Deathlord Eugene

Deathlord Eugene

by TakkieSenpai

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Eugene has never really been a cool, strong guy. Most would say he's the opposite of that. One thing that does set him apart is that he has a portal to another world in his toilet. If only he could take a shit without having to fight for his life, though...

Join him in his quest to level up as he struggles to better himself, grow into the person he always wanted to be, and free his porcelain throne from the clutches of the otherworld.

Weak MC slowly becomes strong. Humor. LitRPG. Isekai.

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I Need to Go take a Shit so Lets Make this Quick

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Jolly Co-Operation

OVERALL: The author definitely knows how to hit comedic beats, keep a fast pace, and knows how to write. The novel is chock full of toilet humor and its style doesn't hold any punches. It is a straightforward story that tells the narrative it set out to. This story starts out with a man desperately needing to take a shit and that's honestly one of the most relatable things about the story. I'd say for a fun story this is your guy.

Style: I think the style of this book is very clearly defined by its fast pace, short paragraphs, and comedic timing. The jokes hit often, hit or miss, they keep coming, and the author knows how to dish them out. It's simply just a fun time. 

Grammar: Honestly I had no issues with the grammar going through the story. Word choice was good. The punctuation never got funky. Some instances there are points where paragraphs or sentences could of been broken up, but it never detracts from the story.

Story: It's honestly just a straightforward LitRPG. The pitch isn't original but the execution is spot on. 

Character: While the characters have some good dialogue and seem to have decent motivations. There never seems to be much depth to them. This isn't a story of intrigue though. It's very much built around the comedy of each scene and the characters complement that perfectly. Especially Eugene. 


Be Thankful for Your Normal Toilet

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Jolly Co-Operation

Deathlord Eugene is a fun, fast-paced litrpg crossed with an Isekai. In this case, the portal to the game world happens to be in his toilet. If you, like me, enjoy toilet humor, this is a good place to get some.

Story: The plotline isn't really new, but it's well done here. Eugene enters the portal through his bathroom and actually travels back and forth, which is a bit unusual for an Isekai. He's not trapped in the alternate world by any means. On the other hand, his job is a different story. Eugene goes on all his adventures while also keeping up with a full time job and handling some of his coworker's duties. So, while the storyline isn't exactly unique, the presence of both settings is fresh. The story goes back and forth between those two settings, and I think both are equally interesting. 

Style: The style is simple, clean, and straightforward. The sentences are short and snappy. It's a good fit for the plot and characters. I would make only one suggestion. Sometimes, two characters talk in the same paragraph. If the author started a new paragraph each time someone spoke that would help make a cleaner back and forth. That being said, there aren't long paragraphs in this work. It's all quick: a very speedy read.

The grammar is good. Not perfect but good. There are some typos here and there, but those types of things are forgiveable as nothing upsets the flow of reading.

Character: The characters so far are Eugene and his AI Eva / Eve. Eugene feels real. He's relateable and has both good and bad qualities. He's a complainer, but he's also a decent strategist and a shrewd bargainer.

Eva is also well fleshed out. She serves as interface and companion, and her favorite hobby, so far, seems to be teasing Eugene. She has some good lines and a sarcastic personality. 

The other characters are slowly gaining more depth in both the game world and the work world. I appreciate the slow buildup. It's a balanced approached to character building.

Overall: This story accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. It's funny, and the MC grows slowly and believably. Definitely worth a read.


It doesn't do anything new, not anything incredible but it does it well.

It's fun, the system is present and seems important but it's not overwhelming.

The interaction between the characters are fluid and interesting, and it's nice there seems to be room for personal devellopement for the MC.

Really, a classic " There's a portal in my toilets and my system hates me!!!" but... good.


Interesting premise. Author has some skill. Able to crack jokes depth to characters. Short chapters but good story so far. 


Bad initial setup. Author goes to a bathroom through a portal. A sane person would rather poop on the floor than go through a portal. That kink needs to be worked out.


This story is a fast-paced endeavor into another world through the eyes of Eugene, Eva, questionable toilet etique, and a system that strives in its playful details.

Each chapter is short and plays on individual scenes with more segmented story-telling following a simple format. The execution was simple and straight to the point, with the level-up messages and class options containing more funny details.

So far, the early parts of the story still focus on the exploratory parts, though some of the plot lines felt more akin to a slice-of-life adventure story and a play on the typical system/portal story.

This work thrives on providing fast-paced, easy to digest pieces of the chapters, though the character motivations are not emphasized as much through the story, with Eugene sort of riding from scene to scene. Perhaps more development is to come, or maybe the direction of the story focuses more on the adventure elements of the MC.

The styles reflected in the system messages and the stats tables are presented clearly and is easy to read, though perhaps using more breaks in the paragraph for key dialogue might help push them more to the forefront.

The grammar generally good and clear.


The novel is just words strung together 5o make comedy for the sake of comedy. It's all the generic portal fantasy plots mixed in with a too much booty hunting. The grammar is ok, the characters are, taking a description from the story, like ocean soaked pieces of bread (as if novels need originality huh), just the usual + snarky/wimp personality trait. The story leading up to the first portal entry does not make sense at all, maybe it was supposed to be unbelievable and thus the height of comedy? Yeah, no. The novel is not for me.


Encouragement! Huzzah! (Woulda used ho but..)

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: From Nemesis To Friend

So far so good author kun, if you like sarcastic Ai and what seems to be a decent weak to strong story in the making give it a read. Eugene feel like someone you are or know if you ever worked an office job or been the quiet kid in school


Writing this review as I read along the chapters. First thing that I notice is great grammar and lack of any mistakes. That's always a bonus in a piece of writing. 

Paragraphs are nice and balanced. Not too long and not too short (I hate when paragraphs are too long, just visually it makes it a drag to read).

First person isn't my forte so I can't really comment on that, however it has been reading wel. There is a lot of humor interwoven into the story, especially in the second and third chapter after our MC comes out of the portal.

LMAO okay, seriously if you want to read something just hilarious and upbeat this is it. The story isn't taking itself too seriously, and the system is just too bloody funny. Idk what else to say,


Just reading the synopsis, and I already wanted to read it. I've read LitRPGs here and there, yet this one seems to be really interesting. Apart from the fact that his toilet bowl is a portal to a game world, I feel like it's not properly explained why he got the ability to level up - and such.

The story itself revolves around Eugene, a very... interesting character, who seems to be very weak. However, at times you can really relate to him as the author makes him seem like a real person, dreading life, work, and damn lonely. I feel like the first chapter spent much too long on describing his daily life, and should shorten it just a little (I get that he's trying to show what a boring life the mc has though). Then, we have the menu lady (Won't go too much into that because spoilers). I really like how this author has managed to capture a lot of human traits within their characters.

The plot itself seems interesting so far, but its hard to tell as I've just got into the actual logistics of the new world. I like the embodiment of a menu and how weak he is, but I suggest focusing a little more into the actual LitRPG part of the story, for the people who are dragged in here by it.

Grammar seems to be flawless so far.

The style of the story is nice, but the paragraphs are a tad too long for me, I would prefer 3-4 lines, max (but that's just a personal preference). I also absolutely love the humour! It's laughing out loud level. I like it because it's actual insults and such going around, which I can relate to completely. 

All in all, a lovely read so far and it brightened my day. Glad to have picked this up.