The Trespasser

by Anthony Szide

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content


Following his di—instincts, David finds himself in a weird situation; the next thing he knows, he's in a different world, dying, and manhandled by a big-ass alien.

When the Source comes in his aid, granting him the access that—like every other sapient—he's due, David barely manages to get out of the fight with his life intact, but is that enough? Of course it isn't.

The very Source giving him powers is also poisoning him to death.

Oh, there she is, coming in his aide, the petite female alien. Will that be enough to save him? Of course it won't.

If he wants to be saved, he has first to save himself. The only way to do so is by getting to know the world around him, but even before that...

Why the bloody hell did I have to be called Deviant!?


Blurb? Blurb.

The Trespasser starts slowly, I believe I've written a decent world, and I want you to find out what it's all about, won't just throw it in your face because of *levels*. I do not like stories that don't make sense.

David is not a murderhobo, he respects life and answers to the world and the weird situations thrown at him with irony and sarcasm; so you are looking for easy killing streaks, you will not find them here.

So, a man finds himself into the wild? It's a different world, and yet he can breathe its air? Finds himself in a lucky-low-level zone? Oh, look at that, people speak English—how likely is that? So, nope, not for me, gentleman. You won't find anything of the likes here.

Again, a man finds himself in a new world but only thinks about the system? Yeah, that's not exactly how it works.

David will try to find out what it's really all about, what the aliens want, how they work, why is that Fay really helping him?

You can kill somebody to get levels, and yet there is not even a form of police? Not gonna happen here.

Man becomes suddenly overpowered in a world where people can live for thousands of years by having enough luck to face only lower-level people? Hahaha—nope.

Lastly...Spaceships and fantasy with LitRPG... say what!? Well, what's wrong with that? Let's make it happen, shall we?


You want even more info? Really? Alright...

David will start from the very bottom of the food chain, so there will be a settling arc—it's inevitable.

David will find true companions, with personalities and backstories, and they will have a life of their own.

There will be enemies, and those enemies will have a life of their own, too; there will be no evil just because.

The world-building will have true depth; it will not exist just because the protagonist visits it.

There will be both Fantasy and (Soft) Sci-fi—yeah, you heard that right.

There will be rationality to every action taken, as long as the characters are aware of what is going on.

There will be a godly system.

You will come to read because of the world-building, but you will stay for the characters.

The dead stay dead, and you will weep for them.

There will be no action without a reaction.

Lastly, there will be laughs.

Are you still up for it? Then get in but fasten your seatbelts because it's going to be a wild ride.


Release Days: Twice a week

Release Time: ~09:00 PM UTC

Words per chapter: ~3000

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The Better Beholder

Beautiful concept, no run-of-the-mill story but actual content.

I'm up with the patreon release and I can sincerely say that, although starting very differently from anything I've seen so far, it delivers.

A man is thrust into a new world, fights an giant alien even before he gets there, the System itself is trying to poison him to death and he gets by only with the help of somebody else's arrival (no deus ex machina).

From then on he has to understand the System to understand the world, then to understand what is going on with it.

The conflict is ever present but not enough to weight on the reader. The protagonist is fighting to stay alive the first few chapters, as he beats that, the alien police starts looking for him and after that starts his personal survival training. Through all of this we slowly learn of the world, it's inhabitants, their problems and so on. Oh, and the Earth seems to be in danger of being targeted by the aliens too, let's not forget that.

So, I really like this story, it's very good. I'm at chapter twenty-seven and I fell in love with the enemies already. I don't see that happening very often.

Style: constant pressure shifting mixed with world-building and power increase, yeah that's all I want.

Story: Do I need to say more?

Grammar: No problem whatsoever. A few rare typos there that are fixed just as they are found.

Characters: I love David's Ace Ventura-ish attitude. The enemies are gorgeous, his pet is silly, and overall it gives off a wonderful feeling.

Come read this. It's worth it.


So, to me, this is an isekai story with 2 interesting ideas: (1) mana poisons everything, our MC is more vulnerable than usua l, and casting spells makes it worse (2) there are refugees that try to help the people who were on the planet before. I suspect 2 is going to be a lie. But hey, check it out, maybe you'll like it. I really hope the MC drops the idiot ball soon though.


Full disclosure, I support this work on Patreon and am up to date on advanced chapters 

Without saying too much, The Trespasser has a really interesting concept right from the get-go. A strong story and an intriging world: just enough is being revealed at just the right pace. Its really keeping my attention on that front and makes it a great ''daily'' read, which is what I look for the most in series on RoyalRoad. Whether you like the style or not, the LitRPG elements are not obnoxious either. Its overall a lot of fun. 

Our main character is a bit goofy but likeable. Other negative reviews were unfair in my opinion. Our MC is dying right off in the first chapter; as he starts to understand the world around him, his actions make more sense and he clearly grows. Other characters seem to have their own motivations as well.  

Style and grammar... everything is good but its not exceptional. A big positive is that the author has been quickly correcting any typos that are found. 

In short, the story and worldbuilding is great. It absolutely fills my need for a daily updated novel. Its a bunch of fun to read on the way to work and I always look forward to the new chapters. 

Give it a go! 


This might become really good. I might be biased because I'm a fan of the author's other novel, and love the way he does his world-buidings. This one is very well-designed and the novel has barely started.

Fun, intriguing, and very deep.
The story counterbalances the world-building's presentation with comic relief, the enemy's PoV (that I got to say, I'm enjoying more than I thought), and snippets about the system.
The magic system is profound, and there's no mana (thank god), but the fact that it's already laid out (at chapters seven) is surprising; and from what I think I understand, it's made so that the characters cannot cast overpowered skills but have to choose which one they want to use.


Brit man finds himself in a world with a magic system; peculiarity? What is giving him power is also killing him, AND there are two races in a sort of war with each other, but it's still unclear who's the bad guy; really nice to me.


Nothing to say; I didn't really find any problems in it, it's actually very clear, and the British slang here and then is fun.

Easily 5/5

David the Deviant. At the time of this review, he's still adapting to his new circumstances but feels like a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Besides that, given the multi-lead character, it seems clear that there are going to be a few more characters that matter. I'd really like to get to know more about the enemies that are being shown. Their creed seems to be their driving factor from what it's been shown so far, and I really like that.

Give me more aliens!


Shaping up to be real good!

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Answers

This novel is not bad at all!

Don't let the low score discourage you. The story has just started.

The premises are really good. It seems to be shaping up like a lighthearted comedy that doesn't want to take itself too seriously yet hides at its core a very deep world-building.

It seems to be hinting at a wide-scale conflict among two races cohabiting a planet.

It has a multi-character lead tag, and the characters we are getting to know are actually really well-done, even better shaped than the MC.

The style is good, too, alternating humor to world-building, and then jumping to the opposite side of the conflict. I've rarely seen it done so well. With that alone, it's already better than most hack, slash and level up stories out there.

The grammar is good, I don't read chapters right away, but I have found no errors whatsoever, and judging by the comments, the typos are corrected right away. That's a full score for me.

Characters don't get full marks for me, for the lack of internal dialogue, it's a feature I like, and the author doesn't seem to rely on it. It does speed up the story and leaves us only with the character's actions and decisions.

Overall, this might become really good; I'll eagerly wait and see how it will shape up to be.


So much was promised, that I will have to read this, and keep on reading it.

As of yet the 5stars are for: the blurb, the cover and the info on how many and how long chapters can we expect
- the style of the blurb is aleady engaging
- what is promised would be fantastic
- the cover looks nice
- consistency is good
- and to encourage the writer to keep at it

I will totally rewrite this review as I get on with the story. 


Competent writing, MC suffers from idiot stick

Reviewed at: Chapter 5: Cyana

The writing is OK, the world-building is interesting, but I stopped reading at chapter five. The MCs idiocy destroyed my suspension of disbelief. You are in a new world, dying from the environment, and instead of trying your hardest to communicate with the friendly alien you are making jokes in a language she doesn't speak? 


Some real "neckbeard" feels

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Deviant Son

The MC (and maybe the author) seem to relate to the cliché "neckbeard". That mentality is just a no-go for me. The story and grammar are pretty ok and well written, especially for the average royalroad story, yet that mentality leaves quite a bitter aftertaste while reading the story.

Probably harder to notice if one isn´t familiar with it. (The "new age gentleman", the falling in love with a random woman and justifying beating her husband, showing the standard glorification and objectification of woman typical to that cliché, and obviously feeling shunted by society, even though everything the MC has done is "the right thing" and the others obviously are all blind and in the wrong, and the general edgy behaviour, ...)

That´s what i saw from the first chapter, wonder how much more i´d see in the further chapters.

Need 60 more words...

Try googling the neckbeard cliché and tell me if you see the simliarity. I´m definitely curious whether it is just me.
Also i think another review mentioning this ("nice guys") got deleted as i remember seeing one before but couldnt find it again.


If you dont feel bothered by the mentioned things, this might even be an interesting story, since it is rather well written and woudl even fall in the genre im interested in. Simply can´t overlook that big flaw