

All in all it's a story I intend to follow to its completion.


It feels like I'm in a D&D story

Reviewed at: Chapter 140: The Talk

I'm on chapter 140, I can say that this story is simple, but very well done, I can see the author's love, especially in the details and personality of the characters. There's nothing really groundbreaking or otherworldly, just a well done story and fun to read, I hope more, I feel like going back to a few years ago when I was playing D&D with some friends (google translater)

Bradley Weyers

This story popped up on my kindle unlimited and I read first chapters there. I enjoyed it so much I tracked down the remainder here on royal road and spent a week reading the rest. I love that the MC is logical and soends time learning from his short comings and finding novel ways to work around his limitations.  Pacing  is well plotted but be warned I think the author is a little to fond of end of chapter cliff edges.


This is a very good story, a well established worldbuilding, fantastic character who you could relate to, conflicts of highs and lows and a moral dilemma of whether or not should laugh to a pun. One aspect that stand out in this story is the unique properties of its setting and how the rabbit holes goes in the mystery this world entails. You'll never know what's going to happen next as it is as unpredictable as life. Have a good read ;)


It's well written, the chapters are consistent, and the plots evolve gradually and blend together well. MC and other characters have good development and are fleshed out. World building is solid too. I saw other reviewers saying something like he should just focus on magic or turn away from magic as that isnt his strength. However, i think the point of this is to forge a new path and make discoveries. Story woulda been a lot more boring if he'd stayed with what hes supposed to be good at according to historial accounts. 


I absolutely love this story! It is honestly one of my favorite series and I can't get enough of it. I love how the MC deals with his Mark, how he manages to make use of the positive and negative aspects of it. I also really like that the author didn't make it a Daredevil situation where the disability is essentially pointless since the power covers for it. Instead, the workarounds feel manageable but incredibly frustrating for Alex, which to me makes the story feel more balanced. 

The only real complaint I have is that it's only about 3000 pages plus a book on KU (at time of writing). It's a lot but I want more! 

J.M. Clarke, please keep up the great writing!


I devoured the story in a few days and began supporting the author on patreon. That's how good it is.

A likeable, funny MC. Even more likeable and believable supporting cast.

An interesting world, with much more to explore. Hidden depths and secrets that only wait for the MC.

There is something hindering the MC, but through wit and hard work, they overcome it and can grow beyond it.


Mark of the Fool is a fun progression fantasy. It is well-written, has interesting, likeable characters, and has a clever concept which affects the protagonist and kicks off the story.

There is a lot of fun exploration of different types of magic, and the MC's approach to turning his limits into an advantage is quite enjoyable.

Many stories of this genre stall or get bloated as the character progresses, but the author has done a good job with the main character, and has added several credible allies who likewise realistically grow in talent and power.

If you like progression stories with positive heroes, then Mark of the Fool is for you.