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Beaten, Scarred, tortured, and deprived of all emotion, Cairo wants nothing more but to find his happiness again. After being imprisoned and forced to murder for his survival inside of the Gulag for five years, a conundrum of mysterious explosions leads to his long-overdue escape. 

Seven years have passed since then, and for the past six months, Cairo has been staying at a lowly bar in the small town of Worcester. With the world around him filled with the Gifted—those who possess inhuman abilities—most of his days are spent hiding in the shadows of his hood, avoiding any and all human contact. 

However, once an axe-wielding maniac barges into the tavern he’s staying at, Cairo is forced into an unpredictable situation: save the innocent bartender that is forced under the axe, or run away, just like he always has. Urging to fight against the sight of bloodshed, Cairo stops the axe-wielder, only to realize that the bartender planned this, hoping to reveal his identity from the start, and uncover the hidden truths lying within his hood.

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Good prologue, and good start.

Reviewed at: Chapter 2 - Cairo

The title of your novels feels familiar. I don't know if you have submitted your novel before or it's just me having a deja vu. But I'm just gonna support it regardless since I feel a bit of connection just looking at it.

Also, just helping a writer who's in the same situation I am, after all, we're on the same page.

Vibing Dopamine

If you are looking for a good story, so you decided to look at the reviews. Read it. Even though there is only 1 chapter (as of writing this) I can guarantee that it will hook you and will make you want more. At the very least add it to your follow list.


The story looks like it has a lot of promise to far! The main character is a tad mysterious with a tangled past, and the  plot set forth so far at the chapter I have read seems like it might have a lot of interesting possibilities. I have enjoyed the characterizationthat the author has built up in his story so far! I look forward to catching up to the latest chapters soon!