Through their many lives, Amelia ◐ and Elaria ◮ have experienced many strange and wondrous things: The love of family. The terror of the [Eldritch]. And the pain of loss. While some of their prior lives continue to haunt them, with centuries of life experience under their belt, the pair might just be getting a grasp on this whole reincarnation business, however it started.

Some mysteries of the past though refuse to remain lost. How did Amelia gain [Reincarnator]? Who was manipulating her lives to have her rescue her soulbound? And who was the strange man in the blue robe observing their deaths? The impossible keeps happening and the improbable is too common. As strange events continue to unfold, the pair can’t help but wonder if there isn’t someone meddling with their lives.

The pieces are moving. The gods and the System are playing a game. But who else is playing? And to what end? And, most of all, does that make our protagonists pawns? Or something else entirely?

Only time will tell.

A note from luda305

I don’t do shoutouts on a regular basis.  But if you enjoyed the one-chapter-per-life style, might I suggest The True Confessions of a Nine Tailed Fox, which really takes it to an extreme.

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Bio: Voracious reader. Casual writer. A creative outlet from my desk job....2/2 killing my protagonist in the prologue.

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