Asleep - A LITRPG story

by Kos

A next-generation MMO, where levels don't come easy and there is no fast travel.  Ken finds himself trapped in the strange world while asleep in a coma.  Just when things can't get stranger, he is approached by the AI that controls the game who comes to make a bargain.  In this world, Ken must help beleaguered NPCs find ways to provide better side quests that players actually want to do.  Failure to do so could mean his status of Awoken being revealed to doctors who want to experiment on him.

While this story does have an MC that becomes a female avatar when he enters the game world, there is nothing sexual bout it.  For this reason, I have decided to ultimately not to use the Gender-Bender tag.  The reason this exists in my story is to highlight some of the stereotypes that occur for female characters in MMOs.

[participant in the Royal Road writathon challenge]

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Word Count (X)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Awakening ago
Chapter 2: Answers ago
Chapter 3: Crafting ago
Chapter 4: Side quests ago
Chapter 5: Peasants ago
Chapter 6: Royals ago
Chapter 7: Class Selection ago
Chapter 8: Hidden Quests ago
Chapter 9: Dungeons and Dragons ago
Chapter 10: Dungeon Born and More Dragons ago
Chapter 11: Quest Givers Strike Back ago
Chapter 12: It's raining cats and dogs ago
Chapter 13: Medieval Munchies ago
Chapter 13.1: Who gets the money? (Roland Yin) ago
Chapter 14: Goodness Gracious Pet House of Holding ago
Chapter 15: My House is my castle, literally ago
Chapter 16: The First Date ago
Chapter 16.1 Building the perfect kiss (Theresa) ago
Chapter 17: New Morning Routine ago
Chapter 18: Flight of the Dragon Core ago
Chapter 19: Love and Pizza ago
Chapter 19.1: A.I. 42 and the meaning of Artificial Life (Aya) ago
Chapter 20: Players and Cast Members unite! Core style. ago
Chapter 21: The Legend of the Hidden Things ago
Chapter 22: Its a Dragon eat Dog world ago
Chapter 23: Lions and Scorpions and Manticores, Oh my! ago
Chapter 24: This boss is better down where its wetter ago
Chapter 25: Pluto & Pluto Dark God and Dog of the Underworld ago
Chapter 26: Flowery Dragons and A Talking Lightning Bolt ago
Chapter 27: All hell breaks lose. The underworld erupts! ago
Chapter 27.1: Quest Updates (Roland Yin) ago
Chapter 28: The Card Battles Arrive ago
Chapter 29: Build a Boat Workshop ago
Chapter 30: Operation Rescue the People's Princess ago
Chapter 30.1: Misunderstandings (Lord Alexander) ago
Chapter 31: Cast Members Strike Back ago
Chapter 32: Aftermath ago
Chapter 33: An Out of Game Experience ago
Chapter 34: Operation Robin Hood ago
Chapter 35: Ranker Hood: Prince of Maiden's Hearts ago
Chapter 35.1: The Cats out of the Bag (Roland) ago
Chapter 36: Welcome to the Rebellion ago
Chapter 37: Back Alley Bar Brawling ago
Chapter 38: Revelations of Loss ago
Chapter 39: Prelude to the Great Civil War ago
Chapter 40: The 5th Army in the Great Civil War ago
Chapter 41: The Anti-Climax of the Great Civil War ago
Chapter 41.1: What really happened that day (Theresa) ago
Chapter 42: The Aftermath in the Afterlife ago
Chapter 42.1: Life and Lies (Aya) ago
Chapter 42.2 The True Climax of the Great Civil War (Anna) ago
Chapter 43: Family Gathering ago
Chapter 43.1: The True Meaning of Artificial Life (Roland and Aya) ago
End of Book 1: Thank you. ago
Chapter 2-1: Familiar Beginnings ago
Chapter 2-1.1: Tech of the Future (Theresa and Aya) ago
Chapter 2-2: And so we begin ago
Chapter 2-3: I'm on a Boat ago
Chapter 2-4: I'm a fisher not a fighter ago
Chapter 2-5: Attack of the Pittsburgh Pirates ago
Chapter 2-6: Unique Group in a Hidden Dungeon ago
Chapter 2-7: You are the Champion, my friend ago
Chapter 2-8: Kink Vs Kinkier: The Battle of the Kong Fathers ago
Chapter 2-9: So I wound up in the dog house... ago
Chapter 2-9.1: That time my character got reincarnated (Roland) ago
Chapter 2-10: It's Raining Babies ago
Chapter 2-11: When can a Brownie eat a brownie ago
Chapter 2-12: What is real? ago
Chapter 2-13: The Story of Life all over again ago
Chapter 2-13.1: Hunger (Elaine) ago
Chapter 2-14: Unleash the Kraken ago
Chapter 2-15: The Humongous Treasure of Treasure Island ago
Chapter 2-16: The Card Princess ago

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At times it's hard to believe that this is this guy's first book. The first few chapters were really nice. It was later on when the first combat chapter was released that I was forced to accept that it was actually his first book. But he was very open to my suggestions and by the end he had improved by leaps and bounds. There are chapters that I deem was unnecessary, like the catapocalypse one, but that's just my personal opinion I guess.


The story was like a rollercoaster ride. It had its ups and downs but it was very enjoyable. Some of the characters lacked the depth that I was expecting in them, like Tim and the other Heroes. While some other characters that I wished to see where never seen again. But apart from that the central characters were well built and the relationship between them well written. What I loved the most was how the author explained the different types of food within the game world, it was very tantalising. 


The author also had written some scenes that were beyond my wildest imaginations. Like the final boss fight at Jupiter's dungeon. It was not how I expected it to go. The author also tied up all loose ends at the end by explaining why certain characters acted like they did or said what they said. All in all it was a nice book to read.



Player In a virtual world with an A.I. I little bit of dungeon core action, a little bit of world building. I little bit of romance.  I little bit of everything.  It is a great read and you should give it a read or binge read as I did. 


A charming read by first-time author, Kos.  No harems, but plenty of adventure, friendship, and love.  A heartwarming story that was very funny!

Humor was mostly of the slap-stick or pun variety, enough to make me groan at times.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to read something uplifting. AAA+++