A Journey in Darkness

A Journey in Darkness

by Mr. White

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A Journey in Darkness is the story of a human girl who finds herself displaced far, far away from home, in a new world filled with wonders to discover and perils to overcome in her very own way.

Waking up in a cave in her pajamas will only be the start of her problems.

Will she find a way out? Maybe. Will she get eaten while searching for it? Probably.

Is she going to be quite unhappy with the menu offered? Absolutely.


Hello! I’m Mr. White and this is my first story. I hope you will like it!

In this tale you won’t find a powerful main character conquering the new evil world with only the power of his tortured soul. What you will find is a normal person growing and finding her way despite the hardships she encounters in a world that is not so black and white.

I will be posting every Tuesday and Friday and I’ll try to keep as large a backlog as possible.

English is not my first language so I hope you will inform me if you find any mistake in the chapters.


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Mr. White

Mr. White

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch. 1 - Cave ago
Ch. 2 - Feast ago
Ch. 3 - Plan ago
Ch. 4 - Chelae ago
Ch. 5 - Well ago
Ch. 6 - Gifts ago
Ch. 7 - Pain ago
Ch. 8 - Progress ago
Ch. 9 - Limbs ago
Ch. 10 - Silk ago
Ch. 11 - Discoveries ago
Ch. 12 - Tests ago
Ch. 13 - Retribution ago
Ch. 14 - Ear ago
Ch. 15 - Jump ago
Ch. 16 - Legs ago
Ch. 17 - Elektron ago
Ch. 18 - Webs ago
Ch. 19 - Charlotte ago
Ch. 20 - Offering ago
Ch. 21 - Promise ago
Ch. 22 - Interlude: Skitter ago
Ch. 23 - Wait ago
Ch. 24 - Besieged ago
Ch. 25 - Eye ago
Ch. 26 - Ex ago
Ch. 27 - Shadow ago
Ch. 28 - Understanding ago
Ch. 29 - Dive ago
Ch. 30 - Apoptosis ago
Ch. 31 - Symbiosis ago
Ch. 32 - Sight ago
Ch. 33 - Cooking ago
Ch. 34 - Journey ago
Ch. 35 - Bridge ago
Ch. 36 - Deeper ago
Ch. 37 - Queen ago
Ch. 38 - Audience ago
Ch. 39 - Settling ago
Ch. 40 - Physical ago
Ch. 41 - Experiments (I) ago
Ch. 42 - Experiments (II) ago
Ch. 43 - Promise ago
Ch. 44 - Memory (I) ago
Ch. 45 - Memory (II) ago
Ch. 46 - Instrospection ago
Ch. 47 - Terminus ago
Ch. 48 - Cores ago
Ch. 49 - Treason ago
Ch. 50 - Bones ago
Ch. 51 - Liver ago
Ch. 52 - Scurvy ago
Ch. 53 - Choice ago
Ch. 54 - Preparations ago
Ch. 55 - Departure ago
Ch. 56 - Construction ago
Ch. 57 - Hunt (I) ago
Ch. 58 - Hunt (II) ago
Ch. 59 - Shock ago
Ch. 60 - Back ago
Ch. 61 - Heal (I) ago
Ch. 62 - Heal (II) ago
Recap ago
Ch. 63 - Farewell ago
Ch. 64 - Advancements ago
Ch. 65 - Swamp ago
Ch. 66 - Over (I) ago
Ch. 67 - Over (II) ago
Ch. 68 - Under ago
Ch. 69 - Nice? No, Nose! ago
Ch. 70 - Tadpoles ago
Ch. 71 - Mucus ago
Ch. 72 - Toad ago
Ch. 73 - Sky ago
Ch. 74 - Ruins ago
Ch. 75 - Feathers ago
Ch. 76 - Signet ago
Ch. 77 - Empathy ago
Ch. 78 - Red ago
Ch. 79 - Humiliation ago
Ch. 80 - Smoked ago
Ch. 81 - Muscles ago
Ch. 82 - Bottom ago
Ch. 83 - Fragment ago
Ch. 84 - Ground ago
Ch. 85 - Forest ago
Ch. 86 - Door ago
Ch. 87 - Meeting ago

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Biology blehhhhh. But pretty good nonetheless

Reviewed at: Ch. 36 - Deeper

It's pretty good! Even if it's mostly about biology, and I hate biology (it's annoying), I'm still enjoying the book a lot. It's not written masterfully, but it's mostly pretty good, and fun to read. A real survival story, even if the MC is almost unbelievably competant at crafting. 

But yeah, my biggest pet peeve is that the author's trying very hard to show how smart, eloquent and verbose he is, and how much time he spent on wikipedia while writing this... The POV voice is a science nerd, and the story is filled with mumbo jumbo latin like thorax, cortex, epidermis, myocyte, antechamber, esophagus, erythrocytes, lymphocytes, chelae, crustaceous, inoculated, pedipalps, arthropod, iridescent, you get the point.

Also, there are pop culture references almost every chapter, which is cringe af to me. But you may enjoy them, if u like 4th wall breaks like those!!


I don't hate it but the attitude is jarring

Reviewed at: Ch. 4 - Chelae

The main character just doesn't really act like a human being at first. More like a video game character or a heavy Hollywood character. She's just, composed and on the ball. She literally see's tons of monsters, after being transported and kills and takes them apart with her bare hands and makes rope from them. That's just not normal human behavior even if you're an avid hunter and butcher on the side. Not without more, discontent. 

it's like "ah fuck. Oh well. Better get to murdering and making stuff." It's very jarring. Now does that make the book bad? No. I'm still reading, I'd just like an extra 3-4 chapters before she starts acting like she's been doing this for years. 


Missing a few tags

Reviewed at: Ch. 9 - Limbs

Thought I would let others who look at the reviews that the author is missing a few tags like:

possibly (non-human lead) - depends on the personal views of the reader.
my personal view is it must be genetically human 100% to be human. even 1% change is no longer the same species. other however may view any unnatural change as non-human.

others may think some of these tags excessive but people do have phobias about things like spiders let alone missing limbs.

Also please keep in mind I myself am not a fan of suffering. Even just the described suffering of others.