Jack of All

by SangBlanc

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Jack of All updates every Monday and Friday. All chapters, locked and unlocked can be found on the main website.
Meet the protagonist of this LitRPG saga.

This is the story of a young man, who finds himself in a new world, learning new things.

Oh, but he doesn't remember anything prior to waking up in it.
He's not sure about his name, either.
He is sure that this whole Classes and Levels thing is neat.

Follow him on this wild ride of an adventure.
Sure, he won't know what he's doing half the time, but that's the beauty of it.

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Cover Art by Kendora Sage Art.

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Detrius Vimes

I have no idea how this isn’t rated higher

Reviewed at: Chapter 38

the story is great. Fun. Interesting. Well written.

The characters er feel alive. Mc is actually likable. I truly Felt for certain characters and have laughed several times out lout at Mrk. I think it’s pretty rare on this site for characters to be so believale that you can see them as people and not just written characters, which the author has achieved. Big ups.

read the story. 



New life, zero memories,strange forest, and nothing to help him (almost).

-0.5* for grammar issues

+4.5*for refreshing story

Main character doesn't have any massive goals like to save the world (for now), but I kind of see something like this coming.

No combat skills\classes, but he's still kind of OP but actually not. (if you count super-gardener and stick-locator skills op, then I don't know what is not). How can this be so interesting? This is not sounds like epic story with plot twists, but this is sure as hell interesting story


I whish I could read this every day

Reviewed at: Chapter 25

This story is gold! I found it by chance, back when it wasn’t even on Trending and I’ve been looking forward to the updates ever since. It’s a LitRPG story, though the system isn’t as static. There’s no visible XP, but the Classes are good and varied and there’s certain Skills that go with each Class. 
The MC isn’t OP from the very start, which I like, but enters the world and grows by getting “normal” Classes and leveling them. Where I’m at right now, he’s branching to magic and growing his gang. It’s really a type of progression story and the pace is solid. The world itself is varied, with multiple races appearing, but so far the action takes place in just one “nation” (I won’t give out spoilers).
The grammar has some typo’s, but the author’s really active in the comments section and most are fixed the same day. I like that a community has already formed around it.

Just as a warning, there’re some comments and reviews hinting at something terrible happening to a side-character.
It’s bullshit. There is a spot of grimdark, true, but nothing compared to what’s happening in other stories, not to mention real life. Those comments just feel like somebody is intentionally trying to drag down the story.
But that’s life on RR, I guess.

Last thought. I meant what I said in the title. I’d read this every day if I could. Sadly, the story updates twice a week and the chapters are between 4000-5000 words. But the beginning chapters were shorter, so I’m hoping they’ll grow larger as time goes by.


Like the system, the MC and the world

Reviewed at: Chapter 11 - Interlude: A

This reads like the early Wandering Inn chapters. Even the system reminds me of it.  The story seems to be paced perfectly and I am getting small glimpses of how great this story could be. I hope that I found a web fiction giant in its early days and not another story that started out great but then lost it's momentum


An interesting story. The intro-chapters seemed somewhat underwhelming, but the story started gaining traction as soon as other characters and their issues were introduced. The author manages to create a sense of tension through the conundrums one might truly see within a fantasy setting. I also like how the story doesn't descend into the classic use of MC plot armor to get rid of any problem that gets in the protagonists' way. There are multiple moral issues within the novel that the MC can't obliderate with his MC status. My only hope is that the slice-of-life elements within the novel don't smother out the progression offered by the leveling system. 


Best new LitRPG story in a good long while

Reviewed at: Chapter 23

I waited for a few chapters, before writting this review. I wanted to see how the story developed, before I made a full an honest review.

And I am so impressed with how it's turning out to be.

Overall, it's a coming of age story for Jack, the main protagonsist, but based in a LitRPG, or perhaps GameLIT, setting. He wakes up, starts getting Classes and Skills and moves on with the world.
But even at Chapter 10, the story already hints at a larger world out there, filled with other races, magic and plots.
I'll refrain from saying more than that, for fear of giving any spoilers.

The Interlude Chapters have, so far, given the biggest hints of that.

The style is linear and neat, which makes it easy to read. I like the wording and the phrasing, since it tends to add to the feeling of the story, rather than take away from it.
The narrator almost feels like a character in and of itself sometimes.

Dialogue mixes well with the more descriptive scenes, so it never seems like there's a break in pace. It all tends to flow nicely.

There were very few mistakes that I saw and only ever typo's.


All in all, I can't recommend this enough.
I'll be looking forward to reading it in the future.

Scesce Scesce

i found myself enjoying this one, the grimdark/tragedy tags added are quite a bonus, i suggest though to add the tag author, so people can't b...itch about not knowing feeling sick to their stomach etc... 

anyway the only grievance, i could have is about fighting, after all that still not a fighting skill....

then again before the latest interlude it seems to have been rectified.

anyway i'm liking this, and chances are that since i'm liking it, it will be dropped.


Jack of All is good. Don’t let the slow beginning fool you, it’s 20 chapters in, but already ramping up. It starts of kind of like a survival fantasy, where the MC is an amnesiac, with no knowledge of the world, no idea who he is or where he came from. Then he starts doing stuff (regular survival) and gets a class. That’s where things really start, since he keeps getting and leveling classes, meets other characters and picks out a name (hint!). So far, there’s been a couple of other races introduced and others that were name dropped. There’s a chapter where the author explains what the surrounding area is like, but it doesn’t go too much into kingdoms and other powers, so I’m guessing that the worldbuilding is still being developed. But! the author did describe an entirely different culture, belonging to one of the characters, which I thought was cool IMO. There’re two cultures being described, actually, but I liked one more than the other. The cast is small right now, but new characters keep getting added. Kind of reminds me of the Wandering Inn in a way. Every voice seems to have its own personality instead of just blending in, which is something I appreciate. Grammar-wise, there are a few mistakes, but they don’t detract from the story. The flow is good and the chapters are longer than most I’ve read on RR. I’d say it deserves a higher rating than what it currently has. TL;DR: Good premise, good story. Hope the author will keep on writing.


Jack of All is a singularly cool story. The premise is normal enough, MC wakes up in the world, no idea how he got there or who he is. His personality is something between goofy and goodhearted, since his first few days are spent just wandering around the forest and discovering the world. But he makes friends and is genuinely invested in those friends.
The Class system is straightforward, just Classes, Levels and Skills, no XP or loot involved. Still, we’re early in the story, so perhaps the author will change that. The Classes are normal so far (so are the Skills), but there’s a twist relating to a certain Class and the name the MC picks for himself. I won’t give spoilers on that, better to find it from the story.
The progression is not exactly fast-paced, but things happen quickly enough for my liking. There’s also a side story, in the form of Interludes. Separate character, not as much my cup of tea as the MC, but still very interesting. Here’s to hoping for other side characters.
The story is not all happy go lucky, it goes into some grim stuff, but even the even those chapters are well made and flesh out the world and the characters. That said, I’m getting the sense that the worldbuilding will be big.
Some typos, here and there, but minor. I looked at the comments section and it seems the author is on the lookout for comments pointing out mistakes. Solves them quickly too.
To end it, I love this story. Found it by browsing Trending and I read all Chapters in a day. SangBlanc, if you’re reading this, keep up the good work.


Updated: A interesting start

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

The story overall has started off fun and intresting enough for me to give it 3 stars. Unfortuneatly a certain happening in the story that i wasnt expecting soured me on it abit but dont let that stop you from giving it a try. Originally I had this one 1 star due to the lack of a traumatic content tag for content I found really disturbing (which is why I dropped it) I reached out to the author and within a day or two he messaged me back and updated the tags.