Ari wrapped her arms tighter around herself, trembling.

I failed. I failed again.

How was it that a simple sky brat had defeated her not once but twice? She had been gifted with the opportunity to learn from a demon lord, and not just any demon lord, Demon Lord Ghirahim. But who had taught the skyling?

Probably no one noteworthy, which makes my defeat all the more shameful.

How could she have disgraced her teacher in such a way? It was appalling, and it made her sick.

"The next time I hear the words 'I failed' out of your mouth, it won't be forgiveness that you'll get. It'll be a slow, painful death."

Ghirahim's words rang in her head and the knot in her stomach clenched tighter.

I can't go back, she realized.

But what would she do without her precious Ghirahim? She needed his guidance. She was lost without it.

I have no choice.

The only option left to her was to go into hiding.

I'll be alone again. I don't want to be alone.

But she didn't want to die, and between the two choices, she was more inclined to suffer through solitude. Ghirahim's anger was still fresh in her mind, and the very thought of his face twisted in rage was enough to make her tremble.

Well, tremble more.

I don't want to let him down, not after everything he's done for me.

There had to be some way to defeat the skyling.

Have I been missing something?

The thought made her suddenly bitter. She had been missing something: her memories.

They won't do me any good.

Or would they?

If she could no longer rely on Ghirahim, she would have to push herself.

I have to push my limits, train harder than ever.

She had to be the one to defeat...Link, her and no one else. Only then would she be able to prove herself to Ghirahim. Only then would he be willing to take her back. The thought made her sick with longing, but she would have to wait, for as long as it took.

I MUST find a way to grow stronger. I WILL find a way.

She held up a gloved hand in front of her face, curling her fingers into a fist. She felt a surge of power flow through her, quelling her uncontrollable shaking.

I won't let you down, Ghirahim. I promise.


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