Descent to Union

Descent to Union

by Highlord_of_Iron

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Marcus Chandler was just wandering through the woods when he found a mysterious artifact, and an equally strange journal that doesn’t clear up a lot. What it did do, was set off a magical trap that threw him into the Medieval world of Hrot.

Since then, He’s been running from one world to another along the inter-planar trading roads, meeting cute girls all along the way. With the arrival of the Cyborg bounty hunter Stripes though, his life just got a lot more complicated, not that juggling the affections of two girls wasn’t enough.

He found out there’s some Wizards from the wastelands of Maligtyr that want the artifact he has. Add to that, he feels a little guilty using the artifact’s powers on Stripes, so he’s offered to help square her debt, and save the life of her younger brother.

And those are just the problems he knows about.

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Harem, Adventure, Fantasy, Slow burn

Reviewed at: 6: A Day on the Town

The story kicks right off in the middle of a mission as Marcus is introduced alongside Singer, Stripes, and, Tamwyn. Firstly, even though I mostly consume my harem and ecchi stories from an anime format, I profoundly enjoyed the social interactions between the three.

The dialogue flows naturally, and each of the girls is sufficiently different, though I personally prefer a staggered approach of introducing the different girls through the story, or even with individually focused arcs, the approach taken in this book is still honestly fine, and carries its own advantages and disadvantages. (It might feel a little overwhelming at first to keep track of all three. I imagine in a more visual setting like mangas or comics, it might be easier to distinguish the group than a word-based medium.)

The flow of dialogue to action to description is excellent, and I personally prefer paragraphs that varies in shapes and sizes, so this is right in my ball park.

Occasionally, there are times that I was expecting a coma or a full-stop of sorts at the end of a dialogue/sentence, but at this point, I don't even know which one is correct anymore after people say a bunch of different things :D

“I’d hope not.” Maybel said

So far, the story is taking a rather linear format of moving from one location to the other in the form of an adventure story. The details of this world is sprinkled expertly through the stories, in-between dialogues, though at times, I do enjoy short blocks of info-dumps.

Perhaps I have lost track of the main motivations of the characters, or maybe it's something to come in the future chapters, but if anything, this is, in fact, a story with pleasant character interactions, an interesting power that's only briefly explored, and a setting with a lot of potential.


Also one shotting lamias with metal fists is animal cruelty.