In a flash of red light, Kiara materialized into the room. The Succubus stood tall and proud as her eyes took in her surroundings, the grey walls, the restraints, you, and... paused as soon as she looked at Diane in the corner. The nurse was seated with her back turned towards the infernal as she sat on a stool, a small desk in front of her.

The sound of scribbling could be heard; it was really the only noise currently. The nurse's face was a study in forced neutrality, of someone doing their utmost to hide their emotions. There was a crinkle to her brow as she kept writing on the paper, the scratching sound as her fingers gripped the pen firmly. The determination and focus in her expression were intense, the paper in front of her appearing to be her one true enemy.

If not for how her head tilted ever so slightly to the side, her lips thinned, and her grip on the pen tensed... You might have actually believed she'd been unaware of the infernal materializing into the room.

"What's this?" Kiara asked, turning from Diane to you, Monica and Raven seated at either side of you.

You didn't miss how her eyes narrowed at Raven ever so slightly. Was that shock or apprehension? It was too brief to tell.

"Ignore Diane, she did something she shouldn't have," you said calmly. "She's being punished for it."

Your words made the nurse flinch and shrink slightly, her hand began scribbling a little faster.

"Weird punishment," Kiara noted with some amusement.

"I don't like to give needless pain. But like I said, ignore her," you replied with a cold tone. Watching as the Succubus relaxed, you scowled. "Now, with the formal introductions. You already know Monica and Diane. The one to my right is Raven."

Kiara's brow raised in amusement. "Last I saw her, she was twitching like a dead bug. So she was domesticated huh."

"Everyone? This is Kiara. She is our newest addition to the harem," you spoke with a cold tone. "She and I are playing a game. She wants to own me, call the shots, and all that."

The infernal froze just as she'd been about to take a step in your direction, her scowl deepening as her eyes flickered through the monstergirls in the room. "What's this supposed to be, a hazing?" Kiara asked slowly.

You could sense Raven becoming tense, and Diane scowling, but Monica barely reacted to the statement. "No, it's a statement of the rules," you said with a veneer of calmness. "You want to reach the top? You can earn it, that is the goal in the end. No?" Your statement made her eyes narrow. "Monica, Diane, Raven, they don't want to play that game, they like being part of my harem. So the rules they play by are slightly different than yours."

That made the infernal take a step towards you, frowning further. "So you're going to lay down the law? Let's hear it. Last I heard it was something about flying."

With a calm breath, you looked at her with forced impassiveness. "All rights are removed, to be earned back one at a time before she can start opting for privileges. The only time she can break this rule is if it's an emergency."

Now the infernal was openly growling. "Rights such as?"

"You can't roam about, the paralysis collar has a distance limit after all. And flying is a no go," you started. "You also can't directly initiate sex nor play the dominant role, sleeping will happen within the ball, clothes are rescinded, and you start at the bottom of the harem."

That got the growl to come out, you could see her nails growing a whole inch. "You plan to make me go feral?"

"That would be a failure on Diane's part." You tilted your head towards the nurse. "And I'd punish her accordingly. But no, I give you my word I will keep you well-fed and far away from going feral."

Though that placated some of her anger, she didn't look entirely convinced. "Is... that it?"

"Pretty much," you shrugged easily. "You're the bottom of the harem and I expect you to work your way to the top. Personally I don't like playing favourites." Your head made a gesture at the nurse. "Trust is easy to lose and hard to earn back, keep that in mind. The same will apply to the restrictions."

"I... see." The scowl deepened, but the anger had abated entirely. "I'm starved, what happens now?" She looked at you curiously.

"We'll get to that in a minute." You tilted your head at the same angle she had. "Do you agree to the terms?"

"So long as those are the rules," she smirked with narrowed amused eyes.

"Great," you nodded, watching her step closer. You stopped her with a raised hand. "Right, before I forget. To my harem, you now know the rules Kiara has agreed to play by." You took a deep breath, raising your voice. "If I EVER find out that you knowingly see her break those rules but not tell me about it, I will consider you have broken those rules personally as well. AM. I. CLEAR?"

Like you'd practised, the crack of your voice got all three of them to reply at once. "YES MASTER!"

"Rick!" Monica added with a half roar.

The Succubus recoiled slightly, looking surprised, and apprehensive. Her gaze drifted through each of the tense monstergirls, eyes narrowed. The infernal appeared entirely unsure if she wanted to take that next step at all.

"Reconsidering your oath?" You asked with a wide grin. "You can still just give up and ask to leave."

"I will make you eat your words," she replied.

"You sure?" You pressed. "I never really intended to keep someone around I couldn't trust, if you've got doubts, this is your chance. I promise I'll let you take your sphere."

Rather than hesitate, your words appeared to urge her forward, and she took the step. "I'm not scared of someone keeping their word."

"Just remember that you're not in a state with 'nothing to lose'," you spoke calmly. "You still have plenty of rights you could get kicked out the window if you decide to make things hard. Things like the right to talk, the right to participate in sex outside of the immediate feedings, the right to walk outside your capture sphere, the right to wear anything other than a garbage bag..." You listed off. "And in the same sense, you have plenty of things to earn after those rights return."

That clearly got her attention.

"There's stuff like spending special non-sex time with me... though I doubt you'll use that one," you waved off. "Being able to make requests for particular tamings, asking for special clothes or items using the available funds, becoming alpha... even having the right to give me an order from time to time."

"I want to know what I need to do to become your mistress."

"You're going to need to become alpha first," you replied. "I can't hand you the metaphorical keys without knowing you won't put myself and everyone under my care at risk."

The infernal pouted. "Don't trust me, dear Master?"

"No," you answered flatly.

"Not even my promises?" She leaned to the side, grinning now.

"Well, I haven't sold you. I think that's about as close a confirmation I trust you just barely enough to keep you around as you'll get."

The answer didn't quite seem to please her, but then again you didn't quite care, leaning back and watching as she appeared to chew through your words a tad more carefully. The infernal's thumb caressed her chin as she turned to look at Diane as the nurse was writing furiously onto the paper.

"And how far do you trust her?" She finally asked, tilting her head at Diane.

Even though she wasn't looking, you noted the nurse's hands slowed down ever so slightly, clearly shifting her focus of attention towards the conversation.

"I trust her to finish her punishment and get back to work," you replied easily enough, meeting Kiara's eyes without much amusement.

"What did she do?"

"She didn't ask for permission," came the easy answer, not that you were going to go into more detail than that. "My original idea had been to have her do pushups until her arms failed completely, but felt it was a bit overboard due to the nature of what she did having clearly been in the right spirit even if with a flawed execution."

"And you did not like that she didn't ask for permission..." Kiara pondered on that, watching the nurse tense before turning back towards you.

You shrugged. "Imagine if it'd been something I found out had been for her own amusement instead," you said coldly, before waving your hand. "Either way, that's neither here nor there. You are being introduced into the harem. Let's move on to the less boring things." You glanced at the infernal. "For the time being, let's start with bed warmer."


"Bed warmer, and... well, feral bait." Your words came about smoothly. "Those are the two things you've shown to be good at so far."

"Bed warmer?" Kiara frowned, stepping closer.

"Do you have a better term for it?" You leaned slightly backwards, propping yourself onto your elbows and grinning, watching her approach.

"Sex fiend would at least be closer to reality." She snorted, her wings beat once, and in a single bound, she flew all the way towards the bed. She landed softly on your hips, thighs warm, eyes flashing with amusement. "I think 'sex goddess' would also work."

"Oh, you're going to make me change my mind?"

"Indeed, I-"

"Are you initiating?" You asked with a broader smirk.

The infernal froze, the amusement gone in a flash, irritation in its place as her finger had been an inch from caressing your chest. At either side of you, Raven and Monica were looking at the infernal intently. Neither had done a thing out of your own command from before releasing the Succubus, but they were also quite prepared to jump the infernal.

"No." Kiara retracted her hand, her facade of control returning, a slight smirk back upon her lips. "That would go against the rules after all."

"Good," you nodded. "I think we should start things with a little... reward. You did help catch Raven after all." You ignored the heat the infernal's touch presented against your crotch. "I'm going to let you make one request, something simple. It can be something like being allowed to initiate things tonight, or it can be some other simple things, like spending special-"

"Initiation," Kiara said with narrowed eyes. "I want to be able to initiate things tonight."

"Remember, initiation does not equal being the dominant party," you replied. "So long as we are clear on that? It's granted."

The soft cinnamon and apple of her lips were upon yours the next moment, and with it started the second challenge of tonight. Your hands reached for her hips and, slowly, moved to her tail. Her body arched, pressing her pillowy breasts against you as, abruptly, she shuddered. The kiss was broken as the infernal looked at you in shock. "Wha-" She turned to look over her shoulder as your hand wrapped tightly upon her tail.

Specifically, a certain reddish area.

Without holding back, you yanked with everything you had.

Kiara's head leaned back as she arched further, moaning. "Oh," she spoke, blinking slowly. "What... the tail?" She was confused, shuddering as you squeezed again and her eyes returned to you, amusement flashing through her face. "You think it's going to be that easy to satisfy me?"

"Nope," you replied, using your other hand to reach for her body and squeeze at the softness of her curves. "But I plan to pull every stop."

She kissed you again, her hands reaching out to caress your sides; there was a warmth and a tingle that ran through you. You could recognise the power for what it was, light and teasing, nothing compared to the other times. But it was clear she was returning the statement: She was planning to push through as well.

"Sex now?" Monica spoke, patiently waiting as her hand caressed your thigh.

"Yeah, Rick, sex now?" The Succubus purred with a mocking chuckle, her hands bringing coals of warmth through your chest wherever her fingers touched.

You drew in a sharp breath, feeling yourself being pushed higher despite barely any real stimulation past the very slow grind of her hips against yours. You clenched the tail and caused the heat of her hands to falter as another shudder ran through her. There was a dash of annoyance as she grit her teeth.

"Cat got your tongue?" You laughed, pulling her into the next kiss as you softened your grip enough to stroke the tail and tease at its sensitive spot.

Her tongue invaded your mouth and with it a pulse of heat escaped her, powerful, moans were heard around the room. Yours included. Your head blanked for an instant before you realized she'd pinned you to the bed. Her tongue was invading every edge within, tasting you and leaving the trail of hot apples behind, your body was aglow.

"Monica, sex, now," you coughed as soon as she'd let you draw breath.

Wiping the drool from your mouth, you saw as Monica had pushed Kiara off of your lap and onto the floor, the Succubus entirely unable to escape the stronger monstergirl's grasp. That did not mean she faltered any. The glow was stronger this time, her palms gripping Monica's ass and pulling.

You had to take a second to recover your breath and look around.

Diane was scribbling, cheeks flushed and breathing laboriously. Next to you, Raven had stayed perfectly still, her own cheeks flushed, as she looked at the two monstergirls on the floor.

"That's only going to get us some time," you muttered. Your whole body was tingling, and there was an almost painful ache between your legs. "You ready?"

"Yes, Master Rick," the Arachnae nodded absently, her fingers twiddling the length of silk between her fingers.

A yowl turned your attention back at Monica, her whole body shuddering at a slowly increasing stillness as Kiara's hands were coursing up and down the feline's body. It took a long second before you noticed Monica's tail straighten and twitch, the kiss she'd been giving Kiara slowing entirely. The shudder coursed through her body and her grip relaxed.

"You're up," you instructed as you moved to grasp at Kiara's tail just as she'd begun to shove off the orgasmically blissful Monica.

When Monica had attacked Kiara, it had been a single fluid movement, simple, primal.

Raven, turned into her combat form, moved like a machine. Her eight chitin covered legs danced like a mechanical precise series of instructions. Kiara was caught by surprise, her hands forced to her sides and her body spun face-down against the floor, her arms wrapped in silk at the same time her legs were forced to bend backwards, ankles joining the dance of silk.

The next moment, she'd been turned around and laid on her back, her body bent backwards, legs and arms tied tightly into place.

It had been like watching a cowboy wrestling and tying up a bull.

Except faster.

And the horned one was a Succubus.


"Thank you, Master Rick." Raven bowed her head, returning to her bipedal form and dropping the bits of silk that remained.

"You can't... seriously consider this a fair game," Kiara muttered, barely able to look over the mountain of her own breasts at you.

"I very much do consider it a fair game," you replied, focused upon the red stretch of her tail and stroking it. "You can burn the silk after all." A groan and a shudder escaped her. "Well, if you can manage to focus enough."

Raven leaned on Kiara, her hands reaching for the large mountains on her chest and... caressing, softly. That made the Succubus squirm, the tickling combined with your own strokes of her tail and thighs. You could feel the heat of her body, her muscles tensing with every touch as her body trembled slightly.

As much as her plump curvaceous figure was drawing your attention, you were paying closer attention to something else. You had to close your eyes and focus. Whenever you sensed your fingers tickling against the heat of her body, you would immediately yank at her tail. Your task was to break her focus; the last thing you wanted was to let her use her powers freely.

Breathless moans and gasps escaped the Succubus' lips, your attack upon her body managing to buy enough time for Monica to recover her breath from the forced orgasm. "Rick, sex now," she purred, reaching for you and grasping your face, pulling you into a kiss.


Kiara's body didn't so much pulse, as it began turning hotter, increasingly incandescent. Your eyes didn't see it, but your body could feel it as if standing next to an increasingly hot fire. Raven had been straddling the Succubus' stomach and had been hit instantly, quivering and falling down, slumped and letting out a guttural growl that ended with her body shuddering.

Monica kissed you harder, shuddering again, and your own vision swam with pink.

With a thunk and a groan, you turned to see Kiara gasping and struggling to free herself from the ropes. You could smell a little smoke. Her eyes focused on you. Huffing, she stood as you tried to push a forceful Monica away as she kept kissing and groping your body.

"Off you go, kitty cat." Kiara's glowing hands reached around Monica and squeezed the feline's breasts hard.

It was equal parts terrifying and impressive to see the feline's eyes roll up into her head as she convulsed, mewled, and fell. Unconscious.

"Now." The infernal straddled your lap, looking into your eyes and grinning. "Where were we?"

You gulped, feeling trapped as you sat leaning against the bed's frame.

"I will give you points for holding out from fucking me this long." Her hands reached down your pants, undoing the zipper, and freeing your constrained hardness. The Succubus purred, moving her hips downwards, the heat of her sex wafting and making you feel strained. "You ready?"

With a singular perfect downwards grind, her sex took yours, wrapping and squeezing. You moaned, your body lighting up with fireworks that crackled and popped inside you. Your vision turned white as the Succubus chuckled, letting out a breathless moan while her arms slowly wrapped around your neck. She kissed you, silencing your voice with her tongue.

Kiara very slowly luxuriated with you as deep inside her as you could go. "You like that, Master?" She mocked, lips parted in a wide smirk. Your hips thrust upwards and she gasped. Leaning down, tightening her hug, pressing her pillowy breasts against your searing hot chest, she licked your ear. "Do you think you ever stood a chance?"

The words ignited something inside you, and you clenched your jaw and snarled.

She tightened around you and it knocked the air right out of you.

"C'mon Rick, you have better than that, don't you?" She laughed.

With a sharp breath, you bit down harder, feeling your heart beating like a drum as the mere act of being inside of her was pushing you towards the limit.

"Ah. Not yet." Her fingers reached down to caress the point where you were joined together, and your eyes widened at the sensation of tightness.

Leaning forward, you bit her shoulder, hands grasping at her ass and squeezing. The Succubus moaned in turn, the squirming of her body turning the fireworks into a volcano that was at the point of bursting. And yet release could not be found; you felt your mind reaching out and trying to grab at anything.

"Harder Rick, harder!" Kiara cheered, bouncing at the pace of your hands as you forced her up and down, trying to use her to get yourself higher. You could almost taste the pleasure that boiled through your veins. "So close Rick, so so very close." The Succubus touched your chest, her hands glowing and your vision turning white. "Almost there, almost there..."

A whimper escaped you, you couldn't, you couldn't find an escape. Your thrusts were becoming frantic, and you felt the infernal laughing as her body complied with your every thrust. You were spiralling; the insidious poisonous pleasure burnt through your veins, and every muscle in your body clenched and tightened. So close.

"Now." Kiara forced herself down, stopping any attempt from you to continue, her hand forcefully pulling your head back so she could look into your eyes. "I can't be dominant now can I? Oh no, it's against the rules," she spoke- words that your mind barely registered, as your hands were gripping her body as if your very life depended on it. "Now Rick, you should tell me you can't hold on, that you want me to make you cum."

A sharp breath- your heart was beating wildly inside your chest, inside your head. You gasped, closing your eyes tightly.

"Come on, Rick, just one little order," Kiara purred.

You held your breath, and the words choked in your throat. This was it, you were reaching your limit.

And in that singular moment of silence, as you choked on your words, the frayed edges of your consciousness realized something.

You couldn't hear scribbling.

"Diane," you gasped. "Tail."

Kiara's eyes widened.

"Yes, Master."

The infernal's moment of panic followed just as the nurse's hands grasped upon her tail and squeezed with that incredible impossible strength that no woman her size should be able to wield.

The effect was immediate. Kiara's head flung backwards, golden eyes shutting rightly as she shrieked, and her entire body convulsed. Just as fast, her arms and legs tightened around you until they very nearly drove the air out of your lungs. And as this took place, the spell that had been keeping a tight hold upon your body vanished.

Your voice joined hers. You bit her shoulder, and your body exploded in a rain of electrified fireworks. Blinding flashes of sensation detonated all throughout your body.

The world swam as you held on to the woman between your arms just as tightly as she held you in turn.

Your eyes gazed into misty half focused eyes, both of you trembling in the throes of ecstasy.

Her lips met yours, a strangely tender kiss.

What surprised you was the faint presence of a new flavour mixed with the cinnamon and apples.

Something spicy.

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