Little Miss Savage

Little Miss Savage

by Yuli Ban

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Meet Sol Yulaan. She is a Yaban: a savage and brutish creature identical to a Saiyan or a Thermonuclear Klingon.  She hails from a zany and brutal universe far different from our own— and now she lives on Earth. Crossing this barrier has not stripped her of any strength or mystical kung fu powers. Rather, she is bound to a contract: as retribution for her violence, she must live on a very-low-power, mundane world of humans without engaging in needless slaughter— a demand which goes purely against every instinct she has. If she gives into her instinctive bloodlust on our world, she'll face a horror worse than death. But otherwise, she is free to do as she pleases

She is contractually owned by the eccentric cousin of a warrior famous in her own universe, a warrior who secretly crossed the barrier before and is now considered missing. Unfortunately for our monkey-tailed friend, the eccentric Man in the Zoot Suit is a vastly far cry from the warrior she knew, instead a part of plots and stories far more grounded and as distant from her familiar wuxia-flavored fantasy as a dream would be.

What sort of bizarro times will these two and their motley crew of family and friends create? And is it a wise idea to bring a Thermonuclear Klingon to Earth? These pages will explore the possibilities!

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