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Waking up alone in a floating wreck, Alex is forced to rely on an artificial voice in her head while she scrambles to put the pieces together.


This is a side project of mine. Releases will come as they are written! You can support me on my Patreon for my other web novel, New Life of a Summoned Demoness, but there aren't any advanced chapters of ShipCore.

I also set up a Ko-Fi page for those who don't like Patreon. ^^

Releasing on SH and RR.

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Exciting high tech ai survival in space

Reviewed at: A1 - Chapter 2 - Ad Hoc Nightmare

Shows a great deal of promise and has set the scene for all kinds of ways it can progress.

Generally I avoid reviews this early in but the setting just scratches so many itches for me at once that I NEED  this story to continue.

My review was too short soo....

The writing is flowing and in the moment as the characters act and react making everything seem immediate, present and desperate.

Something, something, are we there yet, I prefer to write short reviews as I try not to poison the well of either the authors creativity or another readers joy of discovery in a story.


Wonderful Insightful SciFi Book on Par with Anthing Written by the Late Charles Sheffield.

The Story Has the Feel of a Action Movie Based on a Future History waiting to happen! Cybernetic Hero That Might Be Humanty's Greatest Evil! Its About Everlution and the Will to survive ! And of Murcy and about what it might be best about Humanity in someone that might not be Human at all! 


Decent with a promise of progress

Reviewed at: A1 - Chapter 6 - Cryo

So far (up to and including chapter 6) it’s captivating, with a decent balance between action and inaction (though like many RR stories it leans heavily on action instead of introspection).

The weakest part in my opinion is the prologue; it seems you want to provide a background and embed expectations in the reader, but to me it was jumbly HFY. I am reminded of  by Proximal Flame on SpaceBattles, but only by premise, not execution. I would have loved to be caught by your prologue as I was by Proximal’s, but no. The other story I am reminded of is  by Shujin (a Mass Effect fanfiction), which I suspect shares a similar premise (the MC is suddenly reborn into an A.I./gynoid, and there are possibly some/many parallels in the MC’s revelations with regards to the moon-sized elephant in the room).

Another point, and this is possibly a major faux pas, is how the self description of the story tells a lot of the not yet written story. This is… detrimental, since it removes a lot of the major surprises and suspense you would otherwise entice in the reader by only unveiling these as you publish.

That being said, so far the story is well-written and lacks in grammatical errors.


Not a whole lot to the story or character yet, but what I have seen so far from this story and author in general gives me a good feeling that both will not be found lacking.

The details are really well done and do well to immerse you in what is going on.

Hope to get more story and character development soon. So far it's mostly been focused on the initial stage unsurprisingly with how few chapters are out yet.

Grammer is great, no issues.

The dungeoncore like aspect that seems to be being alluded to via the narrative is interesting and it seems to be going along a rather unique route to that development. 

I am definitely interested in this series ongoing and I feel if Science Fiction type LitRPG interests you, you would not go wrong here.