Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

This is a tale.

One of Life,
Of Death,
And of the unnatural disregard of the rules that govern both.

Our story arguably begins at the climax of this, just after the death and reincarnation of a random eccentric.
In a turbulent world experiencing a forceful, remorseless revolution, we follow the saga of a possessed young noble and the world around him.

Begin this journey...
Follow our main character, a slightly crazy (Laughs), psychopathic, possibly apathetic yet apt youth...
Possessing dual souls, and the memories that come with them, He challenges head-on the complicated political structure and social-economic hurdles that plague a budding, war-stricken civilization.

Come along, oh dear traveller...
To Anno, a world hiding legendary secrets worthy of your exploration.

For it is the year 223 S.T.
The year it all began.

Discord: https://discord.gg/E4mUYPet2a

Cover Art by Ben J- "Citadel of the eternal sun"
Here's the artist's link- https://winterkeep.artstation.com/

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mortal dreamer

Word Count (X)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Rebirth ago
Dead me ago
Still so unlucky ago
The Fall ago
BURN ago
Violence ago
Fleeing ago
Ambush ago
Decoy ago
Aden's tale ago
Blithering Fool ago
House-warming party ago
Aftermath ago
Fiendish Walt Disney ago
Three ancients ago
Suspicious Floridaman ago
Dictator ago
Latent Potential ago
The grieving uncle Reamus ago
The church of the Twins ago
Lime mortar ago
It's just perfect... ago
Captured ago
Angelic visage ago
Lucky to be his father... ago
Crazy miracle worker ago
Bootcamp ago
The profound carrot and stick approach ago
Birds die for food... ago
Karma’s a bit*h milord ago
Holy father Heimlich's glossy green hat ago
The best course of action ago
Pitiful young master Sean ago
A letter from Verum ago
Men… wretched, paltry animals. ago
Wimp ago
The need to adapt ago
A weapon ago
Chamber of commerce ago
Friendship ago
A love story birthed from the flames of war ago
Reinforcements ago
The enemy ago
Despair ago
A hero birthed from a love story ago
Arrival ago
Doubt ago
Let's go, Viscount ago
Welcome home ago
I won't be so soft hearted ago
Spoiled woman ago
The Target ago
Little girl ago
The Blueprint of an Udorian Mafia ago
Even I am confused ago
A little wait ago
Another princess? ago
The Greatest father ago
Target acquired ago
Ambush at the docks ago
Battle of Redwater harbour ago
When a plan falls in place ago
Expand, then conquer! ago
You are getting married ago
Crimson eyes ago
I am honored ago
The Funeral ago
A true soldier ago
Reparations and Protection ago
Have we met before? ago
The Art of Negotiation ago
Oh, little Varietal ago
A vest ago
Weirdo ago
Desire for vengeance ago

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The spelling is fine but the grammar is weird. The author mixes up his past and present tenses. The Western-style setting doesn't mesh that well with the Chinese-ish traditions either (young masters and other wuxia cliches). There are also a lot of POV changes with not much MC screentime. Other than that it's fine.

Recommended if you can deal with the spelling and like wuxia-ish stories with a western setting.


Better than most of the novels you will read online, could be easily made into a book with some editing and formating.  Only some minor spelling errors which did not subtract from the book. It does jump perspectives a decent bit, which isn't into my tastes but does do some decent world building.  Would subscribe on patreon for more chapters.


Off to a good start!

Reviewed at: The Target

I am quite easily satisfied, not going to lie. Still, the previous sentence has not much to do with what I am going to say about this story, or at least, I will try to be as observant as I can. Also, I really like Kingdom-building stories. Aaaand, it's my first review too.


So yes, some grammar problems, or inconsistencies? Some problems with the names of places, lacking consistency. Not that the names change, but typos exist, and the devil is in the details!


Once I got to see the maps, the plot was that much easier to follow. Still, it's well told, I feel. Again, I really like these kind of stories, so I am eager to see more! I feel like it has potential. Maybe describing the relative positions of places within Algrim (the different domains and forests) could help, given that the 50 first chapters have adventure bits with Aden and his entourage.


I like dialogue-heavy chapters better. Otherwise, it's perfectly serviceable, no problem for me.


There is a lot of potential in there. Given how James and Levi mesh together, and the final result, being our protagonist. How will his previous acquaintances react? What ennemies will he make? What allies will he make? Eager to see all that.