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Daisuke said “The competition is split between individual and tag team competitions. The individual competition happens first. It uses a normal 4 bracket tournament style, where once you lose you’re out. The prizes are given to those who get to the quarter final, the semi finals, the finals and the winner of the competition after winning in their brackets. “

“The prize for the quarter finals up to the winning prize are:

Tier 2 Drug: Pure Element Bless – Semi Finals

Tier 3 Drug: Attribute Bless – Finals

Tier 3 Drug: Soul Trigger – Winner

“Winning the individual competition helps since you get things that can give you instant power boosts for the team competition. In the team competition the number of wins you have are what matters.

“Each team will fight a total of 15 matches. Teams that win more are pitted against teams that win a lot. For instance if you win your first match you will be put up against a team that did the same. The team that loses will be put up against another team that only won one match. The team that wins the second match will face a team that also won their second match. And so on and so forth.

“The arrangements are random and you might fight a team you defeated or lost to again if the situation calls for it. There is a prize pool that allows you buy prizes with your wins”.

Daisuke stretched his hand forward and words made of golden light showed the various prizes and the amount of wins needed to get them.

[Rank 29 Material: Deep Tortoise Shell Shard – 5 Wins per Megaton]

[Rank 29 Material: Heavenly Dragon Scales – 5 Wins per Kilogram]

[Rank 29 Material: Cloud Tiger Fur – 5 Wins per half Kilogram]

[Rank 29 Material: Cloud Tiger Fangs (2) – 5 Wins]

[Rank 29 Material: Cloud Tiger Claws (4) – 5 Wins]

[Energem (Reinforce: Metal) – 6 Wins]

[Energem (Reinforce: Crystal) – 6 Wins]

[Energem (Reinforce: Fiber) – 6 Wins]

[Energem (Empower: Light) – 6 Wins]

[Energem (Empower: Gravity) – 6 Wins]

[Energem (Empower: Wave) – 6 Wins]

[Tier 1 Drug: (Any kind) – 6 Wins]

[Tier 2 Drug: (Any kind) – 7 Wins]

[Tier 3 Drug: (Any kind) – 8 Wins]

[Tier 1 Armament: (Custom made) – 5 Wins]

[Tier 2 Armament: (Custom made) – 6 Wins]

[Tier 3 Armament: (Custom made) – 7 Wins]

[Tier 1 Spell: (Any kind) – 7 Wins]

[Tier 2 Spell: (Any kind) – 8 Wins]

[Tier 3 Spell: (Any kind) – 9 Wins]

[Pain Sutra – 10 Wins]

[Glory Sutra – 11 Wins]

[Death Sutra – 12 Wins]

[Life Sutra – 13 Wins]

[Wisdom Sutra – 15 Wins]

Daisuke continued “Each team will naturally fight until the last person is standing. But to make it fun, a team can bet a previous win and put a condition on the match. The other team can either take the bet or decline. If the betting team wins the bet they get one win without losing the win they put on the line. If the team that was challenged wins they get two wins.

“Now the prizes might seem strange but there are desc-“ Mira interrupted Daisuke by saying “You’re so straight-laced, the competition is in a week, there is still time. You didn’t even ask how I know Jade”.

Daisuke’s golden brows furrowed as he said “You know Jade is a criminal right?” Mira nodded and said “He’s hiding himself, he goes by Feisal now. But don’t call him that. He wouldn’t want his new name to be linked with his old one”.

Daisuke asked “Why did you join the competition?” Mira answered “I thought it would be more interesting and the city’s liveliness proves me correct. Although I did learn some stuff from Feng”.

Daisuke thought ‘Feng personally saw her, she’s good then. As expected from Jade’. Daisuke said “I hope you don’t mind if I test you”. Mira said “I do mind. You haven’t told me anything about yourself”.

Daisuke said “I met Jade in Japan and he made swords that helped me with training. That’s all”. Mira smiled and said “I met him in Nigeria, he massacred the higher ups of a city at my request. Ok, I’ll fight you now but I haven’t done what Feng said I should do”.

Daisuke said “Is it about creating forms?” Mira nodded and Daisuke said “I can help you with that. What forms do you want to create?” Mira said “I don’t know. At first I just wanted to create a stat specific form but I don’t think I can put my heart into my attacks like Feng with such forms”.

Daisuke said “That’s a hurdle I’ve crossed. You have to revisit what inspired your major skill and go from there”. Mira thought ‘Stars huh?’ Mira said “I sort of get it but I can’t just devise it. I need my instincts to guide me. Let’s do that test”.

Daisuke nodded and disappeared in a flash of light. Mira found herself flying back, horizontally in the air in the next moment. She had been punched in the chin. Daisuke appeared beside her, flying alongside her, and said “For someone as slow as you, you should always have your defenses up. You can’t properly hide your strength so it’s best you just keep showing it”.

Mira spread her energy zone and compressed space before using her soul ability to enhance her diamond. The temperature became searing hot but the rock in the area only became red hot instead of melting like the ground she fought Feng above. The earth in this place was more resilient.

After finishing her preparation by using Lightening Countenance, Mira thought ‘He’s so fast. Like Funmi. I have to match him’. Mira blasted her Diamond and used her force field to fly herself toward Daisuke. She just wanted to pin him down so that he would lose most of the advantage speed gave him.

Even though she forsook her senses and gave everything to move faster, faster than when she sparred Funmi, Daisuke easily dodged and counter-attacked with another punch to the head that yielded no effect because she had put up her defenses. Her diamond even formed tendrils that tried to bind Daisuke’s hand but the failed to catch him.

Mira used Predator’s Prey to see Daisuke’s race info and oh was she surprised. His race was essentially immune to heat, in fact, it feed on it. The Luminoclasts were an alien race that lived on fucking stars. They also had the ability to control light and heat and they had the Power stat, which allowed them to save energy in a refined form. If Mira’s race had the stat, she would naturally produce and store diamond energy, psychic energy, Drive and any type of energy she could produce in her body and freely bring it out. It acted as an extra Energy stat.

Mira thought ‘He is a perfect counter to me. Good, this gives me a reason to improve’. Daisuke said “I won’t show you any of my forms if you can’t catch me, that’s the basic prerequisite. So I’m guessing you need a form that enhances speed”. Mira thought ‘Exactly’.


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