Virtuous Sons

Virtuous Sons

by Ya Boy
Editor: Pineapple Hugs

The saying goes that when a man is born the Fates weave his destiny and swaddle him in it. Then one day the man dies, and the swaddle becomes a shroud. Heaven moves on.

It is audacity to question the Fates. Olympus is Olympus. The land of men is the land of men. To transgress that, to cross the line of divinity and scale Olympus Mons? To defy the Fates and cast off their threads?

That is hubris. It’s a mark that every philosopher bears plainly on their soul.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Ya Boy

Ya Boy

What's up demons?

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Chapter Name Release Date
Alpha and Omega ago
0.2 ago
0.3 ago
0.4 [The Caged Dove] ago
0.5 ago
0.6 ago
0.7 [The Young Miss-tocrat] ago
0.8 ago
0.9 [The Rites Pt.1] ago
0.10 [The Rites Pt.2] ago
0.11 [The Rites Pt.3] ago
0.12 [The Littlest Kyrios] ago
0.13 ago
0.14 [The Caged Dove 2] ago
0.15 ago
0.16 ago
0.17 ago
0.18 [The Young Miss-tocrat 2] ago
0.19 [The Young Miss-tocrat 3] ago
0.20 ago
0.21 [Captain of Salt and Ash] ago
0.22 [PROLOGUE END] ago
Interlude 1 [Selene] ago
1.1 ago
1.2 [Nikolas Aetos] ago
1.3 ago
1.4 ago
1.5 ago
1.6 ago
1.7 ago
1.8 ago
1.9 ago
1.10 ago
1.11 ago
1.12 ago
1.13 [The Young Miss-tocrat] ago
1.14 ago
1.15 ago
1.16 ago
1.17 ago
1.18 ago
1.19 ago
1.20 ago
1.21 ago
1.22 ago
1.23 ago
Interlude 2: ??? ago
1.24 ago
1.25 ago
1.26 ago
1.27 ago
1.28 ago
1.29 ago
1.30 [Scythas] ago
1.31 [An Unkindness] ago
1.32 ago
1.33 ago
1.34 ago
1.35 ago
1.36 ago
1.37 ago
1.38 [Lefteris] ago
1.39 ago
1.40 ago
Interlude 2.2 [Old 'Zalus] [Olympia Arc Part 1: END] ago
Interlude 3.1 [Myron Aetos] ago
Interlude 3.2 [Myron Aetos] ago
1.41 ago
1.42 ago
1.43 ago
1.44 ago

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Really good so far

Reviewed at: 0.15

A really good take on xianxia with good characters and world-building. It's not boring and the main characters story and world-building really intrigue me. They seem believable and I really enjoy this series so far.

It's gonna be on my list for great xianxia and I hope it keeps this up. 


Reluctant Best Buds

Reviewed at: 1.4

I love Hobbs and Shaw, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, etc. The two MCs fit right in with the other amazing love/hate reluctant best bud stories!

I'm already engrossed with this story and it just passed the Prologue. It's a fantastically unique take on cultivation novels and I am excited to follow this story all the way through!



Face Your Past, or Never See Your Future

Reviewed at: 0.22 [PROLOGUE END]

Come for the plot, stay for the Bromance*.

Fantastic story premise. Rich in Greco/Roman flare.

Delicious. Exceptional Writing. Beautiful Worldbuilding.

Culitvator world. In the Fair City of Verona, two Families Dwell. That of Fair Griffon, and that of tame Sol.

Our MC's are set up to be foil's of one another. One raised on Love, the other not. One in chains of Iron, the other of Spirit.

Our boys needed to find each other to see what was missing in their foundation for their continued growth.

They escape together finally free, let the adventures begin.

...Its the plot of the movie The Eagle, but with culitvation. Its perfect.



John Marcus

Well written. The dialogue provides us with an emotional push-pull which serves to flesh out all characters involved. This is especially relevant to the growing brotherhood between our mcs.

The setting and culture is xianxia overlaid with a relatively thin veneer of Greek and Roman vernacular. Overall, I do wish that wasn't the case, with the ideological and philosophical roots of the setting being thoroughly derived actual G & R culture.

I complain because I see the potential the story has. It's still less tropey than most. Not perfect. But still 5 stars.

Just Another Lurker

Absolutely Excellent

Reviewed at: 0.5

There is simply no denying it, this story is, hands down, the best in its class. It pairs Greek culture and Xianxia delicately and efficiently in a way that defies description. No need to understand the Greek words, the context is all you need to clue you in, showing a clear and precise plan to the story. The pairing is so well done, so quickly but carefully explained that I had no problems whatsoever following the worlds logic, despite the novel merging two rather distinct cultures. 

I'm only at chapter 5, but I'm already so engrossed, I'm afraid I'll end up utterly starved for more once I reach the end, and only barely managed to pry myself away to give this review. 12/10, excellent writing, fantastic prose, and solid characters. An excellent framework that shows incredible promise, and is already starting to deliver. I simply must have more!


In summary, I can't recommend this more. Absolutely excellent.


Absolutely incredibly written story. The characters are beautifully created and I can't wait for the next chapter. You masterfully enchanted the readers into the world of the Greeks in a way I've never seen before. You haven't focused on the gods yet, having instead taken your time with the Greco-Roman cultivation world, creating what I would say is a mastery of the integration of worldbuilding with the flow of the storyline. Wonderful job


Nothing much to say. This is a very well written story but I doubt the average RR user can appreciate it, the fact that it's not among the best popular fictions is enough proof. If you expect constant action, levels, power-ups, etc. then this isn't the right place. If you are a more mature reader give it a shot


Amusing and absurd(ism)

Reviewed at: 1.9

Meet Sol, King of no one, alone in this world. Once a leader, a commander, now a slave.

Meet Griffon, Young Aristocrat, yearning to soar. Also named Lio, gifted in every way, shackled by his birthright.

Virtuous Sons begin in the private estate of a wealthy and powerful cult in the city-state of Álikos on the coast of the Ionian Sea, where peace reigns in the land under the auspices of a Tyrant. It is the story of the unlikely brotherhood of Griffon and Sol, the mysteries that surround them in the Rosy Dawn Cult and the tribulations they must seek to ascend the Olympus Mons.

Ya Boy skillfully weaves a tight narrative around the two men, starting literally at two different ends of the Greek alphabet, Alpha and Omega, with each initially disdaining the other, but yet pulled together by an unexplainable thread of destiny.

I’m particularly intrigued by the backdrop of the world and the unique flavour of cultivation. Ya Boy introduces Greek philosophical concepts such as pneuma (breath/ spirit/ soul) and draws several parallels to real world historical events.

Well thought out, beautifully executed story. Grammar is on point and the characters, main and side ones are delightful.


Just all of it is so good. The character development is going on great. There's no plot armor and everything is so well planned and thought-out. Also, the type of book, xianxia, is oversaturated with garbage books. But this book is like a gem. Also, the setting, which is during the Greco-Roman, is creative and unique, since I've never since a xianxia book about it.


Blood F***ing Excellence

Reviewed at: 0.16

This story has such an interesting idea as premise yet such that I can't believe it has not done before. To take the tropes of traditional xiania but rather viewing such a path through western philosophy instead of eastern. It is bloody brilliant and clearly written by an author who knows there Roman and Greek influences reasonably well. The back and forth dialogues on the Roman vs Greek perceptive, the nature and value of virtue is just great as you watch two men over time become brothers. I bloody love this story even as it is only building up it feels like only better it to come