ShipCore | A Sci-fi Space Opera ShipGirl Action-Adventure

ShipCore | A Sci-fi Space Opera ShipGirl Action-Adventure

by Erios909

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge!]

Expect a chapter everyday during the challenge!

Waking up adrift in an ancient battleground, Alex is left dazed and confused with no clue how she ended up trapped aboard a failing vessel. With only a mysterious voice in her head to guide her she must act in order to survive.

Every piece of the puzzle she collects only leads to more questions about her origins and why she is trapped around a deserted star.

All she knows is that she could die at any minute.

But she is not going to go down without a fight.

Follow Alex on her adventure as she upgrades her ship, forges new friendships, encounters new enemies, and does her best to balance her humanity with her growing abilities.

Space may be a vacuum … but death still lurks around every star.

Copyright © 2022 by Erios909

Regular schedule: Every other day, around 8-9pm EST.

Writathon schedule: YES!

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What to expect: an action-packed sci-fi ship girl space opera that’s perfect for readers who love hardcore survival, military sci-fi and a sprinkling of progression / gamelit with stakes that grow with our protagonist.

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Word Count (13)
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
66 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Shipcore - Prologue ago
A1 - Chapter 1 - Awakening ago
A1 - Chapter 2 - Ad Hoc Nightmare (Part 1) ago
A1 - Chapter 2 - Ad Hoc Nightmare (Part 2) ago
A1 - Chapter 3 – Omega Protocol ago
A1 - Chapter 4 – Progress Fleeting ago
Lore Interlude – Shrike II ago
A1 - Chapter 5 - Disquiet ago
A1 - Chapter 6 - Cryo ago
A1 - Chapter 7 - Communication is Important ago
A1 - Chapter 8 - Trust is a two-way street ago
A1 - Chapter 9 - I want this, not that ago
A1 - Chapter 10 - Drone Pod Blues ago
A1 - Chapter 11 - Hunter Killers ago
A1 - Chapter 12 - Losses ago
A1 - Chapter 13 - Salute ago
Lore Interlude - Courage IV ago
A1 - Chapter 14 - Arsenal ago
A1 - Chapter 15 - Omega Authentication ago
A1 - Chapter 16 - Action Stations! ago
A1 - Chapter 17 - The Slip ago
The Art Chapter ago
A1 - Chapter 18 - 92 Pegasi ago
A2 - Chapter 19 - To Ackman Station ago
A2 - Chapter 20 - Above Ackman Station ago
A2 - Chapter 21 - Fog of War (Part 1) ago
A2 - Chapter 22 - Fog of War (Part 2) ago
Lore Interlude - Talon Light Destroyer ago
A2 - Chapter 23 - Vehemently Negotiating ago
A2 - Chapter 24 – Buying Kebabs, Selling Death (Part 1) ago
A2 - Chapter 25 – Buying Kebabs, Selling Death (Part 2) ago
A2 - Chapter 26 – MilTech Arms ago
A2 - Chapter 27 – Exchange of Goods ago
A2 - Chapter 28 – Preparations for Industrial Revolution ago
A2 - Chapter 29 – Security Service Agreement ago
A2 - Chapter 30 – Belt Operations ago
A2 - Chapter 31 – Subcore ago
A2 - Chapter 32 – ANUF ago
A2 - Chapter 33 – A Mission ago
A2 - Chapter 34 – Standing Orders and Transit ago
A2 - Chapter 35 – Enroute to Dedia IV ago
Lore Interlude – Grazhdanin Super Freighter ago
A2 - Chapter 36 – Antagonistic Capital Ships ago
A2 - Chapter 37 – Dedia IV ago
A2 - Chapter 38 – Tifara Landing ago
A2 - Chapter 39 – Skirmish ago
A2 - Chapter 40 – Rods from God ago
A2 - Chapter 41 – Interim Movements ago
A2 - Chapter 42 – Meetings and Understandings ago
A2 - Chapter 43 – Firestorm One ago
A2 - Chapter 44 – Aftermath (Part 1) ago
A2 - Chapter 45 – Aftermath (Part 2) ago
A2 - Chapter 46 - Settlement ago
A2 - Chapter 47 – Grime and Progress ago
A2 - Chapter 48 – Outbound ago
A2 - Chapter 49 – Return ago
A2 - Chapter 50 – Operational Success and Goal Planning ago
A2 - Chapter 51 – Operation Rug Pull ago
A2 - Chapter 52 – Collider Surf ago
Lore Interlude – Starlight Revolution Freighter MK1 ago
A2 - Chapter 53 – Movements ago
A2 - Chapter 54 – Cold War ago
A2 - Chapter 55 – Deep Truths and Fears ago
A2 - Chapter 56 – Outer Ops ago
A2 - Chapter 57 – Collision Course ago
A2 - Chapter 58 – Table set ago

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A beautiful and detailed Sci-fi novel.

The simple and direct style allows it to be readable for a wide audience. Words are always in the right place and syntactic tenses help the reader to understand what is going on. This alternates with more detailed pictures of the world we find ourselves in, the author taking charge of inventing futuristic technologies and describing them in the best and most comprehensible way possible, at the same time maintaining that scientific and "digital" tone when necessary. The changes in the linguistic register are always justified by the situations and the characters, which gives a more realistic tone to the reading despite speaking of a fictional world.

In the reading I did not encounter any grammatical problems and the choices made by the author in the tenses and dialogues further aid a calmer reading that allows the reader to immerse himself more easily in the story.

The story is compelling and exciting, inspired by other works of this type, it retains its uniqueness precisely because of a mix of the author's creativity and the multiplicity of works that influenced the situations and world building. (Also revealing the author's passion for reading this type of novels)

The characters are personally what I loved the most, even though they are often the most complex part of running the story, I feel that the dialogues are handled well and the story stages gradually reveal the profile of its characters.  The author does not get lost in a trite and rhetorical descriptive exercise of the characters, but rather takes the time to allow us to discover who they are and how they think.

I also appreciate a lot all the arts that the author provide to the readers, I think that arts always help the reader to immerse a little more in the universe created by the author.

This is only the second novel written by this author, I have not read the first, but I can feel the passion he puts into writing ShipCore.

Knights of St. Lawrence

Overall is was good. I enjoyed reading SpaceCore and curious to see where the author is going to go with the story. It is worth the time reding. I like how the "backgorund" is thrown in to give the reader a bit more information about what is going on "universe wise". Some good action scenes, Some funny scenes. A few dramatic, can't wait to read the next chapter, scenes. This could easily be a anime movie. The various "fan art" give a great visual concept instead of only your "mind's eye"... If you like Sci-Fi you can visualize all the stuff, if that isn't your thing, the artwork will assist.


More please 🥺. Like this is the stuff I crave.  I wish there were more stories like this. My only complaint is that they're isn't mid chapters out yet . I love the mystery of trying yo piece together what happened with the rest of the universe. Then the world building is amazing. Not too many info dumps


So far we're still in the early stages of the story so it's hard to say much about characters and plot, but the general atmosphere reminds me of Post Human. Our protagonist Alex, wakes up in an old military cruiser on the verge of collapse and has to work with Nameless the AI to try to survive. Much of the draw comes from the mystery of what happened to Alex and what Nameless's goals are, but I expect we'll see more plot as the story progresses. I'll update this as we get further.


Entertaining Space Opera with Lovable Characters

Reviewed at: A2 - Chapter 55 – Deep Truths and Fears

The story is very entertaining, well paced, as has done a fair job of world building without info dumping.

Battles, both ship and personnel, are well described and exciting but not long and drawn out.

Spelling, grammar, and general writing are quite good with rare, minor mistakes.

This story has a bit of something for everyone and has become one of my favorites.


Style: The style is fun and light, with good smooth growth. 

Story: It's great and I'm eagerly awaiting new chapters!!! Also love the art!


Grammar: Definitely some mistakes here and there, but not that bad.

Characters: These characters are great!

I really love this book, can't wait for more chapters to come out. Excited to see how the complexity is growing as the story progresses. The base building portions of the story are fun and engaging. 


Amazing, all around amazing.

The characters are well thought out, and actually express emotions like you would expect an actual human to, in my opinion atleast.

There's some grammatical problems here and there but I had no problem filling in the gaps or misspellings.

The premise of the whole novel is very unique, and I LOVE the shipbuilding and dystopia theme of everything.

Sorry if this review is lacking, I usually don't write reviews. Thanks and have an amazing day!


Had to Rate, Fun SciFi Progression

Reviewed at: A2 - Chapter 46 - Settlement

I've enjoyed this story from the get go, It has great potential but it's really taken a slice of life progression / uplifting type feel.  The characters can be a touch silly at times but it hasn't, in my opinion, taken anything away from the book.

There's action, some adult themes (which by the way is great, I do sometimes get sick of authors that dance around pretty ordinary adult encounters), interesting options for progression. 

Overall it's a fun, often light hearted, interesting read.


This story is a good read. It has a unique style that is hard to find on royal road while also maintaining its quality of writing. The author is on top of gramatical errors but fixes them when found. The story I love because it scratches a particular itch in the genre, that is not the only reason it is good though. With the worldbuilding being fun to look into and the various plot set up coming together soon, it makes for an engaging story that has a lot to offer. All in all Shipcore is a neat sci-fi space opera that is slowly expanding into a sprawling novel that I will be very exited to see where it goes.


he de decir con claras letras y buenas palabras que sus escritos abundantes de buen gusto y amplio conocimiento en el campo empírico de las cosas, con una experiencia abundante en el tema y un modelo de escritura prolifico digno de los.mejores escritores... he de decir... ta piola. así es como ha de terminar/ concluir / acabar /llegar a su fin etcétera etcétera, mi clara /consisa / valerosa / increíble / inimaginable/impresionante reseña