Samad’s weapon set had a thick plated golden armor, a long spear and a shield. The shield was a small golden circular shield. It worked in a completely different way than Funmi’s armor. The shield was specialized in deflecting and absorbing attacks. Throwing a dagger at the shield sent the dagger flying back regardless of the material the dagger was made of (Even if it was made of foam).

The material for the shield came from a Rank 6 spawn of a Rank 8 monster that Jade found very problematic to deal with. The monster was a Fortress Armadillo. It was a highly defensive monster that could absorb energy from the energy zones of other creatures. Its scales were the medium for the ability so any attack time pure energy touched its scales it would be continuously absorbed.

Jade had a high intelligence and high energy build so it’s ability was supposed to be trivial to him but when he hit the monster’s scales with Ouki it absorbed the energy used to make the energy constructs and reduced the power amplification of True dream.

The problem stemmed from the fact that Jade had to take time to create energy constructs to ensure that he was outputting enough damage and the Armadillo’s never tried to be aggressive and always balled up at any sign of an intruder, taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to any new form of danger.

He could only eliminate the horde by switching from physically attacking it to using glue; when the Armadillos curled into a ball Jade just sprayed their bodies with glue. This forced the monsters to retaliate as they realized that they would be stuck in one position and die a slow and painful death if they didn’t retaliate. Jade would have used poison but he was no chemistry master so he had to settle for something simpler.

The shield could absorb the energy in the energy zone of other creatures but it could not transfer the energy to the user since the user wasn’t the original Fortress Armadillo which could convert the energy it absorbed from the opponents to its own. The absorbed energy powered another component that produced black aura.

This combination of abilities created a vicious cycle for the opponent that caused them to avoid contacting the shield with their energy zones. Even if the opponent wanted to forcefully cover the shield with their energy zone the black aura would repel the energy of opponent and as time goes by and more energy is absorbed the black aura’s repulsion would grow stronger until the opponent couldn’t hold on any longer.

The shield had a drawback; it would repel or absorb the wielder’s energy constantly so the wielder can’t cover it with energy. Even though the black aura repulsion was mostly directed away from the user, as it got stronger it would repel the user too. The shield was called Black Sun.

Jade pointed to a podium and said “This is your weapon set, the name is Bubble”. The curtains went up and revealed an armor that looked like it was made of bubbles. The bubbles weren’t side by side like natural bubbles, they armor’s bubbles were concentric; the armor was made of countless layers of armor shaped bubble that covered each other to form one multilayered bubble armor.

Jade said “Don’t let the looks deceive you, it is quite tough, it is the most advance magic weapon currently. Since I know how your Energy Burst skill works I took the liberty of imagining what the advanced applications of your skills would be and gave the suit those skills. The set only consists of armor since you’ll be fully focusing on your Energy Burst skill for damage.

The suit can create bubbles; inside these bubbles you can save various things, objects, sounds, light, etc. The most useful feature is its ability to save an instance of your Energy Burst skill. You can then throw the Bubble at your opponents, a long range option. The more energy you apply in the skill the more Bubble is needed to save it”

Jade walked toward the podium and told Mira “Try lifting the arm”. Mira lifted the arm of the Bubble armor and noticed what Jade was trying to show her, it wasn’t light like a bubble, it was sufficiently heavy and hard, it took considerable strength to deform it, the bubble felt more like smooth rubber that was as thick as a truck’s tire.

Jade continued “You can choose the density of liquid you want in the bubbles you create. More density means more weight hence it requires more energy to make. You can also set the amount of time you want the bubble you make to last, the longer the time the more energy needed to make it. You can choose the adhesion properties; whether you want the bubble to be sticky or slippery.

Different bubble models can be made, there is the normal bubble model, which is just a normal bubble that pops and releases its content in every direction. There is the Balloon bubble model which opens the bubble at one point and releases the content as a kind of focused beam. When you store your Energy Burst skill instance with it and pop it, the energy of the skill will be released in a straight line.

There is the Soak bubble model, this model doesn’t need to save an instance it can absorb the energy and matter in the area and swell. When it reaches its limit, or when you want it to, it becomes a normal bubble that can be burst at anytime. The main use of this is for counter attacks, it will absorb attacks but it can’t release them in a beam, it will release it in all directions. But there are ways to go around this shortcoming, you can find that out as you get used to the armor.

Finally there is the Tough bubble. The Tough Bubble doesn’t have a burst time; it is stable and won’t burst if it isn’t damaged. You can save your skill’s instance in it but it will not burst until it’s broken so it might become a waste, use it wisely”.

Jade showed Mira the different bubbles and their features as he explained “The density and adhesion for the armor can be chosen. The armor’s shape can be change to whatever you want with the mental controllers.

The armor has the core of a Rank 6 Elemental. The material for the bubble is the blood of a Rank 7 Mineral Worm, Refined Mineral Worm. It took a lot of work to make the Rank 6 core fuse with the blood of a Rank 7 monster. Since they’re materials from different monsters of different Ranks, they usually tend to suppress each other when energy flows through them, but I made it work.

The armor isn’t too heavy since I didn’t use all the blood of the Worm, if I did that I would need a Rank 7 core to fuse with the blood since the blood would be able to completely suppress the Rank 6 core at that point. The ability to freely control the shape and to create new blood as bubbles comes from the Elemental core. What do you think of your new armor?”

Mira had a huge smile, she was impressed with the armor’s capabilities. She said “It’s amazing. Although the armor looks like something SpongeBob would make”. Jade replied “I was really contemplating on naming the armor SpongeBob or SpongeBubble. If you want that I can change it”.

Mira laughed and said “No, no, it’s fine. I like the concept of the armor, it’s very innovative. As expected of an inventor”.


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