A Bomb in the Building

A Bomb in the Building

by Shalrath

A very tiny bomb in a very large building presents an existential crisis for the 23rd dimension spacetime owners association.

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This review was brought to you by Ludo305's iniative for every 'complete' fiction to have at least one rating.

This reads sort of like stream-of-conciousness.

It's nonspecifically 'wacky', but it doesn't quite have the relatable quality of something like 'Hitchhikers', or the clever parody of Wonderland.  It just has weird stuff happening, one after another, and none of it makes a whole lot of sense.

It's not even consistent nonsense, for the most part. In the beginning the characters have no idea what a bomb is, but later on they talk about wild goose chases and eventually a planet full of Jessica Alba clones. Are they just dreadfully ignorant about exactly this one word?

Anyways. As a drama, the plot is fairly weak. The 'plot' doesn't really resolve, it's just kinda dropped. None of the characters really grabbed my interest - the first two seemed mostly interchangeable, honestly. As a comedy… well, I did snigger at one or two points, but the joke density seemed a bit low if it was trying to be really funny.

That being said, it's not actually bad or anything. It's just kinda… there.

Not quite sure what to make of it in the end. I guess it's novel, at least. The grammar was decent.