A Budding Scientist in a Fantasy World

by acaswell

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Alice is a girl who loves science and lives on Earth. Then, suddenly, she was punted into another dimension. A dimension where magic and monsters roam the land, swords and sorcery reign supreme, and, for some reason, a System keeps dinging at her and telling her that her stats and levels are increasing. As someone who loves exploring mysteries, Alice is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. After all, everything has to have a ‘cause,’ including the System, right?

What to expect: This story is going to be a LitRPG set in a fantasy world. However, unlike many LitRPG’s, the system has both a definite beginning and definite limits to what it is able to accomplish – rather than a singularly omnipotent, omniscient being that is tied to the laws of the world, the way systems are usually presented in LitRPG’s, the system is close to both, but has definite limits and rules which it operates by. This story is also relatively slow, since that is my writing style. The main character also begins the story as a young, 15-year old girl who has yet to finish high school, and is going to explore more of the world around her as she grows as a person and starts to get her feet under her.

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I love & hate the story with unprecedented passion

Reviewed at: Chapter 8


As a double major in physics and mathematics I was immediately intrigued by the title and premise of this story, but as I got further in to the chapters I grew to develop a bit of a love hate relationship where I continually drop the story then return anyways to read some more.

Why I Keep coming back:

Let's start off with the good shall we? This story explores the transported into another world trope with a care and seriousness I have never before seen. I love the detail and attention the author has put into the struggles and difficulties that come with survival. Temperature, disease, food, fear, all of these things are all too often glossed over in these transported in another world stories so that the mc can get on with the generic fantasy but not this one.

The author festors and drowns in the nitty gritty of simply existing in the wild with a truly terrifying realism. I'm right in there with the mc, scared and pondering how I would fare in a similar situation. It is this meticulousness to what the character needs to accomplish that has me coming back again and again to finish the chapters I unceremonisously drop in frustration.


Why I Keep dropping the story:

It's not all sunshine and lollipops though. My problems with this story come down to one thing: the MC. She's not a scientist, she's a kid. I see that the author wants to portray an analytical character bringing science and logic to a crazy world but I find the MC is one of the least rigorous and scientifically inclined characters I've ever met. I feel that the author is writing this story with a fundumantenal misunderstanding of what science is.

The MC keeps approaching her knew world, magic, and the system with the idea that it is breaking and rejecting science throwing away all that is true. It seems that the author fails to understand that science was never about truth but about a lens in which to understand it. The world, magic, and the system are logical and truthful by definition because it exist! and it is the MC's job to take her analytical mind to study and understand how exactly it ticks.

The MC understands she's in another dimension but then refuses to accepts that the ruels here might be different. She rejects and skims over certain topics because she is not willing to accept there 'science' or 'logic' stuck in the ways of her own world. Take this and add on to it that the character even follows through with sometimes a misunderstanding of our own world and physics.

The author/MC often brings up newtonion physics as this thing that the new world often rejects ignoring the fact that our own world often rejects it as well. We have long since known that newtonion physics is a painfully inaccurate portrayal of the universe that we simply use on smaller earthly scales out of convenience, but there are many many circumstances throughout the universe in which it breaks down. Is it so hard to believe that this new world the MC finds herself in is one of those situations?

Call to the Author:

This story has gotten quite popular and there are quite a few reviews already so the author may never see this, but if you do this part of the review is for you.

I have been very negative of your story and perhaps a little insulting in this review but I genuinely believe that your story has the potential to be the very best that this platform has to offer. That's why I have an overall score of four even though my personal feelings would put it much lower.

You goal and determination in this story is truly inspiring and I am glad to see someone striving to write a story like this. In my opinion though, I think you should have your character study the world with as much attention and detail as you do to the survival. I think the story would be much better if the MC dropped her preconceptions of how things ought to be in her mind and truly studied the world trying to understand why it is the way it is.

After all isn't that what science is about? Trying to understand why things are the way they are.

I will begrudgingly continue to read your story excited to see how it progresses.

tl;dr: MC tries to fit world into her understanding instead of trying to understand world. Otherwise the detail and attention of survival is amazing and enthralling.




So far this story is off to a great start, following the classic dumped in a strange world how would you fare formula. The main character is just a young girl finding herself in this situation all of a sudden, no supplies, no equipment, just the clothes she stands up in , all this in a world where her survival is FAR from assured, Need food? Better learn how to forage , because the system will not help until you make an effort yourself. Need shelter? Good luck with that, hope you can cobble together something because again the system will not help. It really feels like even with the system she has to EARN her skills, and think hard on it to do so. The MC seems sometimes  little clinical for somebody in her situation, but I guess for some people stoicism is how you cope. All told well worth a read with no OP or power creep. The use of the scientific method as a tool for survival really makes for a unique story, though the title describing her as a scientist may confuse a lot of foks given that the MC is a schoolkid of fifteen years old, not a qualified scientist, although given that she is studying the use of an entire new way of living in a world far removed from our own we can safely say she is rapidly becoming one.


Classic litrpg, survival story. I love this part, the limitations of knowledge, skill and Skill. 


So far our protagonist has managed to not die quite a bit. Good tension.


I skim over some of her thinking sometimes though, cause I want to know what happens next. Other times what she thinks is very important. Maybe that's just me, well...


Keep up the good work.


Wilderness Survival is Easy!

Reviewed at: Chapter 4

The first part of this story is supposedly wilderness survival, but the main character should be dead. Walks around barefoot in the snow, she's completely fine. Needs a fire to survive the night? Rub some wet sticks together and creates a spark. The MC is literally walking around in snowy conditions with only wet pajamas and somehow isn't dead within the first couple of days. The author's lack of knowledge with wilderness survival makes this unreadable for me.


Wasn't going to do a review

Reviewed at: April Fool's Chapter

But someone decided that the cover of the female leads face is somehow sexual. I'm here to dispel any misunderstanding. There is no sexualization of the MC, at least none so far in the story. It's an entertaining read, and I love how it displays what someone forced into a "survive in the wilderness" would actually be like. That said, it does tend to be a bit wordy, the first chapter especially. If you find it hard to stay interested then I'd say skimming through the less important pieces would be fine, it's worth it to stick with the story. Hopefully the rating gets brought back up 


an amazing survival story

Reviewed at: Chapter 12

So this is a great nonstandard story. The MC is forced to work for everything, makes mistakes and really relateable. The focus on mearly staying alive is a refreshing change from OP MC that liter this site. Give it a read you will enjoy it. 


As of this point I have compleated only the first segment of the story but based on current quality we shall likely see much more high quality story to come. 


5/7 Stars a perfect score, I really enjoyed all the personality and stuff put into everything. The way Alice looks at everything in the world with a question in mind is great and is a great way to exposition about how everything works. Am excited to see where the story goes next.


Great story, I see some potential. I like the concept of using natural forces or phenomenons to make a magic system. It has been revealed that there exists kinetic magic and electro-magnetic, if we follow with this then there must be strong force magic, weak force magic and gravitational magic, but it seems a little weird that there are only 4 types of basic magic. Thermal magic might be a possibility too.




The first 12 chapters are wildness survival mixed with a training montage. It's a bloody long montage considering as of those chapters there is only one characther we are made aware of. 

These chapters are quite enjoyable. They are grammatically well written with a nice bit of descriptive language. Furthermore, the MC's thoughts on the system are fresh in an exciting way. 

Not comfortable giving the story 5 simply because I have no clue as to how it will handle side Characthers and characther interaction two things which can make or break a story. 

For now definitely give it a read. 


Overall: I like the MC and so far I'm liking her motivations and priorities which are both enjoyable to read and realistic, I like the setting though I'm waiting in anticipation for the expansion on this due to her reaching civilisation and I love her current path of develop.

The only reason it's not 5 star is because though I'm liking the system you currently have in place I would recommend putting something in between her different classes perks (so they are slightly more separate) and maybe finding a slightly different way of organising the individual skills as whilst it currently works I can see it easily getting out of hand in the future.