Asleep - A LITRPG story

Asleep - A LITRPG story

by Kos

Ken finds himself trapped in a strange world while asleep in a coma. Different from his endless dreams, he awakens inside a next-generation MMO.

In desperation, this game’s governing AI somehow dragged him into this world. It offers Ken a bargain; It will grant him an escape from his coma, but he must improve the game’s content in exchange.

With seemingly no downsides, Ken eagerly accepts the offer. Though, things might not seem as simple as he initially thought. 

Will he be able to help the beleaguered NPCs provide better side quests while evading the detection of the scientists behind the project? Only time will tell, but first, he must face his biggest challenge, reaching level 2.

Come visit me on discord: Asleep Discord

If you are all caught up and want to read more, I currently have 10+ chapters available on my Patreon

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Awakening ago
Chapter 2: Answers ago
Chapter 3: Crafting ago
Chapter 4: Side quests ago
Chapter 5: Peasants ago
Chapter 6: Royals ago
Chapter 7: Class Selection ago
Chapter 8: Hidden Quests ago
Chapter 9: Dungeons and Dragons ago
Chapter 10: Dungeon Born and More Dragons ago
Chapter 11: Quest Givers Strike Back ago
Chapter 12: It's raining cats and dogs ago
Chapter 13: Medieval Munchies ago
Chapter 13.1: Who gets the money? (Roland Yin) ago
Chapter 14: Goodness Gracious Pet House of Holding ago
Chapter 15: My House is my castle, literally ago
Chapter 16: The First Date ago
Chapter 16.1 Building the perfect kiss (Theresa) ago
Chapter 17: New Morning Routine ago
Chapter 18: Flight of the Dragon Core ago
Chapter 19: Love and Pizza ago
Chapter 19.1: A.I. 42 and the meaning of Artificial Life (Aya) ago
Chapter 20: Players and Cast Members unite! Core style. ago
Chapter 21: The Legend of the Hidden Things ago
Chapter 22: Its a Dragon eat Dog world ago
Chapter 23: Lions and Scorpions and Manticores, Oh my! ago
Chapter 24: This boss is better down where its wetter ago
Chapter 25: Pluto & Pluto Dark God and Dog of the Underworld ago
Chapter 26: Flowery Dragons and A Talking Lightning Bolt ago
Chapter 27: All hell breaks lose. The underworld erupts! ago
Chapter 27.1: Quest Updates (Roland Yin) ago
Chapter 28: The Card Battles Arrive ago
Chapter 29: Build a Boat Workshop ago
Chapter 30: Operation Rescue the People's Princess ago
Chapter 30.1: Misunderstandings (Lord Alexander) ago
Chapter 31: Cast Members Strike Back ago
Chapter 32: Aftermath ago
Chapter 33: An Out of Game Experience ago
Chapter 34: Operation Robin Hood ago
Chapter 35: Ranker Hood: Prince of Maiden's Hearts ago
Chapter 35.1: The Cats out of the Bag (Roland) ago
Chapter 36: Welcome to the Rebellion ago
Chapter 37: Back Alley Bar Brawling ago
Chapter 38: Revelations of Loss ago
Chapter 39: Prelude to the Great Civil War ago
Chapter 40: The 5th Army in the Great Civil War ago
Chapter 41: The Anti-Climax of the Great Civil War ago
Chapter 41.1: What really happened that day (Theresa) ago
Chapter 42: The Aftermath in the Afterlife ago
Chapter 42.1: Life and Lies (Aya) ago
Chapter 42.2 The True Climax of the Great Civil War (Anna) ago
Chapter 43: Family Gathering ago
Chapter 43.1: The True Meaning of Artificial Life (Roland and Aya) ago
End of Book 1: Thank you. ago
Chapter 2-1: Familiar Beginnings ago
Chapter 2-1.1: Tech of the Future (Theresa and Aya) ago
Chapter 2-2: And so we begin ago
Chapter 2-3: I'm on a Boat ago
Chapter 2-4: I'm a fisher not a fighter ago
Chapter 2-5: Attack of the Pittsburgh Pirates ago
Chapter 2-6: Unique Group in a Hidden Dungeon ago
Chapter 2-7: You are the Champion, my friend ago
Chapter 2-8: Kink Vs Kinkier: The Battle of the Kong Fathers ago
Chapter 2-9: So I wound up in the dog house... ago
Chapter 2-9.1: That time my character got reincarnated (Roland) ago
Chapter 2-10: It's Raining Babies ago
Chapter 2-11: When can a Brownie eat a brownie ago
Chapter 2-12: What is real? ago
Chapter 2-13: The Story of Life all over again ago
Chapter 2-13.1: Hunger (Elaine) ago
Chapter 2-14: Unleash the Kraken ago
Chapter 2-15: The Humongous Treasure of Treasure Island ago
Chapter 2-16: The Card Princess ago
Chapter 2-17: Family Bonding, A Video Game Inception ago
Chapter 2-18: The Royal Debates ago
Chapter 2-19: An Unlikely Alliance ago
Chapter 2-20: Artificing ago
Chapter 2-21: Haphes ago
Chapter 2-22: Gnomes and their Experiments ago
Chapter 2-23: Queen of the Mech-Ants ago
Chapter 2-24: Mechalantia - Queen of the Drones ago
Chapter 2-25: Quests with Sub Quests and Side Quests ago
Chapter 2-26: Trapped in the Real World ago
Chapter 2-26.1: Daddy (Khara) ago
Chapter 2-27: Welcome to Sin City Date Night ago
Chapter 2-27.1: Meow (A Cat) ago
Chapter 2-28: Full Dive into Al'Ka'Trap ago
Chapter 2-29: Gnomes are evil? ago
Chapter 2-30: Rock Paper Scissors ago
Chapter 2-31: Combining the Quests ago
Chapter 2-32: The DMV and the GGG ago
Chapter 2-33: Ancient Gnomish Feuds ago
Chapter 2-34: Arachnophobia ago
Chapter 2-35: In the pursuit of The Human Experience ago
Chapter 2-36: Learning to LICK before a Tropical Date Night ago
Chapter 2-36.1: I am Meow. I like food (Meow) ago
Chapter 2-37: Tinkering with Theresa ago
Chapter 2-38: This quest will self destruct ago
Chapter 2-39: Ken the Tyrant ago
Chapter 2-40: Preparations ago
Chapter 2-41: Prelude to an Invasion ago
Chapter 2-41.1: The Battle for Al'Ka'Trap (Ranker) ago
Chapter 2-42: Pipiri and the Seven Dwarves ago
Chapter 2-42.1 The Battle for Al'Ka'Trap Part II (JamesBondage) ago
Chapter 2-43: The Battle for Al'Ka'Trap Part III ago
Chapter 2-44: Aftermath ago
Chapter 2-45: Aftermath Part II ago
Chapter 2-46: The Final Battle for Al'Ka'Trap ago
Chapter 2-46.1: Figuring things out (Meow) ago
Chapter 2-47: The Five Choices ago
Chapter 2-48: Preparing for Tomorrow ago
End of Book 2: Thank You! ago
Chapter 3-1: Planning Two Weddings ago
Chapter 3-2: Atomic Ray Guns and Crushes ago
Chapter 3-2.1: Kitty gets his claws (Meow) ago
Chapter 3-3: Duckenstein ago
Chapter 3-4: Magical Siblings ago
Chapter 3-5: The Magic of Darkness ago
Chapter 3-5.1: The Lion, The Cat God, and The Full Dive Tank (Meow) ago
Chapter 3-6: Oh My Lantia ago
Chapter 3-7: Everything the Tree Touches ago
Chapter 3-8: Behold the Beholder ago
Chapter 3-8.1: In the Dog House Dungeon (Meow) ago
Chapter 3-9: Hi, my name is Prince Arthur. ago
Chapter 3-10: Raid Strategies ago
Chapter 3-11: Getting my ducks in a row ago
Chapter 3-12: The Mysteries of Shadow Botany ago
Chapter 3-12.1: The First Night at The World Tree (Ranker) ago
Chapter 3-12.2: Ill met by moonlight, Proud Syren (Syren) ago
Chapter 3-13: The First Wedding ago
Chapter 3-13.1: Swimming in Homestead (Khara) ago
Chapter 3-14: Harvesting 101 ago
Chapter 3-15: Xaxanda through the darkness ago
Chapter 3-16: The Expansion Before Time ago
Chapter 3-17: Crafter/Gatherer Town ago
Chapter 3-18: Build a Town Workshop ago
Chapter 3-19: Foundation ago
Chapter 3-20: The Plumber Wakes ago
Chapter 3-21: BlackWood ago
Chapter 3-22: Gnomes have trains! Why can't we? ago
Chapter 3-22.1: Charlie VS Eleanor (Roland) ago
Chapter 3-23: Three Traders Walked into a Bar ago
Chapter 3-24: Losing track of time while thinking about tracks ago
Chapter 3-25: She'll be comin round the mountain in a long time ago
Chapter 3-26: Wedding II to Celestea II ago
Chapter 3-27: Sin City ago
Chapter 3-28: Answers ago
Chapter 3-29: Wake Up Moron ago
Chapter 3-30: Defending against the unknown ago
Chapter 3-30.1: Buttons (Meow) ago
Chapter 3-31: Changes ago
Chapter 3-32: A Weapon fit for a new class ago
Chapter 3-33: Sights set on Wakanda ago
Chapter 3-33.1: Card Master (Anna) ago
Chapter 3-34: Crafting in Wakanda ago
Chapter 3-34.1: Making a deal with a blonde (Huge) ago
Chapter 3-35: The Second Assault ago
Chapter 3-36: Quest Time ago
Chapter 3-37: Wagon of Mass Destruction ago
Chapter 3-37.1: Raiders of the Lost MothRoach (Kyle) ago
Chapter 3-38: Bound in Mystery ago
Chapter 3-39: Animating Fat Boy ago
Chapter 3-40: Finding a new home ago
Chapter 3-41: Dark Goddess of the Night ago
Chapter 3-42: Preparing for War...again ago
Chapter 3-42.1: Gathering a sufficient Army (Multiple) ago
Chapter 3-43: The day before the battle ago
Chapter 3-44: Three if by air? ago
Chapter 3-45: Battle over BlackWood ago
Chapter 3-45.1: Clash with the Gods (Kyle) ago
Chapter 3-46: Ill met by moonlight, Proud Dyana ago
Chapter 3-47: Utopia ago
Chapter 3-48: What happens next ago
End of book 3: Thank you ago
Chapter 4-1: Back to the roots ago
Chapter 4-2: New quests for a new era ago
Chapter 4-2.1: A new adventure begins (Huge) ago
Chapter 4-3: The way to a father's heart ago
Chapter 4-3.1: Breaking out (Jack) ago
Chapter 4-4: The sins of Humanity ago
Chapter 4-4.1: The Dream Team (Multiple) ago
Chapter 4-5: Dungeons before Quests ago
Chapter 4-5.1: Grave Peril (Roland) ago
Chapter 4-6: Payment ago
Chapter 4-6.1: Big Questing (Jack) ago
Chapter 4-7: First Mixed Dungeon ago
Chapter 4-7.1: Hydra (Kyle) ago
Chapter 4-8: Paradise between the light and the dark ago
Chapter 4-8.1: Stinky Sewer Heist (Huge) ago
Chapter 4-8.2: Four Legendary Weapons (Huge) ago
Chapter 4-9: Trippin in the Cradle ago
Chapter 4-9.1: Goin down a river (Meow and Fae) ago
Chapter 4-10: After-hours ago
Chapter 4-10.1: Jack Had a Little Lamb (Jack) ago
Chapter 4-11: The Thieve’s Corridor ago
Chapter 4-11.1: Is it a trap? (Roland) ago
Chapter 4-12: Celestea Castle ago
Chapter 4-12.1: Not strong enough (Huge) ago
Chapter 4-13: Consequences and Punishment ago
Chapter 4-14: Upgrades ago
Chapter 4-14.1: Breaking in (Khara) ago
Chapter 4-14.2: The Chosen Frozen Champion (Multi) ago
Chapter 4-15: Revenge ago

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This story is not 4 stars. The RPG elements are so barebones and  unfinished that they should just be removed. The author acknowledges the lack of system elements are a problem and is going to go back and add them in, but hasn't yet and the longer the author puts it off the worse the problem is going to get when they finally do.

My biggest problem with the story though is that this wouldn't be a fun RPG game to play which is the whole foundation of a LitRPG. The MC spends a whole day grinding xp and completes a dungeon but doesn't even get to level 2. That is punishing. The side quest are review bombed because of how bad they are. It also is filled with advertising. This game has full McDonalds resturaunts in it so people can buy a shake before taking the ring up Mount Doom. WTF. This game is garbage and would be boycotted and die quickly.

Also if your going to have genderbending as an element in your story make it actually matter. The logic for having it is as a disguise but if the AI can change his gender it can give him a different body of the same gender. The MC barely reacts to being in a body of a different species and gender so what is the point. I do not get why authors have been adding genderbending to their stories if they are not going to use it for anything interesting. What's the point.


Terrible Game Design & Wasted Potential...

Reviewed at: Chapter 2-1: Familiar Beginnings

From practically the first chapter (second, to be completely honest) it's been grating on my nerves how bad the game design for this game is, I mean this is a common thing to happen in gamelit and litrpg, we've seen it with sword art online, we've seen it with ready player one, we've seen it  with log horizon, we've seen it everywhere...

But in those stories it wasn't that hard to look past that, you just had to not really think about it, you know, when you notice something that seems a bit iffy, you'd just have to try ont to think about it for more than 2 seconds, just move along, pretend you didn't notice...

But in this one, it's not that easy, it's like everytime I hear about or notice a design decision for this game it just jumps out at me, I don't even get 2 seconds to refocus my thoughts on something else, no, it just takes 2 seconds to see what a terrible design decision 'that' is ('that' being almost every design decision made for this 'game' in this story) I begin to question how such a horribly poorly designed game could have so many players too...

Also that's not all, the techl evel of this world (earth that is) is all over the damn place, I mean on the one hand they're still using modern style VR, but on the other hand they already have working full dive technology; they still have AI at roughly the same development level as modern day AI, except the one that's running the game which is a complete general purpose AI, the likes of which most governments of the world are having wet dreams about right about now (we're already in an actual (albeit silent) arms race towards this)

And not just that they're also working on tech that would go way beyond full dive and have it mostly working (I mean I don't wanna spoil anything but if you really want to know...)

The tech to upload a human mind/consciousness into a computer... I mean it's a bit far fetched for us to already have that with our current tech level right? But that's essentially the tech level of the entire world, except this one company that runs this one game that the protagonist is playing.

And that tech is where the wasted potential begins and my interest died, because despite the potential for greater things such sci-fi innovation provides, the author seems insistent to stick to his weak, half assed vrmmo plot...

And it's boring, it was always boring, the vrmmo bits were kinda lame a couple chapters in (horrible design didn't help either, but the biggest problem is that there are absolutely no stakes in the vrmmo, it's just a fucking game and nobody cares, except for some investors, and some players)

And that's why I dropped the story, because I didn't really care to keep reading about that poorly planned vrmmo crap.


I finished vol 1 so far. I thought it was lighthearted and easy to read and doesn't take itself too seriously, exactly the kind of fun read I was in the mood for, ty :)

I really like Anna, and her dragon powers, and when the card game is introduced. And the rain of pets! I'm just adding words now because all I wanted to say was I liked it, thanks, but Royal Road is making me write more :)


Well written mix of adventure, crafting, and life.

Reviewed at: Chapter 3-44: Three if by air?

An enjoyable well writen story.  While I would like to see more adventuring, the mix of adventure, crafting, and world building is done very well.   I do have one complaint, not a negative one just a confusion, the is mixed in one of my favorite parts of this story.  For the most part the characters are very well done and feel real, my complaint is the, to me, confusing paradox that the MC talks about family and how important his is to them yet never seems to truely think of or care about them.  The biggest example is his human daughter but even his cast family seems to be mostly ignored except to advance a plot point.  Thanks for writing this and I hope you continue to do so.  


Player In a virtual world with an A.I. I little bit of dungeon core action, a little bit of world building. I little bit of romance.  I little bit of everything.  It is a great read and you should give it a read or binge read as I did. 


At times it's hard to believe that this is this guy's first book. The first few chapters were really nice. It was later on when the first combat chapter was released that I was forced to accept that it was actually his first book. But he was very open to my suggestions and by the end he had improved by leaps and bounds. There are chapters that I deem was unnecessary, like the catapocalypse one, but that's just my personal opinion I guess.


The story was like a rollercoaster ride. It had its ups and downs but it was very enjoyable. Some of the characters lacked the depth that I was expecting in them, like Tim and the other Heroes. While some other characters that I wished to see where never seen again. But apart from that the central characters were well built and the relationship between them well written. What I loved the most was how the author explained the different types of food within the game world, it was very tantalising. 


The author also had written some scenes that were beyond my wildest imaginations. Like the final boss fight at Jupiter's dungeon. It was not how I expected it to go. The author also tied up all loose ends at the end by explaining why certain characters acted like they did or said what they said. All in all it was a nice book to read.



This is a 'fun' fic. The stakes are set suitably high in-universe, but as a reader I don't feel it I just accept it. The stage is suitably broad for enjoyable things to happen in, and happen they do. There's fun characters and fun setup and dastardly plots and everything is just fun to experience. Just don't expect something that will tear at your heart strings or get said heart racing.

I don't want that to sound insulting, because it's not supposed to be - is this worth a read? Yeah, if you just want something light-hearted whilst you've got five minutes for a chapter here and there.

It's a competently written story with believable (if simplistic) goings-on that I enjoyed reading. If you're used to 5-star reviews for garbage, then trust that 4 for this is more accurate and should mean far more.


brilliant work. honestly, several times I skipped this story due to the genderbender tag. (It just isn't my personal taste and with the sudden explosion of genderbender content, BL, GL, in manga, novels, etc. I always ended up ignoring it.)
I'm glad I gave it a try. It's really fun to see the game's development in real time. the dioalogues are good, characters have their own charisma, the rhythm of the plot is fast but not overly.
a negative point, however, would be craft and magic, but I believe it would be better and discussed in more detail ahead.
grammar and writing on the side (my English is scarce) I will give maximum note for how captivating the work has been for me so far.


A charming read by first-time author, Kos.  No harems, but plenty of adventure, friendship, and love.  A heartwarming story that was very funny!

Humor was mostly of the slap-stick or pun variety, enough to make me groan at times.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to read something uplifting. AAA+++


First all I must say the actual quality of the writing itself is quite good, at least 4 if not 5 stars. However, I'm not actually sure how I feel about the story itself. It's definitely not bad, but I feel like it's lacking something, though I'm not really sure what. So, I decided to give it 3 stars, what I consider a kind of average, but fun story. All that being said the author has great potential, and I really look forward to seeing what stories they will tell in the future!