Jade made the Dragon Slayer set for Mistura. The armor looked like light scale armor even though it wasn’t made of actual scales. The scales would automatically gather at a point of impact if the user wished for that to happen. The boots could make force field platforms.

The weapon of the set was a sniper that was as long as the armor was tall. The sniper was called Dragon’s Bane. The sniper was made for both speed and power. It could shoot laser beams, plasma beams, magic energy bullets and magic bullets.

Dragon’s Bane’s filled magic bullets and the bullets were large and enhanced to hold higher amounts of energy. The magic bullets of the sniper had 3 spell slots. One was already occupied with the spell Jade crafted to it, the Unique Negative Magnet Pole spell, while the other two were free or taken depending on whether it was a filled or empty magic bullet.

The Unique Magnetic Pole spell was one of Jade’s new creations. It was one of the spells that could create effects that technological devices couldn’t make. It made any material that it was cast on have the charge of magnet pole (positive or negative). This effect could be emulated by devices but what made the spell special was that it could make each pole unique so other opposite poles would not be attracted to a pole they weren’t designated to.

The magic energy bullets were the fastest bullets, Dragon’s Bane could shoot them out at high frequencies like a Gatling gun. Whether the Magic energy bullets pierced through or broke on the target they always cast the spell Unique Positive Magnet Pole. When a magic energy bullet was shot and the spell was cast the Dragon Slayer armor helmet would show the location and create a serial number and slot for each spell. The user could then assign a Magic Bullet to any of the Unique Positive Magnet Pole spells.

This caused the bullets to be unable to miss and it would even chase the spell if the target dodged. What was even worse was that the user could assign one Magic Bullet to many Unique Positive Magnet Pole spells. This would cause the Magic bullet to pierce through all the Magnet Pole spells, each Magic Bullet could be used for a multi-kill.

Unlike the Amplification spell of Ebony, the Magnetic Pole spell of Dragon’s Bane was much more stable so it could last 5 minutes before dissipating. Dragon’s Bane was made with the purpose for it to be a pain in the ass to anyone that would face it.

Deji’s Magic staff was a completely new creation for Jade. It provided what every magician needed in battle, instant casting. The staff was a long metal rod with a large black crystal sphere the size of a person’s head on its tip. Its main purpose was to save spells for instant casting, the special energy crystal that Jade used was gave it this feature.

The energy used for each spell and other parameters could be varied accord to the user’s mental commands. The staff’s rod acted as an energy battery, it could store energy that was supplied to it for future use. The staff was called Wand.

When Jade was making the robe he thought ‘This is stupid. Why can’t a Magician just wear armor like a normal person? Simply because the Magician is in the back doesn’t mean he should wear less protection, anything can happen’ Jade pondered for a while before thinking ‘Wait, if a Magician is wearing good looking armor then the opponents would naturally prepare for it. What if the Magicians wore robes like a cliché Magician and yet the robe was more defensive than it looked? The strategy of the opponents will be put into shambles.’

Deji’s robe was made of Rank 7 material. Jade didn’t want to burden someone with low physical stats with heavy stuff so he used a core of a Rank 7 Elemental to make the main defense system. The defense system was a gravity field, it allowed the user to control gravity in one direction since that was what a Rank 7 Elemental was capable of.

The core was relatively light but the energy consumption for the skills were quite high, only someone specialized in using energy to fight would be able to handle it and the person still had to use the skills economically due to the high energy cost.

The gravity field could be used as a force shield to push away nearby attacks or attackers and it could also make the user fly if the user used the gravity field to push against the earth’s gravity.

Although the user could only fly in straight lines, it allowed the user to quickly create the necessary distance needed to throw spells at an enemy that had come too close. It was the perfect equipment for Magicians. Sadly Jade had a limited supply of cores so he couldn’t make so much to sell to the sanctuary.

Deji’s weapon set was called Gandalf.

Funmi’s armor was made in consideration of her skill, Karma is a bitch, which Jade thought was a banger name. The armor was made so that she could use her skills more flexibly.

The armor specialized in cushioning force rather than deflecting or redirecting it. It made hits less damaging, more spread out withour reducing the power in the hit. This would have been a pain for a normal combatant since the armor would not absorb any force; transferring it to their body and making them wobble.

The armor was green with red patterns on it. It looked like it was made of stone but hitting it felt like hitting water. When Mira hit it as a test ripples formed on the armor as if she had just hit a body of water but it was more akin to hitting a creature with a lot of fat.

The main working of the material was to transfer a focused attack to a wide spread one on the wearer’s body. The armor was very resistant to corrosion, burning, electricity, and other methods that might be used to counter Karma is a bitch.

The armor was named Come At Me Bro. Funmi’s weapon set came with two short swords that could increase in size and could change shape if the wielder wished it so.

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If you have ideas for weapons, devices and armor that Jade can make please put them in the comments. i can think of everything but the novel will be more colorful if there you guys can add your own idea.

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