ReIgnite (Book 1: An Unwanted Dragon)

ReIgnite (Book 1: An Unwanted Dragon)

by Asviloka

Alisa Veyara did not want to spend her school year responsible for raising a baby dragon, conscripted into an elite foreign war force by a tyrant conqueror. But the years of peace are about to come to an abrupt end.

Alisa studied and worked her entire life to earn a place at the elite, prestigious Renand Grand Academy of Higher Magic, mastering the intricacies of delicate powerscript and eager to learn the deepest secrets of what could be done with magic.

Alas, no longer will Renand Academy be a peaceful haven of study. War is coming, and even foreign scholarship students must be prepared to fight. One way or another Alisa will be caught in the middle of it, her ambitions crushed and her plans thrown into chaos.

Not every calling is asked for; not every destiny is expected. But sometimes even the most reluctant of heroes has the potential to change the world.

Update schedule: 10th, 20th, and 30th

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Just Add Magic!

Golden Artist
Writathon Royal Road 2019 winner
The Great Warrior-Artist
Word Count (16)
Royal Writathon April 2021 winner
Royal Writathon October 2020 winner
Royal Writathon April 2020 winner
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1.01: The Day On Which It Would All Begin ago
1.02: Nothing To Do But To Survive ago
Supplemental World Information (Maps, bestiary, etc) ago
1.03: An Introduction to Dragon Magic ago
1.04: The Emergence of Azendandor ago
1.05: This Is Just What Dragons Are Like Sometimes ago
1.06: Ruminations on the Future of Partnership ago
1.07: The Sting of Truth and the Heart of True Resolve ago
1.08: Meeting The Rest Of The Thunder ago
1.09: An Exercise in Draconic Conflict ago
1.10: Triumphs Of The Past and Progress Towards The Future ago
1.11: Fighting Fires, Finding Friends, and Feigning Flight ago
1.12: In Which It Is Learned That Dragonfire and Flammable Objects Ought Not To Be Mixed ago
1.13: In Which Decisions To Act Must Be Made Lest Opportunity Be Lost ago
1.14: Making The Acquaintance Of The Man Who Is Known As Tay ago
Bonus Scene: Azendandor's Adventure ago
1.15: An Evening Expedition In Search Of Forgotten Secrets ago
Promo Contest Thingy! Not a chapter! ago
1.16: Even When Mistakes Were Made You Must Carry On Regardless ago
Bonus Scene: Akaydon of ZeMaille ago
1.17: In Which Alisa is Very Distracted by Research, and Zen is Very Distracted by Something Else ago
Bonus Scene: Lilin of the Lost Continent ago
1.18: Alisa Discovers That Boys Exist Who Are Worth Thinking About At Length ago
1.19: Moving Is Only One Of Many Changes That Occur In Life ago
1.20: An Answer To The Whispers ago
1.21: Things Don't Stay The Same For Long ago
1.22: A Walk Upon A Quiet Evening ago
1.23: Waiting For The Fulfilment Of A Promise Made Long Ago ago
1.24: An Ancient Ritual Of Forgotten Power ago
1.25: Dragons Really Can Be Rather Stupid ago
1.26: In Which Reasons For Past Events Begin To Make Themselves Known ago
1.27: Hope Renewed ago

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John Dovey

What a fantastic start. Just the first taste has made me an addict. I'll look  forward to my fix with every chapter released!
The language is great, the world building incredible just in the first few paragraphs,  and the characters are already real people, even though just bare outline sketches thus far.


Great start! Underdog main character forced to give up her dreams of becoming a control mage and instead has to tame a dragon to be send off to war. Sounds awesome to some people, well she hates it. Will she find joy, love and adventure again? Will she survive the war? Will she be able to controll her magic ever again? Let's find out!


From the memorable first chapter to the MC's early struggles coping with depression and angst at losing her life's dream due to local (national) politics to the faint hints of hope for the future, Asviloka has built a great foundation with the start of this story about a young mage studying at a renowned academy of magic swept up in geopolitical events she wished would have left her alone.

Giving all 5's might come across as fanboyish, but I simply haven't yet come across a reason to dock a star in this story.

The style is light enough for a casual read, well-polished, and presents the dynamic and interesting characters with individuality that come through in the prose. Lore is not info-dumped but worked into the scenes and doled out as it becomes relevant to the story. The grammar is excellent, and what few typos appear on occasion are quickly edited when pointed out.

The story is still at the beginning where characters are being introduced and the stage is being set for future conflict and struggle, and even so, the MC has already faced challenges that have inspired in her the full gamut of emotions. It's clear that the author has a larger plan related to events behind the scenes, and I'm looking forward to where the tale will wend on this shared journey.

The pace of chapter releases and limited number of chapters shouldn't be cause for hesitation. The author has a track record of doggedly completing even unloved and unpopular stories.



A thundering klypsing read you wouldn't regret!

Reviewed at: 1.08: Meeting The Rest Of The Thunder

Overall Score: 4.5/5 - First off, this book is just incredible in every aspect. It's been my precious secret stash of chapters that I sparingly read after a long day of work, so as to savour the chapters better. (trust me, I can binge it in an hour and that would be doing injustice to the book, I.M.O)

Style Score: 4.5/5 - The narration and the voice blends in perfectly to portray exactly what Alisa is going through and we get to sit on her shoulder as she struggles through her problems and we can practically feel the tears fall on us as her dreams are changed irreversibly. Loved it!

Story score: 4/5 - I can't really give it a higher rating as of now, because I'm still reading through. But as of now, the overarching plot has been introduced, the world is being built and fleshed out, and everything is coming together tantalizingly into a grand explosion, is what I feel.

Grammar Score: 5/5 - I'm not a grammatical expert, and I focus primarily on readability. Hence, my rating is usually a standard 4/5. This novel though, goes above and beyond my standards of readability and errors are few and far in between. It's amazing how much work the author has put in!

Character score: 4/5 - The characters are each sharply defined from each other, and they are quite memorable from the start. (The words strutted around play in my head several days after reading the first chapter and make me chuckle even now). 

However, I am not as invested in Alisa as I am in Zen for whom I give a full 5/5 in character development.

Final Verdict: Read it. Read it. And Read it. Now. You won't regret it in the slightest.

Good luck to the author and I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I did!


The "dragon rider" subgenre has been pretty dry recently, after the brief boom of dragon books around the time that eragon came out. This is a fantastic return to the genre that I've personally been waiting a long time for. 

The first thing this series does fantastically is the pacing. This is the story of a girl who just lost everything she built up over years of work to become a great researcher... And now she is a glorified soldier. She shows her anger, frustration, and sadness over a long path to acceptance that, 15 chapters in, is still in its middle stages. This is going to be a very long story, and I am absolutely here for it. There's a war coming, and I can almost taste the drama. 

Through some feat of expertise (that I'm fairly certain is some kind of witchcraft), this slow burn is perfectly setting up the power system of this world while remaining fascinating the whole way through. Speaking of the power system, it is another fantastic element to this world. Magic is basically programming here, with all of its intricacies, but it avoids the modern pitfalls of most systems I see here by being suitably "fantasy" instead of "sci-fi" in their presentation. It's great stuff. I highly recommend reading this for the system alone. 

The one problem with the story so far is that its characters don't get enough time to interact. Each of the characters by themselves are fairly interesting in theory. You have the rich best friend who is moving on to other friend groups, the cute but kind of weird boy, the protective sister friend, the Draco Malfoy character who is seemingly quite good at leading when she needs to, and a handful of teachers... The trouble is, most of these characters have had no scenes to show the depth of their characters, much less their motivations, which has dulled the impact of later scenes. Almost every chapter so far has been an explanation on the power system and the relationship between Alisa and her dragon. While that is incredibly important and makes me really excited about what's to come, I would really appreciate an arc or two to develop the relationships between the characters that have shown up so far. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a few chapters being put between the ones made so far to develop the characters, since that would really add impact to the conclusion of the first arc. There's a war coming soon, and I'm sure it'll be fantastic, but the introduction of the characters who will make the biggest waves in the coming fight really can't come fast enough.

All in all, it's a great start to a series that will hopefully last for quite a while, considering the potential shown by its world, premise and pacing.


While the story is still in its early stages, the author clearly is working towards something and many set pieces haven't been revealed yet, but what has been revealed is the character building. The story so far has mostly focused on the MC and some complex emotions, but the rest of the cast also has hints of deeper motivations for which there simply hasn't been any time yet to explore. Simply looking forward for more and hope the author can keep their 10 years promise!

Mad Sadie

Cute dragons, too! The happy cuteness of baby dragon antics perfectly balances the story about a girl whose life has been completely upended, and she has basically no control over anything, and everything is going horribly wrong, but look, cute baby dragon!

Honestly, though, the characters all feel very real. The actions and reactions to everything going on are perfectly reasonable, never overdramatic or whiney. The MC is good at what she does (or was, before baby dragon), but not in a way that seems OP. All the accomplishments feel earned. Everything makes sense.

Overall, 10/10 story so far. Go read it.


The MC, a young girl who managed to get into a highly prestigious Academy by virtue of her spell form skills gets her life tossed on her head as she now had to raise a dragon despite the blow it takes to her magic itself. The story is a well written one, with impeccable grammar and prose. The characters are very well fleshed out and the world building is fascinating where it shows. My only complaint is that it's a slow process in terms of chapters published. Regardless I highly recommend it.


I really like dragons, so bear that in mind.

I honestly thought that the combination of the title, the circumstances of the country's political upheaval and the MC's attitude towards dragons would result in the antithisis of my childhood dream. Thankfully, I was dead wrong.

I cannot express how relieved and impressed by the authors handling of the MC's gradual and well characterised change in heart, which came about through good storytelling. With so many examples of poorly motivated knee-jerk reactions floating in the back of my mind, I was profoundly relieved to see it handled so well.

The rules governing magic are interesting and engaging. Once you ahve a handle on it, you can start extrapolating things yourself before the story gets to them, which is neat. There are enough 'exceptions' to the general rules to keep things interesting as well. Fire attribute vs Dragon Fire atribute, is a pretty great in story example, so once you read up to that aprt you will understand what I mean :P

Other characters besides the MC are given room to grow and engage through the story, which is great considering the presestablished rivalries evolve and take on new forms under the stresses of the early environment of the story.

Spelling and grammar has been close to perfect, so far as I could tell. The author is taking criticisms and suggestions like a champ, which is good to see.

There is plenty of room for growth for the characters and story, so I feel confident that  An Unwanted Dragon will find a dedicated readership. Keep up the good work.


I like the book. If this were published traditionally, I would have expected about 60 pages of exposition, and part of me is bothered on some level that it's not there.

Magic is interesting so far, and I think more exposition would have led me to being more invested in Alisa investing her self-worth in her abilit to cast subtle spells. Why does she prefer subtle spells? What is her history with magic? Its a magic school story (so far), but I'd like to see more of her before she joined the magic school. On the other hand, the opening scene is solid, and would probably have to be sacrificed to add more exposition. 

Mostly comments for the author:

I think this book has a lot of potential to be very popular on RR, assuming the author posted twice-weekly. I just think that 3 times a month as a release schedule hurts this story's chances at being succesful. I truly think the author could do this full time if they focused on one project (this book). I see 11 different fictions, and as a reader that makes me pretty uneasy. I want to see this finished, not abandoned after book 1 or 2.