ShipCore | A Sci-fi Space Opera ShipGirl Action-Adventure

ShipCore | A Sci-fi Space Opera ShipGirl Action-Adventure

by Erios909

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge!]

Expect a chapter everyday during the challenge!

Waking up adrift in an ancient battleground, Alex is left dazed and confused with no clue how she ended up trapped aboard a failing vessel. With only a mysterious voice in her head to guide her she must act in order to survive.

Every piece of the puzzle she collects only leads to more questions about her origins and why she is trapped around a deserted star.

All she knows is that she could die at any minute.

But she is not going to go down without a fight.

Follow Alex on her adventure as she upgrades her ship, forges new friendships, encounters new enemies, and does her best to balance her humanity with her growing abilities.

Space may be a vacuum … but death still lurks around every star.

Copyright © 2022 by Erios909

Regular schedule: Every other day, around 8-9pm EST.

Writathon schedule: YES!

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What to expect: an action-packed sci-fi ship girl space opera that’s perfect for readers who love survival, military sci-fi and a sprinkling of progression / gamelit with stakes that grow with our protagonist.

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Word Count (13)
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
68 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Shipcore - Prologue ago
A1 - Chapter 1 - Awakening ago
A1 - Chapter 2 - Ad Hoc Nightmare (Part 1) ago
A1 - Chapter 2 - Ad Hoc Nightmare (Part 2) ago
A1 - Chapter 3 – Omega Protocol ago
A1 - Chapter 4 – Progress Fleeting ago
Lore Interlude – Shrike II ago
A1 - Chapter 5 - Disquiet ago
A1 - Chapter 6 - Cryo ago
A1 - Chapter 7 - Communication is Important ago
A1 - Chapter 8 - Trust is a two-way street ago
A1 - Chapter 9 - I want this, not that ago
A1 - Chapter 10 - Drone Pod Blues ago
A1 - Chapter 11 - Hunter Killers ago
A1 - Chapter 12 - Losses ago
A1 - Chapter 13 - Salute ago
Lore Interlude - Courage IV ago
A1 - Chapter 14 - Arsenal ago
A1 - Chapter 15 - Omega Authentication ago
A1 - Chapter 16 - Action Stations! ago
A1 - Chapter 17 - The Slip ago
The Art Chapter ago
A1 - Chapter 18 - 92 Pegasi ago
A2 - Chapter 19 - To Ackman Station ago
A2 - Chapter 20 - Above Ackman Station ago
A2 - Chapter 21 - Fog of War (Part 1) ago
A2 - Chapter 22 - Fog of War (Part 2) ago
Lore Interlude - Talon Light Destroyer ago
A2 - Chapter 23 - Vehemently Negotiating ago
A2 - Chapter 24 – Buying Kebabs, Selling Death (Part 1) ago
A2 - Chapter 25 – Buying Kebabs, Selling Death (Part 2) ago
A2 - Chapter 26 – MilTech Arms ago
A2 - Chapter 27 – Exchange of Goods ago
A2 - Chapter 28 – Preparations for Industrial Revolution ago
A2 - Chapter 29 – Security Service Agreement ago
A2 - Chapter 30 – Belt Operations ago
A2 - Chapter 31 – Subcore ago
A2 - Chapter 32 – ANUF ago
A2 - Chapter 33 – A Mission ago
A2 - Chapter 34 – Standing Orders and Transit ago
A2 - Chapter 35 – Enroute to Dedia IV ago
Lore Interlude – Grazhdanin Super Freighter ago
A2 - Chapter 36 – Antagonistic Capital Ships ago
A2 - Chapter 37 – Dedia IV ago
A2 - Chapter 38 – Tifara Landing ago
A2 - Chapter 39 – Skirmish ago
A2 - Chapter 40 – Rods from God ago
A2 - Chapter 41 – Interim Movements ago
A2 - Chapter 42 – Meetings and Understandings ago
A2 - Chapter 43 – Firestorm One ago
A2 - Chapter 44 – Aftermath (Part 1) ago
A2 - Chapter 45 – Aftermath (Part 2) ago
A2 - Chapter 46 - Settlement ago
A2 - Chapter 47 – Grime and Progress ago
A2 - Chapter 48 – Outbound ago
A2 - Chapter 49 – Return ago
A2 - Chapter 50 – Operational Success and Goal Planning ago
A2 - Chapter 51 – Operation Rug Pull ago
A2 - Chapter 52 – Collider Surf ago
Lore Interlude – Starlight Revolution Freighter MK1 ago
A2 - Chapter 53 – Movements ago
A2 - Chapter 54 – Cold War ago
A2 - Chapter 55 – Deep Truths and Fears ago
A2 - Chapter 56 – Outer Ops ago
A2 - Chapter 57 – Collision Course ago
A2 - Chapter 58 – Table set ago
A2 - Chapter 59 – Resist ago
A2 - Chapter 60 – And ago

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Exciting high tech ai survival in space

Reviewed at: A1 - Chapter 2 - Ad Hoc Nightmare

Shows a great deal of promise and has set the scene for all kinds of ways it can progress.

Generally I avoid reviews this early in but the setting just scratches so many itches for me at once that I NEED  this story to continue.

My review was too short soo....

The writing is flowing and in the moment as the characters act and react making everything seem immediate, present and desperate.

Something, something, are we there yet, I prefer to write short reviews as I try not to poison the well of either the authors creativity or another readers joy of discovery in a story.


My friend grabbed my arm and forced me to come here to read this. Turned out I don't have to beat him up.

ShipCore was absolutely worth my time to read as of Chapter 19.

The author's style is what I call lean, quick, and action packed. It sometimes makes use of a lot of sci-fi lingo that is not super obvious, but things are rolled out slowly throughout the story and action and never really overwhelmed me as I learned what things were. I think this way of showing the world is way, way better than what a lot of stories do when they try to drop massive paragraphs on you that are impossible to read

The action scenes feel so active and you can feel the tension in the characters as they deal with life threatening situations and in fights.

Grammar - Not much to say here, I didn't notice any mistakes, although i noted there were some comments with corrections, the author seems to have made an effort to correct them. Good job author!

Story - The only category I find some weakness in. Not because the story is bad, but because the first part of the story felt a little slow. There was one point in my mind when I wanted to just make the story move on because it dragged a little. However once you are past that certain point in the beginning, WOW! Things pick up and really move, it feels like the author got her feet under them and it shows.

Charaacters - We don't have many characters in the story at first. Just alex and her robot AI whose personality grows over time. By the end of chapter 19 I felt like the two had a great chemistry of back and forth. We also have one other character who is important, and the interplay between the three is really deep. So deep I didn't understand at first, but then as we saw more and more of their history and the other character's thoughts I was floored. I really can't wait to see what they do next. I've even noticed that they have not stayed static characters either, all of them have changed each other in subtle ways as they interact.

Its really good.



Ship building, mystery, intrigue, action i like it

Reviewed at: The Art Chapter

Good start. Development is slow though you can see it's getting somewhere and have ideas of it, there's to much info sometimes, the fights so far are pretty and exciting to read, interactions of characters look promising and my curiosity has been tickled enough after the first chapters.

It kind of reminds me of the Battlestar Galactica game i played a few years ago with the combat, mysterious system/galaxy, remains and factions.

Ohh and no unnecessary comedy or  dumb protagonist here. Everything is a little complicated and you see the impact of that fact in the events showed.


So far, this series has been a pleasure to read! Another golden story that has fallen into my lap for me to gobble up, and while I may have left it a little late to write my review as currently I’m rather tired, I want to give my endorsement now.

While I am more of a fan of hard Sci-Fi, I still loved it and it still has a number of grounded elements in that I feel really help me gain a extra connection to the series and make scenes more tense. I especially loved the proper terminology used in battles.

Grammar was not a issue in this story at all, so theres nothing to comment on here.

The story so far is a little wobbly with not a set goal so far in chapter 22 since all immediate issues have been sorted, though I do see the world building being nicely built up with some potential conflicts arising from the world for our crew to get stuck into. So I am waiting to see where the plot will arise. Though this may be it simply taking it’s time, which I can respect.

I’m not quite connected to the characters so far but I’m starting to warm up to them and the characters themselves seem to be forming some nice relationships with each other.

But yeah! Good series, I’d recommend you read it and give it a shot!


Far from the simple expectations I held

Reviewed at: A1 - Chapter 6 - Cryo

Other ship girl stories quickly loose their appeal as they degenerate into silliness. This has some of the light-hearted slice of life feel, but seems more mature. Characters are very real believable and fleshed out.

Usually in this premise you feel that everything is leaning towards comic relief and fast paced. This is more mysterious even though you have many clues that the character doesn't you're left guessing. It's very interesting and the slower pace is refreshing. 

The only reason I can think that this story hasn't garnered a lot of interest is that people already have preconceived expectations.

Author's oftentimes give oversized information dumps and wall after wall of text that don't contribute to the present pace of the story. Lucky we don't see that here it's nice to see her progress with limited information.

I like that the character has to work and everything isn't just taken care of by nano bots and automations. 

It's also nice to see that they aren't overly trusting of each other. One character has been betrayed and the other is a blank slate. She is treated like a renewable resource and the scary part is that she maybe one. There's some evidence of her not being the first or even second ship core.

Come and read you won't be disappointed! 

M.J. Markgraf

I am now fully caught up with the story so decided I would switch my basic review to an advanced one.

This story is kind of a mix of Sci-Fi and base-building and it is just a blast to read.

The author does quite a bit with the few characters the story starts out with, and you find yourself wanting to know more. I found myself reading the entire catalog of released chapters in a day just because I couldn’t get enough.

The story flows quite well and you find everything the characters do to be believable. Grammar and sentence structure seemed to be good. I only saw a few minor mistakes.

Each of the characters has their own growth and their own issues to overcome. Sometimes they deal with those issues in a less-than-healthy way, but that’s what makes the characters more real. Instead of an automation that can’t do any wrong.

The world-building hasn’t gone too far yet, but you get a glimpse at how much is out there from the information provided in the story so far.

All-in-all this is just a good read for anyone into Sci-Fi. Not too serious, not too comedic, and just the right amount of science and character interaction.


This is a really good story that is fun and fils me up with exitment and a sense of adventure I also is the first Sifi in a while to get me hooked it don't even need space magic it just makes it fun my only issue is I found it to early so now I need to wait for updates and the like 


This has the potential to be the best science fiction piece on Royal Road. And I don't mean some VR nonsense or mad scientist sci fi. I mean like SPACE! If we can conclude the story, this will definitely belong in the pantheon with Grand Design and Post Human. 


Decent with a promise of progress

Reviewed at: A1 - Chapter 6 - Cryo

So far (up to and including chapter 6) it’s captivating, with a decent balance between action and inaction (though like many RR stories it leans heavily on action instead of introspection).

The weakest part in my opinion is the prologue; it seems you want to provide a background and embed expectations in the reader, but to me it was jumbly HFY. I am reminded of  by Proximal Flame on SpaceBattles, but only by premise, not execution. I would have loved to be caught by your prologue as I was by Proximal’s, but no. The other story I am reminded of is  by Shujin (a Mass Effect fanfiction), which I suspect shares a similar premise (the MC is suddenly reborn into an A.I./gynoid, and there are possibly some/many parallels in the MC’s revelations with regards to the moon-sized elephant in the room).

Another point, and this is possibly a major faux pas, is how the self description of the story tells a lot of the not yet written story. This is… detrimental, since it removes a lot of the major surprises and suspense you would otherwise entice in the reader by only unveiling these as you publish.

That being said, so far the story is well-written and lacks in grammatical errors.


the story started with some unknown girl waking up in an almost dead ship. she spent the next several tens of chapter fixing the ship and have her first friend.

the second arc (A2) story revolves when the girl came in contact with the first civilization

the story was well polished, no info dump but instead the info was transmitted from the main character learning. excellent work. and there is also an art inside the fiction. several colors are put together indicating the ships conditions which makes the reading less monotone.