Era: Dawn of the New Gods

Era: Dawn of the New Gods

by Lami the Sheep that eats Lions

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Concise Synopsis:

This is a post-apocalyptic story about the origins of various powerful figures that appeared after the apocalypse event. During the apocalypse monsters appeared possessing powers and constitution beyond the limits of human understanding. They ravaged the world and brought down all governments.

The first part of the story follows Jade, a terrorist that was ravaging the world before the monsters arrived.

Dramatic Synopsis:

The New Gods, the most feared and revered beings on the planet. They are forces capable of absolute destruction and creation.

The Council of Branches

Hayley, the Living Lie (if that is her real name)

Chao Feng, the Prince of Stars

Lara, the Mother of Heroes

The Great City of Tver

Gog, the Ever Losing War

The Unkillable Freak

Dave, the Flow Demon

Avatari, (only the name is known)

Satoshi, the Gentle Hurricane

As Impactful as they are no one knew their origin, they are called the New Gods so there must be Old Gods. I and my collegues dedicated our lives to finding their origins only to find out that the beings we fear and adore were once like us, average, mortal and weak... at least most of them were.

*It is a sort of reverse RPG as no one knows anything either skills, abilities  or how the system works but they find out on their own or develop their own skills or abilites.

*The story has many protagonists and point of views but it paints a beatiful story of survival in a world of endless perils for both the humans and the monsters(some monsters are protagonists).

*There is a system but it is very limited (not overpowered) and treats everyone equally, monster or human. The system is very different from regular systems; no exp, levels and system items.

*The story is a world building story where overall, the world is the true main character.

The cover image photo is credited to Angel David

*For now it's one chapter a day

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Word Count (13)
Royal Writathon April 2021 winner
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Cell Revolution ago
Chapter 2: Iron Lion ago
Chapter 3: Undead? Titans? ago
Chapter 4: Prision Break ago
Chapter 5: Current Affairs ago
Chapter 6: Making ‘friends’ ago
Chapter 7: Assassination Classroom 1 ago
Chapter 8: Assassination Classroom 2 ago
Chapter 9: Assassination Classroom 3 ago
Chapter 10: Am I High? ago
Chapter 11: Hello World! ago
Chapter 12: Primordial Santa ago
Chapter 13: Sanctuary ago
Chapter 14: Old Friend ago
Chapter 15: Jade’s Origin 1 ago
Chapter 16: Jade's Origin 2 ago
Chapter 17: Jade’s Origin 3 ago
Chapter 18: Jade’s Origin 4 ago
Chapter 19: The Journey Continues ago
Chapter 20: Who’s the monster now? ago
Chapter 21: Ocean Master ago
Chapter 22: The Way Forward and the Voices in People’s heads ago
Chapter 23: New World ago
Chapter 24: Gains ago
Chapter 25: Massacre ago
Chapter 26: Jade’s Plans and Samira’s Origin ago
Chapter 27: Samira’s Origin ago
Chapter 28: Travels ago
Chapter 29: What it takes to be Rank 7 ago
Chapter 30: Hunter X Conqueror ago
Chapter 31: Banu City ago
Chapter 32: The End of Banu City ago
Chapter 33: The Tables have Turned ago
Chapter 34: Quests ago
Chapter 35: The Deal ago
Chapter 36: High Human ago
Chapter 37: Jade, the Impotent Troll ago
Chapter 38: Training Montage ago
Chapter 39: Samira’s New Drip and Departure ago
Chapter 40: True Dream ago
Chapter 41: Mira ago
Chapter 42: Flash Thunder ago
Chapter 43: Sanctuary Life 1 ago
Chapter 44: Sanctuary Life 2 ago
Chapter 45: Sanctuary Life 3 ago
Chapter 46: Sanctuary Life 4 ago
Chapter 47: Freshest girl on the block ago
Chapter 48: Excess Drip ago
Chapter 49: Raid 1 ago
Chapter 50: Raid 2 ago
Chapter 51: Raid 3 ago
Chapter 52: Raid 4 ago
Chapter 53: Raid 5 ago
Chapter 54: Return ago
Chapter 55: Funmi ago
Chapter 56: Karma’s a Bitch ago
Chapter 57: Break Through ago
Chapter 58: Deji vs Mira ago
Chapter 59: Mira vs Funmi ago
Chapter 60: Finally, skilled weapons ago
Chapter 61: Nemesis ago
Chapter 62: Campaign 1 ago
Chapter 63: Campaign 2 ago
Chapter 64: Campaign 3 ago
Chapter 65: Campaign 4 ago
Chapter 66: Overcomers ago
Chapter 67: Drops and Rewards ago
Chapter 68: Magic ago
Chapter 69: Solo Mission ago
Chapter 70: Proficiency, Prowess ago
Chapter 71: Bad Idea ago
Chapter 72: Danger Creates the Best Fighters ago
Chapter 73: Nightmare ago
Chapter 74: Encounter ago
Chapter 75: The Class is Back in Town ago
Chapter 76: Special Abilities ago
Chapter 77: Politics and Comradery ago
Chapter 78: Breakout ago
Chapter 79: Magic Training Montage ago
Chapter 80: Magic division and Funmi’s company ago
Chapter 81: Superior Energy High Human ago
Chapter 82: Mira’s back in Town ago
Chapter 83: Unknown Rankers ago
Chapter 84: Bella’s peculiarity ago
Chapter 85: Skill Teaching 1 ago
Chapter 86: Skill Teaching 2 ago
Chapter 87: Skill Teaching 3 ago
Chapter 88: Ranker Academy ago
Chapter 89: New skills again! ago
Chapter 90: Mira’s Discovery ago
Chapter 91: Classes ago
Chapter 92: Improvements ago
Chapter 93: Meta Humans ago
Chapter 94: Lara, the mother of heroes ago
Chapter 95: First Day ago
Chapter 96: Party ago
Chapter 97: Deals ago
Chapter 98: Mira vs Lara ago
Chapter 99: Duels ago
Chapter 100: OP Meta Human ago
Chapter 101: News ago
Chapter 102: Mira's Departure and What's up with Jade 1 ago
Chapter 103: What’s up with Jade 2 ago
Chapter 104: Elemental Horde, Upgrades and Improvements ago
Chapter 105: More fighting with the Elemental Horde ago
Chapter 106: Rank 2 Fried Chicken vs Rank 11 Elemental ago
Chapter 107: Battle Conclusion ago
Chapter 108: Updates 1 ago
Chapter 109: Updates 2 ago
Chapter 110: Unnoticed Ability ago
Chapter 111: The Grind Begins ago
Chapter 112: The Grind ago
Chapter 113: The New Drip 1 ago
Chapter 114: The New Drip 2 ago
Chapter 115: The New Drip 3 ago
Chapter 116: Discussion and Future Plans ago
Chapter 117: Arrival ago
Chapter 118: Trade and Kòléyéwon ago
Chapter 119: Spar and Announcement ago
Chapter 120: Evaluation ago
Chapter 121: World War 3 ago
Chapter 122: Soul Map and First Battle ago
Chapter 123: Vampires ago
Chapter 124: Professional Aura Users ago
Chapter 125: Champion Arachni ago
Chapter 126: Madness ago
Chapter 127: I’m Good ago
Chapter 128: Daisuke ago
Chapter 129: Light Kendo ago
Chapter 130: Japan’s Situation ago
Chapter 131: Garden City ago
Chapter 132: Improvement and Meeting ago
Chapter 133: Negotiations 1 ago
Chapter 134: Strange Situation ago
Chapter 135: Mission Start! ago
Chapter 136: Genius Monster ago
Chapter 137: Oni’s Bad Day ago
Chapter 138: Heist ago
Chapter 139: Nova ago
Chapter 140: Two Paths and the Little Beginnings of Madness ago
Chapter 141: Technological Improvement Montage ago
Chapter 142: Jade’s Compromise ago
Chapter 143: Night City’s Potential ago
Chapter 144: Shooting Stars ago
Chapter 145: Challenge ago
Chapter 146: Pinnacle Rank ago
Chapter 147: Diamonds in the Sky ago
Chapter 148: Mira vs Samuel 1 ago
Chapter 149: Mira vs Samuel 2 ago
Chapter 150: Samuel’s Redemption ago
Chapter 151: Rank 7 Mira ago
Chapter 152: Pentagon Raid 1 ago
Chapter 153: Pentagon Raid 2 ago
Chapter 154: Supernova ago
Chapter 155: Conspiracy ago
Chapter 156: Blood 1 ago
Chapter 157: Blood 2 ago
Chapter 158: Time 1 ago
Chapter 159: Time 2 ago
Chapter 160: Sentry ago
Chapter 161: Eternity ago
Chapter 162: Evolution (Mira) 1 ago
Chapter 163: Human Elementalist (Carbon) ago
Chapter 164: Mutant: Perfect Chimera/Gene Lord ago
Chapter 165: Valkyrie and Decision ago
Chapter 166: Evolution (Mira) 2 ago
Chapter 167: Getting Used to the New Body ago
Chapter 168: Mira vs. Yeti 1 ago
169: Mira vs. Yeti 2 ago
Chapter 170: What is space? ago
Chapter 171: Eternal Void ago
Chapter 172: Infinite Void ago
Chapter 173: Tiered Armaments ago
Chapter 174: Revenge ago
Chapter 175: Grim Reaper ago
Chapter 176: Evolution (Jade) 1 ago
Chapter 177: Asgardian (Space) (Heimdallr) ago
Chapter 178: Space Soul (Ouranos) ago
Chapter 179: New World Titan (Baldr) ago
Chapter 180: Obvious Decision ago
Chapter 181: Soul Battle ago
Chapter 182: Madman's Brawl ago
Chapter 183: Too Many Trump Cards ago
Chapter 184: Waking in Baldr's Shoes ago
Chapter 185: Little Soldier Boy ago
Chapter 186: Unanswered Questions ago
Chapter 187: A Parasite's Struggle to Survive ago
Chapter 188: Last Day of WW3 ago
Chapter 189: Gog's Ascent ago
Chapter 190: End of WW3 ago
Chapter 191: Mythical Business ago
Chapter 192: Homecoming ago
Chapter 193: The origin of the APT ago
Chapter 194: Choice ago
Chapter 195: Mira vs Chenzira ago
Chapter 196: A Small Glimpse of the Gold Lands ago
Chapter 197: Mira vs Funmi 2 ago
Chapter 198: Glass Empire 1 ago
Chapter 199: Glass Empire 2 ago
Chapter 200: Low Grade's Perspective ago
Chapter 201: Blursed ago
Chapter 202: Mira vs. Emperor 1 ago
Chapter 203: Mira vs. Emperor 2 ago
Chapter 204: Backstab ago
Chapter 205: Battle Conclusion ago
Chapter 206: Evolution (Jade) 2 ago
Chapter 207: Soul Glyphs ago
Chapter 208: Introducing Avatari ago
Chapter 209: Space God ago
Chapter 210: Camille ago
Chapter 211: Jade; the Man, the Myth, the Legend ago
Chapter 212: Replacement ago
Chapter 213: Camille, A Determined Woman ago
Chapter 214: Lies and Compromises ago
Chapter 215: A Changed Jade ago
Chapter 216: Gene Lord’s Potential ago
Chapter 217: Resisting Space ago
Chapter 218: Soul Training 1 ago
Chapter 219: Soul Training 2 ago
Chapter 220: The Night Bitches Die ago
Chapter 221: Disappointment ago
Chapter 222: Bye Bye Ocean Master ago
Chapter 223: Atlantis ago
Chapter 224: Unknown Neighbors ago
Chapter 225: Cultural Exchange ago
Chapter 226: Quake ago
Chapter 227: Jade vs. Quake 1 ago
Chapter 228: Jade vs. Quake 2 ago
Chapter 229: Mandala Trade ago
Chapter 230: Sike!!!!! ago
Chapter 231: Negotiation ago
Chapter 232: Jade vs. Hentai 1 ago
Chapter 233: Jade vs. Hentai 2 ago
Chapter 234: A True Magician Never Hides His Secret ago
Chapter 235: Mandala Arts ago
Chapter 236: Flower ago
Chapter 237: The Girl on the Coin ago
Chapter 238: Buddha ago
Chapter 239: Middle Path ago
Chapter 240: Meeting ago
Chapter 241: Battle of Lights 1 ago
Chapter 242: Battle of Lights 2 ago
Chapter 243: Battle of Lights 3 ago

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I didn't know if I liked it on the first chapter but it got me hooked and it was nice then I fell off again at like 26 I'm pretty sure it will pick up again but oh well 

it feels like you had a vision of what you wanted and you got there a tad to fast. Personally I feel your concepts a bit intangible. Like I understood the system but I feel more detail into the design and logic behind the inventions would go a long way as I find it a bit odd a material can work as a glue and a explosive. Different blood maybe? Also your numbers got out of hand really quick 100,000 is a lot for a short amount of work. Well not compared to 8 billion but still that's a lot of dead people in one area makes it feel like humanity is kinda over.

anyway liked the idea of futuristic apocalypse liked the character backstory made me feel uncomfortable highly recommend making the entire thing something really hard to read but like in a good way. 

this is my first review so don't take my star rating to heart your gonna be my bace line from now on.


Apocalyptic system story that is not serious

Reviewed at: Chapter 175: Grim Reaper


Overall readability is fine, it's a bit loony toons in the rapid power ups and random character changes who also seem to have sudden growth arcs.

And everyone is making references so it seems the only humans who survived where the weebs lol

But if you want a read it's not a bad story to pass time with this works.


Has all the tropes magic, martial arts, soul and blood magic's with a MC that seems to be tech creator who can make anything eventually.

One negative is some lore and info is dumped in that derails the story, like foreknowledge characters won't know ie Lara having precog powers, a lot of empty text that would be best in a separate fiction of lore to reference and not filling up the word count on this story with just background information. This would show the true length of the story as the verbose lore dumps can be multiple pages long and just 3 paragraphs of development to the characters or plot which most readers won't need to have the lore to notice in future reads and the people who want tk see the lore would have an easier time reading if it wasn't sprinkled through out the entire story

Side characters all seem to be tragic backstory ex humans. So if your against dark stories would avoid as could be triggering for some people

Not bad for a first time author, and thankfully no romance, harem


I had a lot of difficulties with this story at the beginning: I did not really see where it was going, some events did not really make sense to me: sometimes too fast, almost dismissive of some things, some times a tiny bit too slow.

BUT after the first 50 or so chapters, it really had me hooked especially with the Mira storyline and the Sanctuary. I really began to see what the author promised in the synopsis like "it is the story of the world" and a fair system: no free power ups, some real problems for the protagonist, and great world building. So after a rough start, the story really is great.


Style and Grammar: Even if I am not a native speaker I could spot a lot of problems at the beginning. I had difficulties to understand some sentences due to numeral typos. And the syntax reminded me of german which is not really adapted to the english language with really, really long sentences. But it gets a lot better and the author is really wanting to get better and accepts all help provided. 


Story: What was promised in the synopsis with some unique takes on the system with its fairness and ranking system. The story is non linear with sevetal main characters but make nonetheless sense. 


Characters: Not americans so bonus points. (just kidding) But it is true that it is quite refreshing. The story has (from my point of view) 2 main characters, but we see a lot of different point of views. Jade really is a "classic" dark bacgroundish assassin turned hunter character at first glance, but his technological knowledge and his complex drives which do not include senseless homicides redeem the character. And he really is charismatic and hard working because like I said nothing really is free in the story.

Mira really is the best girl and kept me on the story long enough to make me want to say. The character is complex, but the author really keep her goals in sight like sending her to the US. Not really a champion, neither a wargoddess or a genius, but someone who climbs the ranks thanks to her hard work.



Conclusion: Really great story (with no unnecessary love side-stories) who keeps getting more interesting, and an author who keeps getting better. Only thing I could maybe suggest would be to rework on the first few chapters for the grammar.

I personnaly wish to see how far it will go!

JM Lightning

The system fantasy I've been waiting for

Reviewed at: Chapter 101: News

This story has a, from what I can tell, completely unique system with many interesting facets. Unlike many other system stories, the system does not randomly impart skills on our intrepid protagonists. No, if you want your amazing fantasy skill, your gonna have to risk your life day after day, week after week, and month after month. Things don't come easy in this world, and the cast is better for it. We can see how the societies develop around this setting as the story progresses.