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Cephalothorax is the “torso” or not-butt part of a spider. 

I will be on vacation (hiking woo) from Friday until Monday. Sorry for the [very] short chapter today. I wanted to spend some time with my family before I head out.

Edit: I went hiking and got lots of inspiration for this segment of the story. Regular updates resume tomorrow. Chapter title edited, thank you, entomoid, for pointing that out!

Robin woke up, his head pounding. He groaned and sat up, his hand rubbing his temple.


“Being unconscious for that long is really, really bad for you. I have a class ability for knocking people out, so I think you should be fine. Normally being unconscious for that long is normally a sign of brain damage.”


She hesitated briefly. “Also. I think it might be harder for us to get brain damage now. That’s speculation, but if we can heal magically, theoretically that kind of trauma should be a thing of the past. “


Robin glanced over at May. She was sitting on the ground, going through his Pack.




“Hey! Stop that!”, Robin said lamely.


She looked up at him with an eyebrow raised.


“ I mean, sure, you can take it back now, but… I’m not about to apologize. You were cursed and about going crazy with your items. I saved you, thank you very much, but you’re still an unknown variable. I put the thing you made in the pack, by the way.” She patted the bag for emphasis as she closed it and tossed it at him.


"I'm glad there weren't any human corpses in there. I was a bit worried you were an early stage of the methings. Er, sorry. Meth-Things", she enunciated. "Or another one of the PVPers."


Robin caught the pack and placed it on the ground in front of him. He opened it and withdrew the last thing he remembered making, something with the insect…? Her comment registered with him and he looked up at her, his mouth hanging open.




Robin felt something move onto his hand and lost focus on the conversation. He took the item out, feeling several sharp edges and adjusting his grip accordingly. Several thoughts flashed through his mind, but he put each away for later, resolving to experiment when he had time. The Aliquam Pack is more intuitive than I thought. Wait, I can feel this. Does my armor transmit sensations?


He opened his palm, able to admit to himself that he was a little worried about what he had made.


Robin held his breath without realizing he was doing it when he looked at the ...thing in his hand.


Definitely not an insect anymore...


It was a cream-colored ceramic spider, much like the one he had before. The abdomen of the construct was the size of an egg, with large, sharp-looking spinnerets on the end. The cephalothorax had two large crystal eyes and six smaller ones, each a glittering ruby. Well, maybe. I’m going with it.


The legs of the spider were like tiny blades, the ceramic seeming to fold to a sharpened edge along the underside of each leg. Robin could feel the feet of the spider poking into his palm, although it didn’t penetrate the Lesser Armor of the Beetle. Robin resolved himself again to experiment with that. Does it transmit sword blows, bug bites, or other damage? I don’t remember it doing that… did something change?


Robin pushed away the thoughts that he realized he was using to distract himself and let out the breath he had been holding.


The spider flinched in his palm at the sudden wind, but stayed on his palm, twisting to look at him.


I guess that the Pack might not be as intuitive as I thought. Identify!


Clockwork Horror of the Blue Entomage (UnP)
The Clockwork Horror of the Blue Entomage was created by the first Blue Entomage of Earth under the sway of induced madness. The Clockwork Horror may absorb MANA, holding an amount equal to the total maximum of the owner. The Clockwork Horror may bond with one owner at a time, accomplished through an infusion of MANA. The bond lasts until the death of the owner or the destruction of the Clockwork Horror. The Clockwork Horror is capable of creating webs at will, at a cost of one MANA per meter of web created. The Clockwork Horror is capable of absorbing motes from the owner, storing up to one per Blue class level of the owner. The motes may be combined to create different web effects that the Clockwork Horror may use freely afterwards, at double the standard MANA cost.


I guess the fight with the drakeling took my attention from it entirely, but… I have enough motes to do something interesting with, and the notification said I get to guide my class upgrades, courtesy of my higher WILL. Robin called it to view again, just in case he had missed something.


You have gathered enough motes to automatically form new class features. You may choose when to begin this process.. As a Peak Human, you may choose the motes to invest in a particular power, although you cannot control the end result in any way aside from the choice of motes to compose it.




















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