Immortality.Upload (LitRPG: Athanasia - Book 1)

by Patrick Fell

When humanity goes digital, can we escape our violent heritage?

Cassidy lost her parents when she was eight years old, but soon after her eighteenth birthday she discovers her parents might still be alive.

Sort of.

The digital world of Athanasia is the most advanced fantasy game ever created. A step beyond virtual reality, Athanasia is a new reality where players create Eternals, immortal digital clones that spend their entire lives within the game world.

When Cassidy learns her parents might have created their own Eternals before they died, she sets out to join the game to find them. As a new Eternal spellcaster named Seajee, she must learn to navigate this new reality full of magic and danger in order to track them down.

Unfortunately for Cassidy, someone is now trying to kill her in the real world to prevent her from finding her parents in Athanasia. While Cassidy fights for her life, her alter ego Seajee uncovers a nefarious plot to destroy the one protection the Eternals have.

Their immortality.

(Soon to be published with LevelUp! Until then, I'm allowed to post the first of three books as this one goes through the last round of editing, so I'll upload a new chapter every couple of days. I'd like to say it will stay up indefinitely, but I'll have to take it down when it goes live. By then, ya'll will get a headstart on Book 2! The amazing cover art was created by the extremely talented Wesley Souza.)

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Patrick Fell

Patrick Fell

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MC of my World

RIsing star? here's five from me!

Reviewed at: Chapter 5 - Character

Just started the story, and like it so far. I tend to think of a story like a chess game, and the author has done a good job placing the piece around the board. The character development is simple yet intricately weaved in, and the plot isn't half baked which I appretiate and think you will too. Just have to wait and see how the pieces move.

Will update as I go.