“Argh, what's wrong with these annoying birds?” Jennifer shooed the crow away as it flew around her. Two more sat nearby on a thin rope that ran across the alley. Their eyes gleamed as they watched her struggle. Jennifer was starting to develop a new hate for these bird-shaped pests.

She formed a thin coating of glass on her hand, reflecting the sunlight that poured into the alley back into the black feathered menace’s eyes.

The bird cawed, backing off as it went back to sit next to the other two, and she saw the other crows caw mockingly at the first one. Then they all took flight towards her.

“Oh, crap,” she turned and ran the other way. “I’m never taking these side alleys again. Fuck these birds.”

With surprising speed one circled around her face, and Jennifer brought up her hands to protect her eyes, trying to fend it off.

“Go away! Stop bothering me, you dumb animals! Shoo!” Her only response was a mocking call from the birds as they circled above her head.

Annoyed, she formed a shard of glass around her hand and shot it at the bird. It dodged swiftly, diving towards her face and scratching her cheek with its sharp beak.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed, trying to slap the bird away, but it was already back in the sky. She touched her face and found blood on her fingers. She turned to look at the three birds, cawing victoriously as they sat on the side outcropping's roof, mocking her from high above.

“I swear, I will blast all of you with a wind blade to your feathery face,” she huffed, knowing that doing that would blow up the roof of whoever lived here, and she had no intention of being arrested by the guards.

Agile Wind. She used her spell, a gust launching her off. Her [Lesser Spell Analysis] skill had provided new insights into the spell, and she had learned that she could launch short bursts of wind from her feet for a further speed boost.

She ran out of the side alley, into the streets, towards the outer merchant streets, slowing down further ahead, after she had made sure the birds were no longer following her.

“What rotten luck,” she muttered, wincing as she touched the cut on her face.

She made her way through the streets, trying to remember everything her master had told her to send an order in for.

I also need to tell Rumina about that request of mine. And maybe get something to cover this scratch. Just had to cut my face. Someone needs to murder those birds for good.

She shook her head, focusing as she tried to conjure a glass shard once more. It formed slowly, a shard as long as her small finger and as thick as her thumb. She frowned in concentration, trying to float the orbs around her palm but found herself stopping to focus.

I still can’t have it float around me as I walk. Much easier to just launch it at something than to make it float around a moving body.

She crushed the glass in her hand, cracking it into pieces that faded into motes of light. A few people turned to look at her, but most paid no attention.

Far stranger adventurers and more exotic species of adventurers here than a girl floating glass around her hand.

She found the shop she’d been looking for. Green Flower Bell was written in beautiful letters on its front with a bell and a flower insignia drawn next to it. A notable establishment, as was clear by the smooth and enchanted glass at the front.

Jennifer waved to her red-haired friend inside who waved back, a radiant smile on her face as she got up and ran out.

I was so envious that she landed this job, wasn’t I? She worked so hard for this, I guess.

“Jen! Oh, I heard! You got accepted!!” The girl ran through the doors and jumped at her, and Jennifer stumbled back, spinning her around.

“Sera’s breath Rumina, calm down, you'll make me fall. Jumping at me as if I'm your long-lost lover or something. Don’t you get rumors started about me being into girls or something, please.”

The freckled redhead pouted, but soon a sly grin covered her face as she ran a finger down Jennifer's nose.

“Are you not?”

“Stop it!” Jennifer exclaimed, exasperated, slapping her hand away as the other girl cackled but paused as she looked at her.

“Oh, wait. What cut your face?”

“Ah, yeah. Some pests. Crows. They were annoying me, so I tried to get one of them and it bit me. It’s nothing, really. And let’s go in now, please. People are going to stare,” she said, trying to push Rumina inside.

“Fine. Come on in. Get something for that scratch. Why aren't you happy, Jen! You sound so dull. Wasn’t this your dream? Getting accepted into the academy? Become a famous enchanter and eventually help fix your dad’s hands?” Rumina said as they walked inside further into the shop. She did not want to create a disturbance where the customers may come in.

“No! I’m happy. It’s just…”

It’s just that it’s been an entire month. That we’ve had this conversation before, as we celebrated a month back. And the entire city may face an invasion where everyone might die. Where you might die.

“I’m just nervous. There’s been some stuff happening, and, oh hey, I awakened to glass affinity,” she said, putting her hands up and creating a small glass shard.

“What! Jen, that’s- No, I know your tricks. What are you hiding? That was a terrible deflection. You know finding lies like that is my other job.”

Jenn quirked an eyebrow at her. “What do you think this is? An illusion?” she said, making the shard float around.

“No! Dear god, how did you even- Agh! You know what? Fine. If you don’t want to tell me, then don’t. I’ll get it out of you, eventually. But first, we need to celebrate!”

Jennifer huffed at her friend’s antics. “Fine, but first. Take this note, please. Master asked for a complaint to be sent to the Smith’s Guild for impure stuff being put on the market. He also wants a new batch of steel ingots, some more small Mithril bars, and I quote ‘the bloody ass who runs the guild’s market inspection’s head’.” Jennifer smiled tiredly as her friend rolled her eyes.

“Good as done. Your master just likes to fight people. Now, take this salve. Should heal that cut completely in a few hours, so it won’t leave a scar at all. And let’s go!”

Jenn took the small box containing a green paste and after using some, put it in her leather pouch at her waist.

“Right. Rumina. Before that, I have a request for you. It’s important,” she said, and Rumina paused.

“Is it…” she inclined her head to the side, and Jennifer nodded.

“Alright. Come inside,” Rumina said, and Jennifer followed as they went into a side room. The smell of dust and paper hit her nose as she entered the room. Pieces of parchment lay scattered on a large table with a board set on the wall. The room was sealed, and a small magical lamp provided light.

How easy it is to forget this girl is an information broker for the thieves’ guild?

“What’s the request?” Rumina asked, the jovial tone of her voice now subdued.

“I’d like to find a woman. Her name is Serila, or Serilia. Either of the two. She works in the guild and...I would like to meet her.”

Rumina took a piece of paper and quickly scribbled the details down. “Anything else?” she asked.

Jennifer took a small piece of parchment from her back pocket along with a silver coin. She folded them together and placed them all on the table. “I want this letter to be delivered to that woman if possible.”

Rumina eyed the paper once before she took the coins, rolled it, and sealed it with a wax seal.

“Done,” Rumina nodded then rotated a small wyvern statue on the table and Jenn felt magic flow through the area. Rumina leaned over the table to file the paper in on the other side, rotating the wyvern back into place when she was done.

“The guild will get it sent. I’ll give you some details on how to get to the woman when they come to me. But you know there’s no guarantee you’ll get an answer, or that the woman will meet you.”

“Yes, I know. That’s fine. I think the woman would be willing to meet me.” Jenn sighed once and met the redhead’s eyes.

“Let’s go celebrate, why don’t we?” Rumina said, and Jennifer nodded. The two girls walked out of the shop's back door and made their way towards the central merchant district.

Jennifer turned to look at Rumina, who was humming something to herself quietly. Too professional to ask anything, huh?

“Are you wondering why I didn’t just go to the guild to find whoever this is?” Jennifer asked her friend.

“I thought you didn’t want to talk about it? And there can be many reasons for it, it makes sense if you don’t know her. The central guild halls aren't somewhere you go for a casual stroll after all,” Rumina said as they walked for a few more minutes in silence.

Ugh, she’s doing this on purpose, isn’t she?

“Don’t do this to me, Rumina?” Jennifer pleaded.

“What? What am I doing? You’re the one who suddenly has a request for the guild, doesn’t even tell me you got accepted in the academy, suddenly awakens to glass magic of all things!” she exclaimed, her eyebrows furrowed in a frown. “You seem like you changed so much suddenly and you told me none of it! I don’t even matter anymore to you!” She folded her arms, pouting as she looked the other way.

Jennifer sighed. “I’m sorry. I’ve just had a lot on my mind and I would’ve told you, but hey, you found out about the academy on your own, didn’t you?” Jennifer turned to look at Rumina, who continued to pout.

“Plus, the glass magic was as much of a surprise to me as it is to you. I still haven’t come to terms with it properly. It’s just... There’s just too many things on my mind. Master is already looking for someone who can teach me more about glass affinity related magic.” Jenn looked at her friend, feeling exhausted.

“Fine, alright. I won’t pester you. You know I was kidding back there. It’s alright if you can’t tell me. Just don’t be a stranger, okay?” She said, a worried expression on her face and Jennifer felt a pang of guilt in her chest.

“Enough gloomy talk," Rumina said cheerfully, her eyes sparkling in the bright sunlight. "Now, where do you want to go? I’ve heard of this new tavern opened by a lizardfolk from the southeastern swamps. Scampy Tails it’s called, weird name I know, but it’s serving a new drink from the far south. Some kind of bean that’s sweet when ground up or something. I think they hired a specialized [Sweets Chef] as well. It’s pricey, but it’s really sweet! Or so I’ve heard, at least. Wanna go try it, my treat?”

I think we went to a different place last time, or maybe my memory is playing tricks on me.

Jennifer shrugged. “Sure, if you say so.”

“Awesome! Let’s go!” She said, grabbing her hand as they raced ahead, heading towards the central plaza near the dungeon entrance. Jennifer walked along with her as they made their way through the city, her mind drifting.

I wonder if master has informed the guild. What if they call him mad? No, with his rank, they won’t just dismiss him. Still, an invasion. And he only has my word to prove it.

She eyed the dungeon entrance from afar. Remembering the stressful journey she had to take through its depths.

The new branch as well...Wait. has the new branch been discovered yet-

The ground shook with a powerful tremor. Jennifer stumbled from the intensity as she heard a loud rumble and a cracking sound. She heard shouts in the distance as a dust cloud rose from nearby. A building had collapsed ahead. People flooded the streets, people looked out of their homes, running out in a panic as the tremors continued to shake the city.

Cracks ran through the stone as the walls of the dungeon entrance groaned from the strain. Then the whole area began to rise up, shifting up and down in sync with the tremors, causing cracks to run through the streets. The rumbling intensified, spreading in pulses, the ground seeming to breathe as it came alive.

“W-what’s going on?” Rumina said, concern evident in her voice.

“The dungeon branch, it was today,” Jennifer muttered under her breath. She grabbed Rumina’s hand as she dragged her away from the area. Back towards their home. People moved about in confusion, out of their homes and onto the streets, as tremors still shook the ground.

“Advance party coming out! Make Way! Spear of the Sun reporting!” Jennifer heard the scream. And then they will share the news of a new dungeon branch being found in the depths, causing a massive call of adventurers to the city.

Was the timing of this coincidental? The dungeon break happened the day of the invasion as well, perfectly timed to make a dent in security. It just feels like too much of a coincidence can you even make a dungeon break happen?

“Jen...are you alright? You don’t look great,” Rumina asked, concern filling her voice.

“I’m fine, it’s just-” she froze as a presence registered itself in her mind. Green eyes stared at her and her breath caught in her chest. She turned, almost against her wishes, panic coursing up her spine as her eyes followed the source of the presence back to its origin.

Near the entrance, surrounded by high ranked adventurers and guards who kept shouting as more poured out, stood a tall, burly man decked in magical armor. Blonde hair and bright orange eyes regarded her own as his presence seemed to burn itself in her mind, shining like a beacon of magic and strength.

A voice whispered in her head, the presence similar to the mark she had seen and felt the night she had died, but yet not the same.

Jennifer didn't know how she knew, but she was certain.

That man has another Mark.

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