Link paced back and forth, wracking his brain.

"So if Zelda is alive in another timeline," he said, "How do we go about finding her?" He paused, an idea striking him. "What if another Zelda is already here, in this timeline? How would we track her?"

"I suggest you calm yourself, Link," Impa said, "You must realize, even if we find an alternate Zelda, she will not be your Zelda."

Link sighed, "I understand."

"Besides," Impa continued, "It is not Zelda who will help us. It is Hylia."

Link regarded her in puzzlement.

"But...they're the same person."

"Not quite. One is mortal, the other is not. The creature Majora spoke of a Time Goddess."

"Right," Link recalled, "So you want to find her? But how?"

"The female sword spirit in the woods said that Majora originates from a land called Termina."

"But how do we get there? Do we use the second Gate of Time?"

"No. We know nothing about this land Termina. It might be located in another realm altogether, in which case, the Gate would be useless to us." Impa pondered a moment. "There may be only one answer to our problem."


The Sheikah fixed her crimson eyes on Link, "The Triforce."

"The Triforce?" Link echoed.

Impa sighed, "It was intended that you learn of it only much further down your path to conquering Demise. As legend tells, the Triforce is the ultimate power, the relic that can grant anyone's wish. It was what Demise sought, and what Hylia guarded. She placed it on Skyloft along with the remnants of your race."

"And you want to use it to do what exactly?"

"To summon this Terminian Time Goddess here, to our timeline, so things may be set right."

"Okay." Link took a deep breath. "What are we standing around for then? Let's go."

"A moment, Link," Impa said, halting him in his tracks, "The Triforce is hidden. There will be tools you will need, trials you must undertake."

Link had a sudden sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, "You're kidding me..."

"And," Impa added rather forcefully, "I will not be able to help you all of the way."

Delays, was all Link heard. Delays, delays, and more delays, and all the while that skinny little rat Majora will be gloating over how Zelda's dead! But... He repressed a sigh. If this is what it takes to get her back...

"Point me in the right direction," he said.


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