|Starlight Revolution Freighter MK1|

|Class: Armed Merchantman|

|First Production Year: GSD 76|

|Categorization: Civilian|

|Sub-Cat: Interstellar Cargo|

|Hull Length (Bow to Stern): 241m|

|Hull Beam: 84m|

|EST Effective Operation Duration 24 months|



|6x Single 32mm Point Defense Cannons, AP rounds |

|6x Double 8cm Point Defense Laser Turrets |

|2x Single HV 284mm Rail Turret, 4kg projectile|

|1 Bow AMLS – 2 Tubes, 1066.8mm Light Missiles|

||Bow Missile Magazine: 1x – 6 Count / 1066.8mm racks, including autoloader||


|2x EWCLS|

||Magazine (EST): 6 EW Drones, 48 Chaff Clusters, 48 Smart Flares||



|Class G Standard AI Core|

|Bow D-field: 128cm D-lens|

|Plasma Fusion Reactor, 2 Rod Configuration, Small|

|Military 3-Waveform Tunnel FTL Drive|

|Bi-phase Military Class Linear Drive|

|Magneto plasma Thrust Vectoring System, Class III, Ports: 188|


|Extended Capacity Pressurized Cargo Bay x2|

|Radial Cargo System Mounts x24|

|Extended Capacity Storage Tank - Internal|

|Boat Bay, 2 shuttle capacity|

|Amorphous Carbon Radiator Array - Retractable and Inlaid|


|Crew Berthing: 13|

||Captain’s Quarters: 1x - Single Bunk||

||Officer’s Quarters: 1x - Double Bunk||

||Quartermaster Cabin: 1x - Single Bunk, Galley-Attached||

||NCO Quarters: 2x - Double Bunks||

||Ratings Quarters: 1x - 5 Berth Bunkrooms||


||Drone Management System||

||Large Type Cargobot Rack x16 (16 Total) ||

||Small Type Maintenance Rack x4 (400 Total) ||

A note from Erios909

Just a short interlude with the specs of the new freighter design. 

Next chapter will be out in 15 minutes or less!


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