Lost In Translation

by Dissonance

If you're one to travel the roads, you may have heard of me. You may have heard my Names in the stories, the songs, and the whispers of the road. Perhaps you've even seen me during my travels, speaking to a bird of blue light, or on a city street, performing small acts for coin and repute. Or perhaps you may know me as the Skystrider, who walked with the wind. Or the Voiceless, a man of song without speech. You may know me as the Tutor, who taught the Lion of Summer how to fight, or the Traveler, who has walked all the roads of the earth. I am all of these things.

And people have branded me a myth.

But people don't understand what a myth is. They haven't heard the songs lost to our tongues, nor have they seen the things I've seen. They haven't gone to the places I've gone.

My feet have walked the plains, the seas, and the clouds. I have spoken languages unspoken; tongues lost to time. I have sung to the earth, held the moon in my arms, and walked the roads that your heroes hesitate to even mention. I have outwitted Demons. I have danced with the Fae. My songs have been heard by lords of wind and ash, and my steps have echoed in the bellies of gargantuan beasts the likes of which you have never seen.

These are what real myths are. And me?

I'm no legend.

I'm just the bard stupid enough to poke the real ones with a stick.

Discord link here.

Art by Steve Goad, taken from Google. You can find more of his art here!

[Disclaimer: Book 1 of this story will likely be published in KU by around the start of 2022, so please keep that in mind. Book 2 and onwards will continue here until they are published as well.]

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"Lost in Translation" has been Found!

Reviewed at: Chapter 13 - Blast

Written in a beautifully descriptive way "Lost in Translation" follows the story of a young budding musician.

The writing stye itself is unique and fantastic, incorporating concepts, senses and imagery to form a compelling tale. I greatly enjoyed the use of music and emotions to tell a large part of the tale, allowing the reader to subconciously enhance the story themselves

While some might consider the beginning slow and undramatic, it is written with a down to earth way, that shows the author's earnest dedication to the story and allows for it to build the basis for a far larger and more compelling story.

The author has also beautifully liked several points of view from various characters and effectively utilised them to weave together a cohesive and interesting tale. All the charaters are well thought out and very three-dimensional, with unique personalities, abilities and goals. With their thoughts and actions brought out, it really allows the story to shine.

The story has come of to a strong and promising start and even if it didn't go anywhere I  would strongly reccomend people to read this book based on the style alone.

I look forward to reading more!


A quick review for a quick start to the story; prose is great, setting's already got me interested in what's beyond it, and the story's got a lot of potential, frankly. I want to see where it goes. With more chapters coming in the future, I've got a lot of hope it goes well.

An Update to my Review:

The story's held up to what I hoped it'd be from the first chapter, genuinely.

TLDR; The story is pretty clearly a notch above most other Royal Road fictions, although in the past year or two the quality of the highest rated fictions has increased by, well, a fuckton. 

Read this book, plebes.

Grammar:  Anyone who reads on Royal Road knows that it can be... extremely lacking, putting it lightly. There will be spelling mistakes or clauses jammed into sentences in the weirdest of ways, while the prose is janky at best. I haven't seen that in the story thus far. Off the top of my head, I can't remember any specific flaw there.

Style: The prose itself lends to a laid-back fantasy adventure; flowy and quite descriptive in many ways; not as in-depth as something like a Stephen King novel by any means, but I'd say that's for the better. It hasn't come out as overtly forced when trying to convey some sense of wonder or sheer scale, which is something that you can really tell in other works on Royal Road.

Story: I'm lovin' itâ„¢. It's a play on a coming of age fantasy, but it's got a lot of differences from standard boy-meets-wizard, or boy-finds-magic-and-becomes-amazing tropes; the magic system is fuckin' bomb. It's not a hard magic system like a Sanderson novel, but in this specific setting, it's a positive. It's not a power fantasy progression so much as something that's character driven and focused on how the protagonist is changing personally, and the more free-form style in the system is something that can really aid in that.

That's about it, I think.


Hi, the unpaid editor here. Just take my review with a grain of salt, as I am slightly biased when it comes to the author and the story.

1. Style

The author takes to following a more traditional fantasy style, with big inspirations being books like The Kingkiller Chronicle and The Wandering Inn. It immerses you into the world and characters, as you follow along with their tale.

2. Story

This a story of a traveller. One who has seen the world and has watched as it forgot the wonders of the past. The author has built a world, with unique races and deep lore. There is more to it than the generic zero-to-hero story, as it takes unexpected twists and the MC advances in unexpected ways.

3. Grammar

Aside from the occasional error or typo, there aren't any mistakes. That's before the proofreaders weed them out. As far as the published chapters go, the mistakes are gone.

4. Character

Characters have feelings, flaws, backstories. They are people, not cardboard cookie cutouts, with interesting and complex relationships between each other. The only part I can critique for now is how few of them there are, but the story has just begun. I expect there will be many more.

This story is worth your time, give it a shot.


A professional level work with a unique magic system and extremely realistic characters.

Although there is no overarching plot (at least yet) rather than detract, it adds to the saga like setting of the story.

Almost felt like I was reading something written by Rothfuss. Please don't drop this midway.

Thanks for writing.


Not much has happened yet, but if the quality doesn't drop off sharply I'll be around for the rest of the story just based on the characters alone. I have yet to see a single 'good' character in the sense of them being stereotypically righteous or an "evil because they're the bad guy" character. They're all three dimensional with their own takes on life and it influences their actions. Not much to gripe about other than a few typos or words that aren't the one that belongs there (forgot what that's called, but similar word with completely different meaning) spoiler on favorite character so far.

The eldritch hungry for meaning is amazing, in that it's horrific to everything else but not malicious, simply curious about everything.

It's just a personal preference, but I much prefer this type of antagonist to the stereotypical wannabe world dominator or some narcissist who considers everyone but themselves insignificant and unimportant. Anyway, on a side note because this review wants more words, have a quote: "Justification is for the just, and I'll give none. Simply know this. I have a purpose, and a willingness to pay the price to achieve it."

Ok that still wasn't enough.



Although this is a relatively new fiction, it has really caught my eye with both its potential, and its great execution thus far.


Really solid so far. It's a bit more prosaic than a lot of writing is on this site, but it really fits well with the tone of the fiction. The style is consistent and engaging, and is executed to a high standard. It flows very nicely, and keeps the reader engaged in the world around Rowan, our MC.



Near enough flawless, so far. And I don't mean the RR version of 'near flawless', which is actually 'pretty decent first draft', but actually near flawless, and done to a very high standard. Props to both the author, and any beta readers/editors they have looking over it! Grammar is also used very well outside of just 'correctness' to set the pace and tone of the story, and is executed very well.


Well, the big one, I guess! So far, the story seems very engaging. We haven't explored it in too much depth yet, as we are viewing the world and story through the eyes of Rowan, who so far is yet to learn all that much about the new part of his world he has been cast in to. It is a journey of discovery, with us learning about the hidden depths of Rowan's reality along with him. 

And it's really well done. Dissonance has shown in all of his previous works a real talent with worldbuilding, and this seems to really shine here. As the description of this fiction highlights, it seems like we will see a lot of the world, and what it has to offer, throughout this story. And so far, the bits and pieces being teased at us are really awesome. From what we have seen so far, it is a truly well built world, that feels full of life and depth. And on this platform, that is something that is too often missing, relegated behind the MC crushing exp sacks they call enemies to just get even more OP.


Well, this is probably the hardest one to actually talk about at this venture, because we haven't met many characters yet. But, those we have met have been well fleshed out, with motivations that seem true to themselves. No characters have felt flat, at least to me, and all have felt like people with their own, distinct personalities. 

Our MC, Rowan, has also stayed true to himself as a character, and acted as you would expect him to from how he was portrayed initially, rather than making the 'optimal'  decision in every scenario. Similar to the story, they all feel fleshed out, and actually have depth to them, also something often missing from this platform.


It's a really awesome fiction so far, and I would really recommend giving it a try. It's not quite the platform's usual fare, it has a much greater focus on the world and characters than most do, I feel, and less on... well, we all know the core themes of most RR novels, don't we?


The story begins with an earnest slowness. Instead of opting for pure action and intensity, it tries to connect with readers through grounded emotion. And it did. It takes its time to give characters enough emotional foundation for us to feel concerned when strong moments come in. The prose? Well that's the best part. It's accessible. It does not derive its beautify from the complexity but from rhythm and sneaky lyricism. The writing reads like a fairy tale fantasy. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! It helps create the story's atmosphere. The tone and overall feel follows. Never did it feel sluggish because of that.

The grammar is neat. It's seamless at this point with nothing to suspend your immersion while reading. Also, it doesn't try to complicate images and sceneries so whatever you read immediately sets into you. 


The style is unique in its own right. The sentence construction is simple which makes it fairly easy to read unlike complex sentences. Surprisingly, it fits the feel of the story. It compliments it even by making it feel like the kind of fantasy it wants to be. Fantasy at its roots. It makes you excited. It makes you feel like a child again, reading fantasy for the first time. It's an experience really. 


This understands the core of what fantasy is. A story set in a world full of magic and wonders. The scale doesn't try to sway you, but rather give you a sense of longing to know more of the world. 

And when Venti gets turned into a loli.






The world just pulls you in. Not by action. Not by tension. Not by cliffhangers. We care deeply about the characters and the world genuinely immerses us. That's what turns the pages. 


Lost in Translation wears its inspirations with subtlety and weaves its own style. It's a beautiful story with charming characters, interesting lore, and a sleek prose to act as a vessel. 




The true character score is 4.5  because Venti still isn't a loli. When?





This book encompasses everything you could want into one. Charecter growth, world setting, great grammer, and its interesting. It is the most unique book I've ever read, taking a very different idea that can fit litterally any genre.The story starts before the time of what the synopsis describes and it looks like we get to watch the MC grow into as described in the synopsis. Each and every element of the story is unique and very well thought out, it has magic, strange concepts, befriending miniature chathulus, blacksmithing and alchemy, crafting, teaching, fighting, it is something that royalroad hasn't seen before and it is very very fun to read. Which is the best part, it is FUN to read. Which is what every book should strive to do for there readers and what this book does perfectly, I hope the author doesn't try to rush things and dont drop the story, keep up the same quality of writing and this book will go far. Also please ignore my blabbering as I try to meet the word count requirement needed for an advanced review, like honestly why does the word count have to be so long? 100 would be fine. I dont wanna spoil it so you will have to read to find out.


This book gives alot of promises

Reviewed at: Chapter 19 - Friend

Overall so far the stories been amazing. Great Grammar, Great plot, Great worldbuilding, and great character development.

The pacing itself is slow, focusing in on the small interactions between the characters. 

That's not bad in any sense of the word, however, it's chapter 18, and things are being set up.

The story is based on a bard traveling bard seeing the world and interacting with the " real legends " of the world. So far we've had no traveling and no big eldritch horrors that actually hold weight. 

Based on the current pacing of the story it seems like its going to take a good 100 + chapters to really get through a few arcs / explore the world to a satisfying degree. 

That's not bad in any way, It just looks like the author is going to really have to commit themselves to the story and keep it going for a while before we make any real progress.

As a new author myself Ive realized that fast pacing is really important if your not a full-time author. It can be extremely hard to make any notable progress while sporadically working on a book. 

Overall 10/10 I send my best wishes to the author and hope that they can fulfill the promise that this book has given to us <3 ( although I potentially sense a future burnout.... ) but so far its been smooth sailing 

Good Job Mr Author !!! 


Very interesting start. Can't wait to find out more about the Mother and what is going on with the world.


Characters have an interesting start.

Proper Grammer with no obvious issues.

Very interesting story Introduction, clever use of music.

Very different style, interesting to see a different take.


All in all, I'm glad he's back and writing again. I'm curious as to what's going to happen, what has happened, and what's with what's with unique characters. Not a style I've generally seen on royal road.

Very much reminds me of hyperion novels [the shrike] especially with the description of rowan. I'm also wondering as to why the father knew where to go and the Power of music.