After 3 weeks and 3 days after Mira’s visit Jade called her from her training room. He was excited as he led her to another room, in this room there was a line of 7 podiums, each covered by curtains. Jade smiled and said “These are the new drip yo! They are the weapons and armor I made at the sanctuary’s request”.

Jade gave a mental command and the curtain of the leftmost podium lifted revealing a mannequin wearing red and black samurai armor with two sheathed katanas, one short and one long. The armor was mostly red and had black highlights and patterns. Jade said “This is the Daimyo weapon set, the armors of each weapon set have the same name as the weapon set so the armor is also called Daimyo. It has light and hard exterior plating and a complex fiber interior armor. The fiber armor underneath enhances movement by replicating the motion of the user’s muscles which makes the user moves stronger and faster, it was my first attempt at making armor with stat bonuses, it’s pretty good. The fiber also has an auto dodging system that makes the user move away from attacks that the helmet senses. Of course the user can shut this function down if the user doesn’t want it.

The boots can create force field platforms that allow the user to stand on the air. The shape of the platform can be decided with energy commands…

The helmet has the essential psychic energy blocking system and the visor allows the user to see psychic energy and pure energy. I would have put a 3D imaging system but that would cost a bit of energy to use and it would only serve as a disturbance to someone who doesn’t have a high enough intelligence. It’s for Jola. This is all magic equipment FYI. The armor is specifically good at blocking heat, why? You’ll find out soon”

Jade walked to the podium and unsheathed the short katana. He explained “This is the draw sword, he said that he wanted another draw sword and considering he has a High agility High sense build I thought it was a good option” Mira interrupted Jade and asked “I’ve been wondering, why does Jola, a superior sense High Human fight in close quarters. I expected him to be a ranger”.

Jade replied “It’s probably because he senses are specialized for close range combat. He probably doesn’t have long range vision but he might see things in high detail compared to others. From what you said different people have different traits even when they have the same stat, I agree with that statement, it makes sense since people have different makes regardless of what a stat says”.

Mira nodded and Jade continued “The katana is called Oda. It can do either a long range or a short range attack with the draw” Jade armed himself with the katana, faced an open part of the room and unsheathed Oda. A bright red aura slash flew out and hit the wall and disintegrated a part of it. Jade said “That’s just a regular condensed aura slash, it’s simple and practical. All slashing weapons have this feature and the aura blade feature”.

Jade sheathed it again and drew it. This time a sphere made of red aura slashes enveloped Jade and spun around him for about 15 seconds. Jade said “That’s the Kaiten skill. It can also be shaped as a cylinder or just a circle if the user gives the mental command”

Jade took out the long katana and said “This is Oden. And as the saying goes ‘Oden wouldn’t be Oden if it wasn’t boiled’. So I took that statement to the next level and made a plasma blade that is so hot the armor needs to be designed to shield against heat”.

Mira was shocked and thought ‘Why would you make such a thing? And what saying is that?’

Jade unsheathed the katana and energized it. The blade lit up with whitish orange crackling plasma. As Jade continued energizing it, the blade kept getting brighter and brighter. He touched the floor of the room with the blade and it melted instantly. Jade said “For a Rank 6 weapon Oden has an abnormally high attack power. Melting the shell of the Rank 7 monster I used for making my buildings is not an easy feat. If I made this blade before it would be quite bulky but with magic technology it can be made this size. The other issue was wear and tear but with my new Elemental core technology the armor and swords can just fix themselves as long as, energy is provided, the core isn’t broken, and parts of the armor are not missing. With core technology the armor and weapon size can be changed to suit the user. So, what do you think?”

Mira said “What else do you expect me to think it’s amazing. You just achieved all this in about 3 weeks?! Great job!” Jade nodded in approval and showed her the rest of the armors.

The armors were great but the most notable were Osaz’s pistols, Mistura’s sniper, Deji’s magic staff and robe, Funmi’s armor and Samad’s shield.

Osaz’s pistols were magic guns, one was white with golden patterns and the other was black with silver patterns. Her weapon set was called the Demon slayer set. The white pistol was Ivory and the black pistol was Ebony. Ebony didn’t use bullets and Ivory used empty magic bullets (Bullets that don’t have spells written on them yet but can hold spells) or filled magic bullets (Bullets that have spells written on them).

Ivory could store spells and instantly craft them on empty magic bullets if they weren’t too complex and didn’t occupy too much memory. It could also shoot normal filled magic bullets. The shooting of the bullets didn’t use gun powder instead it used an explosion spell that had been grafted into the chamber of the gun. This feature meant that the gun didn’t need a trigger, only energy and mental commands, to shoot but Jade gave both guns triggers.

Mira asked why he did that, his answer was “To confuse the opponents obviously. If the person who uses the gun is constantly pulling the trigger the opponents will get used to it and watch for that. But if the person suddenly shoots the gun without pulling the trigger the opponent will die while thinking ‘Did the gun misfire?’ It will be quite hilarious, wouldn’t it?” Mira shook her head, resigning to Jade’s whimsical nature.

Ebony used the energy of the user to create magic energy bullets. These energy bullets like normal bullets could pierce through a target but if the target was too tough the bullets would break apart and set up a temporary magic spell. The spell occupied a circular area and if a magic bullet was shot on that area the spell on the bullet would be amplified.

If multiple energy bullets broke on one body, the amplification spells would connect and any magic bullet that was shot into any amplification spell area would be further amplified depending on the amount of amplification spells that had been connected. As good as the effect was the amplification spells were only temporary and would only last 10 seconds before dissipating but Ebony allowed for the user to shoot countless bullets as long as energy was provided even if the user wasn’t going for the amplification effect.

The armor was just regular Rank 6 armor with a psychic energy blocking helmet. The Demon slayer set was made for a long range fighter that still fought in a relatively close range.


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