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He never had a name. 

People had names, not lab rats. The reason for his existence was to further science and die somewhere along the way.

"Subject Five" was what they called him. Under the name of science, they tormented him and derived a sick pleasure from his pain.

His dark life had a single solace in the form of his brothers and sisters sharing the same fate. Helping them escape cost Five his life, but he was happy knowing he did something for himself.

After waking up, he finds himself as the son of a noble in a marvelous world filled with magic. In his second chance at life, he vows to protect himself and his family from anything that threatens to destroy his peaceful life. Follow Five on his path to supremacy.


This is a LITRPG novel, with the system playing a crucial, but supporting role. It isn't omnipotent and has definite origins which I'll explain later in the story. Another important aspect is world-building and crafting.  I'll go into quite a lot of detail on both of them.

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It's really underrated. For example the entire isekai seems redundant besides as a front for a self insert. The world simply lacks authenticity, the only thing fleshed out is the inconherent power system that needs constant explaining and seems like a hodgepodge of western litrpg but with ki, wuxia cultivation, and random inspirations from western games. Like I care more about the fact there is a kony child army than MC having a hidden ability that's too op for the system to unlock, because of the isekai, because of the experimentation?

I'll say it flat out, you are kinda hampering your ability by making this kind of power system, worrying about control variables is too much on top of the average things that most authors neglect to do. Just focus on having a simple power system to justify your world and then put your creative energy elsewhere 👌. 


Too early to tell. But there is a heavy emphasis on the system right now and 5 year olds are fighting people way older than them for the sake of training. Bit too much for me. I dunno what the point was with the early chapters on his previous life. Usually that's used so the reader can relate to someone in a fantasy world, but that isn't the case here. It's just to say his previous life sucked and maybe bond with a special item. Point is, ya could do away with the entire first chapter and nothing would be missed. 

Little sister is adorable but hasn't had any meaningful interactions yet. No one has honestly. And that's the rub. Its too early to tell, but we're what? A dozen chapters in. Could get a lot better. Could get a lot worse. But nothing truly hooks me into wanting to read more. Give it a shot if ya like system novels. It'll show up after about 10


Style: The text is very clear and well written. The dialogues and character actions go along smoothly while painting a pretty picture.

Grammar: I haven't seen any particular issues. I won't be surprised if the author writes with a thesarus by his side. The vocabulary is quite diverse.

Now, I'll combine the story and character sections into one. The premise itself is great. It sets the stage for a complicated and interesting MC. During the first few chapters, the author skimmed details about his past and interaction with other people which put me off a bit. In recent chapters, there are more references to his past and some of his personality is showing, but I would like to see one strong characteristic about him. From what I read, I get the feeling that you are building up for it, but don't take too long. I love the side characters in the story, especially his sister Lily and hope they aren't forgotten along the way. The story itself is in the beginning stages and hasn't gotten into the plot yet. He's still in the process of strengthning himself, but again don't take too long to introduce more about the world and plot. 

One thing I liked about the story is the explanation about his system. Till what I've read, I like the way the author depicts the system. 

Overall this is a very good book with a lot of potential. I'll wait for the charcters and pliot to progress before updating the review.


Solid start and slow build.

Reviewed at: Doctor Amos

The main characters personality is pretty solidly set in the first chapter but it does seem to change as the story progresses which is good, avoids static character syndrome. The main characters reincarnation "cheat" power seems so far not to be ridiculously overpowered, powerful yes but not in a way that's boring. Liking the story so far and looking forward to seeing where it goes. 

By way of critiques the only one I can think of, the parents of the child mc reincarnated into haven't commented at all on the (presumably large) change in personality that would have occurred. It may be that they've talked about it "off screen" where he didn't hear it or possibly they assume that the trauma caused the change, either way at some point it would be nice to have it at least addressed. 


Overall I give it a solid 8.5 out of 10 do recommend 


A promising start.  

Reviewed at: Main Quest (Part 1)

Very reminiscent of the kind of litrpgs that made me fall in love with the genre in the first place. Well Written and thought out thus far with a far more interesting origin than the standard "generic earth guy killed by truck-kun" you normally get. 

The protagonist's origin is a bit lacking in detail, but unlike most isikea it feels like his origin will be expanded on later and that it actually has relevance to the story, instead of simply being an excuse to introduce modern knowledge to medieval fantasyland. 

It's early days but so far everything is looking great, a uniquish origin, interesting world and system with lots of promise, Likeable relatable characters and the beginnings of many enticing plot threads that I am genuinely curious to see play out. 

Well worth reading and following I am looking forward to seeing where this one goes.


Edit: For those complaining about the age the children started training I believe the system of training is loosely based on the spartan method where boys were taken from their families and began very harsh military training at the age of 7. Most of the children seem to be around that age so historically not as ridiculous an idea as it seems. 


This book breaks my biggest rule, Show don't tell, you hear about the experiments done on him, but you never get a glimpse into his suffering we're just told he's suffered. The interaction between characters feels forced with little to no meaning.

The character also contradicts himself a ton in saying he doesn't care about other people and yet he constantly says he sympthazies with them. The only redeeming charactertistic from this story is how good the world building is so far. Everything is described well and fleshed out well. 



5 Year old's do not do military training

Reviewed at: Uncontrollable

After transfer the Mc is 5 years old and is put in competitive military training alongside adults.

only way I can see fixing this is to flat out change his transfer age and make the other kids in the grupe the same age as the other members in the grupe.

or write 10+ years of stuff and insert it before traning arc and make the other kids in the grupe the same age

50 words - 50 words - 50 words - 50 words

Black Lotus

It's a so-so, I guess.

Reviewed at: Changes (Part 1)

It's good, I guess. The grammar is good, I guess. The story is good but it will soon change because it's still early chapters. The upload rate is good, I guess. I will rate it 5 stars for now, I will change it after more chapters or so. I don't know what to write anymore. Just try reading it and guess if it was in your standard.

I'm not really good at writing review but I will brief you with the story. Five(MC) was a labrat being experimented with the artifacts and died after killing his torturers(Scientist). After that, he got transported into another world and replaced the body that has just died which is Alan. After that, he trained to be a knight by his parents and discovered the system. That's it for now, I guess.