Legends of Arenia: Arrival

Legends of Arenia: Arrival

by PA_Parsons

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Arrival: Legends of Arenia Book 1 is now available on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Nook!

No Kindle Unlimited at this time so that I can keep Book 1 on Royal Road. New chapters coming late Summer!

The Sullivans are a normal family. But after being transported to the magical world of Arenia, normal isn’t a luxury they can afford.

It's just another Thanksgiving for the Sullivans—until the walls disappear and they discover they are being transported to Arenia, a place where game rules are real and their Earthen ability to reincarnate grants them unlimited potential.

Or it would, if the celestial administrator in charge of their case hadn't mixed up longitude and latitude and sent the wrong family. Oops. Too bad he already faked their deaths.

Now scattered throughout the Arenian wilderness and armed only with their Tomes—books containing all of their skills, accomplishments, and quests—the family members must discover a strength they didn't know they had if they are going to survive long enough to find each other.

Note: Contains some profanity and a turkey, but not a profane turkey. Personally, I'm fine with profane turkeys, but if that's where you draw the line, you should know there are none in this book. In fact, I'm going to promise you no profane turkeys for the entire series. That's my gift to you.

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North Wind

I found Legends of Arenia: Arrival awesome. The story leads with a great introduction that helps you learn more about the characters while still keeping some mystery, but in a natural and engaging way. The characters are all painted in a great way, and even though I still like some characters more than others, they are all engaging. 

The style: I've read stories with multiple POV's that I've always slog through one person's POV and wait until it gets to the character I enjoy, but here, I am never bored. It has humorous elements with some mysterious and adventerous elements as well. The world is very intruiging, and I think the style is great.

The story: I am constantly kept engaged and looking forward for each new chapter, and through the different POV's, we are exploring different, unique parts of the new world. We are taken through different worlds, and I can already tell that these different aspects will tie together very well. The story is super fun to read!

The grammar: The grammar is perfectly fine. I've barely seen any mistakes, and no immersion-breaking ones. The author definitely doesn't have any problems here.

The characters: The characters are where the author really shines. Each one is engaging, and even though I like some more than others, they are all fully developed and fleshed out, with their own personalities and problems. They each have had their own experiences in life, and they actually act according to them, not like an MC that is supposed to be smart, but acts like a moron. Even though some of the characters are more fun to read about, each one has their own history that I want to learn about. The characters in this story are all amazing! I enjoyed the turkey and Grandpa Jack, as they are funny and make me laugh whenever I read about them, but I also empathize with Mark's epilepsy. The way the author is turning him into a spellcaster or magician is very unique and I haven't seen it before, and it's great! All the characters are portrayed in a realistic ways, and they all feel like a real, albeit struggling and scared, family torn and separated into a new world full of unknowns and danger. I can tell this story will go far, and I plan to stick with it every step of the way!


This story is amazing. The only critique I have is that the different perspectives was off-putting at the start. Around chapter 14 it felt more natural but before then was almost unreadable save for the other aspects. I love how we get to see parellel stories that still tie into eachother.


Well.. Isn't this just the bees knees

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: The Fog

I don't usually seek out new fiction on here preferring established series so I don't need to wait, but the author posted on /r/litrpg and gosh darnit I got hooked. Though I still hope he'll publish the books on Amazon so I can skip ahead.

It's not the first series I've read to have a bumbling excuse for a God, but I did enjoy the whole family + dinner being transported to a new world as a result of said bumbling.

Not gonna lie, I'm mostly here for Jack. If everyone but Jack & the Turkey died I would still follow and eventually throw money at this series/the authors Patreon when he gets one.

I look forward to many new exciting chapters about Jack & The Turkey... hopefully together...

Writing wise this is grammatically sound, well written and dare I say edited to a level unknown to most fiction on here.

Truly excellent work.


It was written pretty well, although I feel like the actual viewpoints were a little bit scattershot and they didn't really flow cohesively all the time.  Also, this might just be my personal opinion but I kind of feel like there was a lot of particular umbrage taken with a certain character and their type. It clearly seems like they were meant to be more of a satirical deconstruction and maybe even a bit of vindictiveness. That really wasn't what I was in for. Don't know if I'll really be continuing the story, but for people who like that sort of thing, this was very well written and I would recommend it foe them, but not for me.


How often do you see a whole family transported to another world? How often is the strongest one a 95 year-old grandfather? Do you often see the Thanksgiving turkey taken with the family? The charactes seem relatable, and fun.

This is a unique story. The sense of humour uses the tropes of the snarky system, but it is well accomplished. 

Did I mention that this is the entire first book? So there's no waiting for just one more chapater. 

I recommend that you read and enjoy

Zenopath (AEV)

Well written, humorous, adventure

Reviewed at: Chapter 29: To the Gates

I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. Normally litrpg tends to be overwhelming amounts of tedious information. This story has only a reasonable amount of information, just enough to be interesting. Oftentimes the humor of a novel reduces everything to slapstick that feels as if there are no stakes as any wacky random thing could deus ex machina a solution. There is some of that in this novel but its balanced by humourously bad luck. Overall it still feels like victory is earned because the characters suffer and struggle. 

More importantly, the characters feel relatable, if a bit exaggerated. I find myself caring about what will happen to them. I recommend you give this novel a read. I was well entertained with this highly engaging novel.


I'm pleased to find a book that will provide me daily dopamine. It's such a rare find for an author to already have their book finished before posting. 

As of chapter 2, the technical aspects of the writing are fairly spic and span. Obviously there's not a lot to review for story elements yet, but it's off to a humorous start. Each character feels distinct among family members without falling into neat stereotypes. I look forward to seeing how a misplaced family (and a turkey) cope as isekai litRPG protagonists!


it's good I'm not usually one for a book that jumps between this many characters but I can't complain this was good. The world is well written medieval fantasy, the characters are interesting and the story is fascinating I can't wait to read more. The only thing I can critique is that with how it's written the individual characters stories sometimes feel a little rushed I'm sure in the next book with the family being together this problem won't be so prominent however I'm sure the author can also look at this as a compliment as I wanted to spend more time with the characters. Thank you for the lovely afternoon of reading 


Interesting take on a Fantasy series

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Confrontation

I like the stoyline so far, it is an unconventional twist on a fantasy story.

Nice job PA!


So the review has to be at least 50 words long?  Thats BS.  Have I gotten to 50 words yet, unnamed bureaucrat?

Nope, only forty, I guess I need ten more words.


Parsons has taken the LITRPG and written it in a format condussive to publishing and sales. It reflects a level of planning and dedication that is only found in the highest quality works on Royal Road. 

In terms of content, its grammatically well written and host a cast of incredibly fun characthers. Where many works struggle with uninteresting POV shifts Legend of Arenia presents a unique set of traits and challenges for each of its mains. 

Highly recommend giving this story a read.