A few kilometers away, a group of 18 Rank 4s were approaching. Mira saw them coming, jumping from building to building and knew it was time to change tactics; she couldn’t fight all of them head on, even with Tranquil.

She ran into an underground park were a group of undead had come from, the place was empty and had a lot of hiding spots since the Rank 3s had smashed all the cars and thrown them around.

She hid under wreckage deep inside the park. The group of Rank 4s arrived and found the Rank 3s searching for the intruder, they also joined. They searched and searched but they couldn’t find her anywhere, they turned the place upside down but nothing.

After 48 minutes the undead were still searching, they knew she came here so she had to be in this place, they didn’t have doubt and they didn’t get bored. Mira came out of the underground park. The area around it was devoid of undead as they all went in to search for her.

When she went in she stuck a few of her special throwing knives in the pillars of the park. She got under a car and began to dig out with Havoc. It wasn’t much hard work to her as the ground wasn’t the hard thing it used to be when she was human.

She covered the hole she made with herself in it and dug underground by moving the dirt before her behind her hence making a moving air pocket underground. The limited amount of air was eventually turned to Carbon dioxide due to Mira’s breathing but she felt little hindrance from the lack of oxygen.

High Humans didn’t require as much air to breath, their lung capacity and ability to function without are unhindered is comparable to the best divers humanity can offer. This is due to their higher than human durability and stamina stat maximum en-code at the Low (low) rank for each stat a High Human can almost break a human world record for time spent without oxygen

The undead had seen the throwing knives but since they didn’t recognize it, they judged it as a detail about the park they never noticed, just like the pile of rubble under the wreckage they found.

Mira felt sad, she had used all her special knives and only Jade could make them. She thought ‘I have to be able to go on without him. I guess this is where I say goodbye to one of his mementos’

She brought out a small box, not much bigger than a dice, from her pouch and activated it with a thought. The knives she stabbed into the park’s pillars exploded and the underground park collapsed. She knew this would only slow down the undead, not kill them but it was enough.

She armed Tranquil and waited above the wrecked park. Some 12 minutes later the head of a Rank 4 Hive Brute came out and it was swiftly beheaded. The undead directly under it dug away to its side seeing that the one in front of them had stopped for some reason only to meet the same fate as the one before it.

As soon as they came out they were beheaded and after an hour melted undead heads littered the wrecked ground.

With so many dead Rank 4s the Rank 5 undead were alerted but when they arrived from deeper within the territory, they only saw a ground littered with melted heads.

The undead usually would leave the scene unattended to; with no way of finding the intruder the undead would have just increased their security and surveillance. But sadly for the target, among this group of Rank 5 undead was a Rank 5 Hive Marquise Mind, which had not only high intelligence but a high sense stat. It followed the subliminal trace of the target’s footsteps to the building the target was hiding in.

It checked the surrounding of the building for traces of Mira and found none, so it was sure that Mira was in the building. It ordered 6 out of the 7 Rank 5s following it, to watch the building while hiding in the surrounding buildings in case the target escaped.

They did as they were told and it hid in a building with a good view point with one of the watching Rank 5s as protection and ordered the remaining Rank 5 undead to enter the building and search for the intruder while it hid away from sight.

The Rank 5 Hive Brawler that entered through the front door of the building was not very stealthy as it tripped the sound producing traps that the target had made earlier when she entered the building.

Mira from the top of the building Mira heard the sound of falling tin cans and plates, she sighed and thought ‘Aren’t these guys going to let me rest?’ She went down the building to check which undead had entered.

When she went away from the wrecked underground car park she came to this building and killed all the undead in it starting from the mind and hid the bodies on the top floor of the building. She then set up simple sound traps as an alarm system.

She was sure the undead were aware that she was in the building since she killed a Rank 3 Hive Baron Mind so she expected Rank 3 and or Rank 4 undead to come here as a response.

She went down, following the trail of sounds and saw the Brawler. She had not gotten this information from her IP but she knew this from her time with Jade; they were one of the undead she would run away from when Jade was training her, he had told her their name and Rank.

Mira as shocked, she thought ‘Why is a Rank 5 here?’ she thought about it as she stealthily went down the stairs while, past the room the Brawler was searching while its back was turned. She concluded ‘The undead must have had a way to connect the dead Rank 4s to the dead Rank 3 mind in this building, that’s the only way to explain such a quick response. But regardless of the reason I’m being hunted by a Rank 5, I’m alone and Jade isn’t here to bail me out. Coming here was a bad idea’.

She was filled with foreboding


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