Hello folks, for the first time I'm doing an annoucnement chapter just to make sure that the word gets out:

I'll be shifting my schedule going forward to five days per week. This means that I will be releasing chapters on royal road and any other websites on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I'll be taking Sundays and Mondays as my weekend and I will not be posting on those two days.

This will begin this weekend so I won't be updating this Sunday, May 9th (EST) and Monday, May 10th (EST).

Writathon was a tough challenge and an interesting one. Glad I did it and also glad to see it done, haha.

I have something special to show you next chapter as well. A little something to celebrate me and Fool making it to the end of the Writathon. Now we can continue forward.

See you in the next chapter!


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