Listonia Online

by Glitch

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

In the future, the biggest game that took the world by storm is Listonia Online, A full dive fantasy VRMMO. Jay is the foremost class researcher for one of the top professional teams in the game. However, even though he has made a name for himself, he still regrets not taking the game more seriously when playing during its early years. He finds a new dream by trying to become the pioneer for a Tier 5 class, the pinnacle in the game!

However, the power structure amongst the top factions in the game makes it currently impossible, even though he finally found a way to make the first Tier 5! When he is thrown 10 years into the past, It seems his opportunity to realize his dream has come!

Note: My current release schedule is 1 chapter at 12PM EST (4pm UTC) on Saturdays. Occasionally i may be able to put out an extra chapter during the week. I will aim for extra chapters to be released on wednesdays at 12PM EST (4PM UTC)

Clarification: Since some people might have questions about it, This series is not a Harem series and will not focus on romance. While there is an introduction of alot of female characters in the first few chapters, the focus for this series will be the adventure and game aspects.

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Review as of chapter 4

This story starts really good, grammar is mostly fine and when there are mistakes these are minor ones that you can easily ignore. I personally was hooked after the first chapter, so check it out.


I am no native englisch speaker so sorry for any errors. Review will be updatet when more chapters are out.

Currently 4 stars, if grammatical errors are improved will change to 5.


Update as of chapter 12

The story continues to be interesting and the mc actually had a setback, though with no real consequences, but a setback regardless. The story is in the slowly builds up phase at the moment.

Grammar is 4 stars even though I spotted no mistakes since I am no native english speaker and have already grown numb to mistakes from to much Web novels