The Steel Harvest: The Final Cut

by ScorchedEarth22

Original HIATUS Drama Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Multiple Lead Characters Slice of Life

Welcome back, traveler.

The Steel Harvest returns to Royal Road this August with the professionally-edited recut of the first story arc.

Stay tuned for more information!

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  • Overall Score

quite an interesting far post-war story(somehow, probably because of the recent hype, it reminded me of fallout). small mistakes in spelling and sometimes slightly confusing in regards to who is talking but it still reads quite fluently. it is definitly worth a read for people who like original storys without VR or RE backgrounds.

  • Overall Score

New concept, new storyline. Post-war civilization story and it’s survivability are interesting for those who tired with Virtual Reality or Reincanation based-story. Few grammatical error, spelling mistakes and confusing sentences but still can be accepted. Worth reading. Other than that, keep writing, I’m waiting for more chapter.

  • Overall Score

Feels like you're reading from a book

This guys writes almost like a professional, Everything is well thought out and the pacing is perfect , though strangely enough , why does it have very few Average Views ?

  • Overall Score

Very good. Great Story and great grammar. Should be more popular :)

  • Overall Score

I was trying to remember what this tasted like! Haha, if you enjoy Spice and Wolf, you'll probably enjoy this story.  Not sure if the author has read the story, but it shares many similarities (like their personalities, the church, travelling merchant,  red eyed girl, etc.). 

  • Overall Score

This is truly the first story where action is not the main focus. The beautiful dynamic interactions between characters is absolutely unparalleled. The setting is always described accurately. One of the cool parts of this story is that it give off a specific vibe  or feel that makes it uniquely it's own. The story seems to build of this vibe to make a masterpiece. This story is amongst the best that I have ever read on this site.