Myrr: Reincarnated Timemage Assassin-Learning To Smile In Another World

by MtAlternity

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

“A cute Half-Wraith magic tutor who hugs my worries away and tells me I’m a genius, a loving auntie who beats the way of the assassin into me while guarding me from demons, and a sperm-less uncle who can’t have kids of his own because he gets beaten so bad by said auntie. I…was really messed up in my past life. But with so much help, I think I might be able to smile in this one.”

On Earth, I was a filthy-rich, depressed loner.

I single-handedly bankrupted six casinos using my ability to see the future. 

My girlfriend was just using me for my money.

I was just using her to appear normal.

I trusted no one.

Until that girl came.

After I saved her...for some reason, I was reincarnated as a baby in another world.

It seems I'm really good at magic here.

But seeing into the future is a lot tougher in this life.

And even if I can peek a few seconds ahead...

I can't help but ask,

"Why is everyone so freaking strong? I thought all girls were useless gold-diggers!"

But seriously, I think I've been saved by every girl I've met in this world.

My auntie hopes that I become a self-replenishing bank account...err powerful mage.

She's willing to do anything for me, even pay for my education with her retirement money!

Everyone here is so...selfless.

It's really challenging just to survive each day.

Life is way tougher than on Earth...but for some reason...I think I want to smile?

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]


I wanted to write a happy story. So, I ripped off Mushoku Tensei and made the MC slightly psychopathic. I think it’s pretty funny. Sorry but not sorry, because I enjoyed it. -Mt Alternity

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Word Count (14)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: What If You Just Knew? How I became a Psychopath! ago
Chapter 1: Mephis ago
Chapter 2: The Dead Forest ago
Chapter 3: What Did You Eat In The Womb? ago
Chapter 4: The Warlock Who Can't Teach Magic ago
Chapter 5: Change ago
Chapter 6: Magic And Letters ago
Chapter 7: One Measly Second ago
Chapter 8: Useless ago
Chapter 9: Fiend ago
Chapter 10: How I Met My Auntie ago
Chapter 11: What...Are You Doing With Your Face? ago
Chapter 12: How I Became An Investment! ago
Chapter 13: How I Accidentally Met A Magic Tutor ago
Chapter 14: The Birth Of A Name ago
Chapter 15: My First Magic Lesson ago
Chapter 16: Lullaby ago
Chapter 17: How I Lost An Uncle ago
Chapter 18: How I Was Ambushed By A Dangerous Raccoon ago
Chapter 19: How I Secretly Planned My Cousin By Repaying A Favor ago
Chapter 20: Gatoa Likes Milk ago
Chapter 21: Don't Agree With Me! ago
Chapter 22: Aftermath ago
Chapter 23: How I Was Implicated In A Crime ago
Chapter 24: Lightning From A Clear Sky ago
Chapter 25: How I Lost My Way ago
Chapter 26: Not Good Enough ago
Chapter 27: I Can Do This! ago
Chapter 28: How I Started Grooming A Maid ago
Chapter 29: Yan's Necklaces And Brooches ago
Chapter 30: How The God Of Gambling Was Reborn In This World ago
Chapter 31: How I Failed My Master ago
Chapter 32: Natalia's Naming Ceremony ago
Chapter 33: Crepe Delivery ago

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To begin with,  be warned, this isn't a novel. It's an episodic released anime series in text format.

The characters would really fit in a battle junkie anime. Overblown both in terms of power, appearance and reaction.  I mean the "auntie" mentioned could very well be a "One Piece" captain.... 

World-building is great so far and the plot makes total sense for a quirky anime. 

The first few chapters make obvious the author has the ability to go for something a bit more typical  but seems to have more fun building up an mc so OP he could eventually kill Goku.... 

It's a novel for a very specific crowd 

JcW Swe

I like the premise of the story, reincarnation and time magic. Also that the start of the story after the long (too long) prologue is pretty intense and action packed. Grammar and skill of the author with world building and pacing is really good as well. 


But the characters all feel really immature. Like all the time not even believable immature. And all of them no matter the age. Which is a little annoying. But maybe it's some sort of genre or something? 


Also it seems like the MC gets introduced to the standard harem of underage girls also that I don't care for. I usually don't read novels with the harem tag. It's too cringey and alot of times weird for me personally. So this review will be alot less than it could have been. But I'm sure alot of readers that is in to this sort of genre will really enjoy this story. 


So depending on what type of stories you like, this will probable either be really good or really bad. But that is usually the case in most stories. 


Good luck to the author, and thank you for taking the time to post your story to us here on RR. 


First: Be warned! You who are deciding, if reading this novel is for you!

It contains vast amounts of cringe. Or so I've been told. No seriously it's there.

We're still in the Prologue, so take everything here with a bucket of salt. (Yes it's a long one)

The Grammar is good (sry not a good judge here)and it's written fluently.

The style feely natural and most characters have some depth to them.(everyone and their grandma has problems xD)

The story so far is hard to pin down. Feels like basebuilding so far.

Character is the same, the reincarnation more of an explanation for giving the MC information instead of an already developed mind.

At certain points I thought really hard where this said comedy is. The cringe isn't as bad as in most animes (no comedy isn't cringe ) and for now it all seems pretty serious. So I'll have to wait, read and eventually edit.

@author: I often heard it's bad that there is no direct commentary function to reviews, so feel free to text me/comment on the latest chapter.



Style: Ruins the story for me. The prologue is super long(for royalroad) with seemingly minimal impact on the rest of the story. It's also incredibly vague, but it's more vague just for the sake of being vague than trying to instill any form of mystery. Keeping information from the reader just because is awful. Then there's the transition into the first chapter. That itself isn't awful but the way the baby is written is just biologically incorrect. It's born with its eyes open, halfway waves to its mother, makes confused and curios facial expressions, moves it's neck to follow a fight, understands the language of an alien world as soon as it's born and can apparently see things just fine. Those are the only things I managed to get through before deciding that this story isn't for me, and that's only halfway through the second chapter. Also, the story states that his memories are locked away because the brain of a baby can't handle everything an adult can, but at no point does the writing show the thinking process to be anything other than what I would call "adult".

Story: I can't really judge this part of the story accurately, as I quit on it before I could really find a semblance of story in here. Based on the title and the first couple chapters I assume I would have like the premise, but it's still to early so I'll just give it 5 stars. I will say that I think the prologue should be scrapped altogether, it provides the story with nothing that can't be written in as backstory later on and a few sentences here or there to explain motivations. It really did nothing for me except to tell us the power the MC has, the rest seems like it'll only have an effect much later on in the story, if at all.

Grammar: Not really a problem but it could use some editing, more of a hiccup here or there in the writing than something that makes the story unreadable. I'd say it's better compared to a lot of the stories on here.

Characters: I can already tell I'm not a fan. The only real character interaction is between the MC's dads friend and the MC's thoughts so far, and the friend is having full on conversations with a baby that just makes faces back at him. That's a no from me, sure people talk to babies but it's not generally in the form of open conversation the way this dude is having it. Also not a fan of the MC's thoughts, as stated previously his mind is supposed to be that of a baby yet he's having thoughts like "strong...stronger than I imagined!". Wtf? He's a baby in a new fantasy world, how strong did you imagine things would be? 


I found this story by accident, and I can't believe how good it is, the prologue is extremely well written, the characters feel real, the story is engaging and as far as I can tell the grammar is as good as impeccable.

I'm not good at writing reviews, I just want you to know you have to read this story - especially if it continues as strong as it started.

James Kohos

Been looking for something new to read and having trouble finding something that can hook me in, but this works. Just binged up to date and really enjoying it.

Wish we knew how he died and how he wound up there, but I suspect that it will be plot relevant later on, which is why we aren't in the know.


Author does a good job of conveying emotion.  It deserves more recognition than its getting.  Looking forward to reading more.  I find myself invested with the MC and am genuinely rooting for him.  So far he’s had it rough, but I’m hoping things will get better.  This doesn’t have a tragedy tag so I’m still holding out...