A note from Kos

This chapter is a break point between books 1 and 2.

And thus we have come to the end of my first story. Originally, I wanted to do this project to put some of my ideas to ink. Ever since I was in college, I have been brainstorming for that glorious tell when I would tell my words to eager readers.


In March 2021, I made a goal: I want to write something


I set my sights on this goal. The story would be 100,000 words. It would tell a story from start to finish. It would be good? Hopefully.


Now I have to thank some people because, without them, my story wouldn’t be possible. I often wondered about this. When an author gives a special thanks to someone in their lives, were they just giving a shoutout? Was this that place to name drop loved ones like when you spin that wheel, not The Price is Right?


Nope. These are the people that push the writer to keep going when they feel like they have said all they have to say. They help us break through the many challenges that come with writing. They also challenge us to be better when our story just isn’t good enough.


Three people had that effect on me.


First, there is my Sister, Natalie Dorsey. She has been going on these adventures with me for quite some time, and even though she is constantly tired like many overworked mothers are out there, she read my stories and encouraged me every single day. Her daughters, my lovely nieces: Hendrix, Lorelei, and Jessi also inspired me. They didn’t read my story yet or even talk to me about it. Kids inspire through passion. As I watch them grow, I am extremely jealous to see them pursue their interests daily. I hope that enthusiasm never dies.


Second, my close friend Debbie McClelland. She motivated me regularly to keep working hard and that my voice means something. She is the reason there are so darned many cats in the story.


Finally, someone, I met through the creation of my story. You all know him at Jupiter, the Roman God that didn’t even get to fight in his own dungeon. He was my biggest critic, but also my biggest fan. I am quite positive that this book would not have existed without him. Let’s face it, without readers, writing is pretty pointless.


As a special nod to all of them, I have included them in my story. Natalie, Hendrix, Lorelei, and Jessi were all included as Ken’s real-world family. Debbie had 3 characters in the story. First, there was Debbie, the weaver guild master. Debbie is an avid weaver and that just fits. Then I mentioned her character name Gemflint in one of my guilds. And finally, the lilac-colored gnome is actually inspired by a character of her own creation. Jupiter was Jupiter. Actually, that whole dungeon was written around him.


Now that I really think about it, I should have said there were 4 people that I need to thank. The 4th person is you, whoever you are. The person who is reading this now. The person who keeps my view counter ticking upward. I see that. It fuels me. Even, you, the person who rated my story 4 stars. You push me to fight for 5. To show me that I can do better. I will do better.


I hope you all liked it. Now, without further ado, while I was originally content to tell a single story, the writing process has proven to be addictive. I am going to push on. How long, you ask? I don’t know. How long do you plan to keep reading?


This first book was written in 2 weeks. I feel that it was very sloppy and my inexperience shows in a lot of places. With my future work, I am looking to improve. Please join me on this journey.

A note from Kos

If you made it this far, I would love to hear your thoughts.  Please consider leaving a review and letting me know how I did.  I want to improve my story telling for next tme, so be sure to put me to the task where I messed up.

Thanks again for reading the whole story.

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