Death is a disease, and there is only one cure.

Tian, a Cultivator at the precipice of ascension, is thwarted in her quest for immortality. Defeated, she escapes to another world with Levels, Classes, magic, and monsters. She becomes a Lost Soul and her core begins to dwindle, but she does not abandon her goal.

Working with a group of rebels in this new world, she opposes the unkillable tyrant Galgom to learn his secrets. Against his army of machines wielding laser guns and laser swords, she will cultivate her new powers, achieving Feats as she seeks her antidote:


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An unengaging story

Reviewed at: 1:07

I like Tain as a character. To me she feels like a powerful and skilled, century old cultivator. She doesn't really care for the people aurond her or what they're trying to acomplish, though. She isn't given any challenges she cannot simply surpass, other than her intial battle with five immortals that she could never win. This is a problem I have with all of MalasD's works, the story just isn't that interesting. The writting is good at least.


Tian isn't a bad novel by any means, but it's not a particularly good one either. The plot is interesting enough, and I think the world building is turning out nicely.

But the characters feel flat, the whole experience ends up feeling plastic. Our MC is rather dull, not really showing much of a discernible personality. And the pacing feels.. Just a bit off to me?

Which is rather surprising! Especially considering the characterization is MelasD's other novels! It was like expecting to nom on a steak dinner and then finding out that you were actually eating slightly over cooked Ramen. Edible, but not very tasty. 

All in all, I give this novel a 4 stars. It's not bad, but not anything particularly good either. Well! If every porkchop was perfect we wouldn't have hot dogs! So keep on practicing, and have fun writing!


I saw the sun and found it lacking!

Reviewed at: 1:00

MelasD's new masterpiece follows the adventures of the entrepid girl cultivator Tian, who solves all of her problems with ginsoul pills and thirsts for immortality / transcendance, as is tradition in the world of the cultivators. In her quest for ascenshion Tian reaches past the gates of heaven and faces 5 immortal beings who judge her and find her soul... lacking. What does a cultivator do when they find someone lacking? They resolve such inner conflict with excessive violence! The five immortals punch Tian to death for her lackluster soul preformance (in their opinion as dieties), while she punches back to say otherwise. The result of their violence rips a hole in space-time, which Tian choses to escape into rather then be punched to her death. She passes through the void and ends up on an new world, entirely unlike her own - a planet like earth, with blue sky and the sun, which Tian does not find very impressive. After all, a mere bright ball in the sky cannot compare to the beauty of the heavens!

Don't be thrown off by the apparent earliness of this review. I've already read the ahead chapters featured on the author's patreon, so I know a bit more than what's here already - this review is technically at 6 chapters.

There is already a wide plethora of works dedicated to various characters being reborn in the universe of cultivators on Royal Road and here MelasD takes a totally opposite approach - a cultivator is transported to an original universe of his own creation. Character wise, everything here is seen through Tian's point of view and the fun bits are the cultivator's perception and interaction with the new world - she is a stranger in a strange land. She must learn to understand The System, adapt and overcome to assist the local human populace with their quest for freedom, all while being low on ginsoul pills which are the source of her powers. 

As with the author's other books, the grammar and spelling in this novel is superb, zero complaints to be had.

I can't wait to read more of this fun novel in the future!




Quite a fun trip by an expert author

Reviewed at: 1:08

Although the Cultivator in a Magic world has been done before, that doesn't weaken this story at all. I am a fan of Salvos and Melas and this seems to maintain their quality quite well.

I have great faith in where this story has gone so far and will certainly continue to read. I will give it a few more chapters before giving a fuller review.


Enjoyable quick read

Reviewed at: 1:11

Great premise, and excellent if you like quick LN's. In other words, the logic of the world and its characters isn't the best, but the author is doing an excellent job sticking to a solid plan with a great core cast. I like Salvos better simply because I enjoy a deeper world and a longer story--it's excellent for the audience the author is shooting for!


When one path ends in a lie, another path starts.

Reviewed at: 0:00

"Tian fled from Jhisie, not realizing where it would take her. Not understanding that it would take her to nowhere at all"

So begins the journey of Tian, a cultivator a step away from Immortality, who makes it to the final staircase, not to stumble, but to find out that the path forwards was based on a lie, and that the way forward is being blocked. To survive, she flees... to a new world.

It's an interesting start. While many Xianxia start with the 'betrayed back to the starting point' beginning (really, there's a bunch of them, though it's usually time travel rather than world travel), and this certainly feels like a variation of that, it's solidly done and with it's own character.

While it's still just starting out, it's well worth a try.


Interesting combo of litrpg and qi so far

Reviewed at: 1:14

Some cultivation novels go way too into depth on the system of qi and some litrpg novels dive too reply into its class and leveling system. This does neither. Plenty of action and fairly basic but still believable character relationships. Hopefully flashbacks with character development will increase our understanding of Tian and the other characters. I'm looking for further tragedy to give an oomph to the emotional appeal of the main characters.


Looks good so far

Reviewed at: 1:07

I like the concept, cultivator ends up in a magic/scifi world. I've only even seen the other way around before.

Tian is an enjoyable character, has interesting life philosophy and she's strong but somewhat crippled by being in an unfamiliar world.

As of chapter 1.07 I'm not entirely sure where the story is going but I'm excited to find out.


A good start from an experienced author

Reviewed at: 1:04

An interesting take on both cultivation and litrpg abilities, Melasd has created a new world of clashing cultures and powers. It's not very far along yet, but the motivations and backstory of our main character are compelling so far, and I'm looking forward to how she handles the new world she has found herself in.


The Heavens Smile Upon This Story

Reviewed at: 1:06

For those coming expecting Melas or Salvos 2: Electric Boogaloo, I'm sorry to disappoint, but this is not it. Tian is an experience in its own right, a wonderfully written and surprisingly introspective tale that I believe combines some of the author's greatest strengths. 

Let's start with style. The prose in this fic is more complex than the prose in Salvos, which isn't necessarily a good or bad thing, just different. It's also written in first person present. I personally enjoy this writing style, but some might also dislike that it takes more energy to read, and some might not notice a difference. The grammar is pristine as always though, so no problems there.

Following the theme of a more complex story, the plot itself holds some deeper questions and philosophies. Presenting itself first as a modified version of the classic "isekai to defeat the dark lord", the story and characters open up a bit as of chapter 6 to something reminiscent of stories like Never Die Twice. Themes of cultivation are explored beyond what you normally see in these cultivation novels, I'm always a sucker for tragic backstories. Beyond that, though, the author also presents an interesting plotpoint in the lack of Qi on this new world. Tian has limited resources, which really gives a sense of urgency to her actions.

Overall, if you were a fan of MelasD's previous works, give it a try! Just don't go in expecting a carbon copy of his previous stories. And if you haven't read anything from him before, consider this: do you want to read a beautiful blend or cultivation and litrpg, following an action-packed storyline with hints of deeper themes? If yes, then go read it!