Tomas and Kat had moved ahead. By a lot.

This time you hadn't made an effort to catch up. Your mind was not sure how to approach this. Which would be the best way to defuse the situation? Which would lead to the faster most stable solution? You knew he couldn't just up and leave the group, not at least unless he was willing to part with a considerable amount of money.

Worst case scenario would be that the others would push you out of the group over this.

That would be a rather undesirable scenario for both themselves and you. They'd lose the two strongest fighters in the team and the healer. If nothing else, Mr. Gabriel would be vocal over not wanting to take things in that direction. What about Kat? She clearly considered keeping Rachel away from Tomas was a good thing even if how this came about was not the best solution.

But would she side with Tomas if the young man opted to quit the group? Last you'd checked, even their friendship had been on shaky grounds. So you only needed to focus on Tomas.

"Master?" Diane's words prompted you back to reality. "Anything I could help with?"

"Just trying to figure out how to handle the rest of the group," you muttered. "They're definitely not going to be happy about this stunt I pulled even if some of them agree that separating Tomas and Rachel was the better of two evils."

The nurse looked at you for a moment and nodded slowly. "It is rather easy to loathe the Succubus, perhaps that is the answer?"

You glanced at her as she said this, noticing how she was observing you very closely. "Make them angrier at Rachel?" You rubbed your chin. That shouldn't be too hard you figured.

"Master," she said. "What should be done about Rachel?" She said.

"She likes to play around, we can do the same," you shook your head. "I'm not sure of the details yet. We'll have to talk them over once we get to town."

A long worried look, and a nod.

"I don't plan to treat her like I do you, or Monica." Your words pulled her closer against you. "At the very least not until she's earned it."

The statement reassured Diane, and she nodded a bit more decisively now. "I will do my best, Master."

Pausing your steps, you pulled her against you, kissing her softly. The monstergirl melted in your arms, wrapping you into a hug and relaxing a little more earnestly.

"Kiss?" Monica asked right after, her arms wrapping around both of you as her face remained very close.

With a smirk, you turned to give her exactly that, earning a little broader grin from the feline.

"Should we catch up to the others, Master?" Diane asked, not quite letting go of the hug.

"Doubt we need to, the Milktits are with us," you said, gesturing with your head at the group of bovine monstergirls that were doing their best to follow along while keeping a slight distance from you.

Diane pouted as you said this.

Then let out a long exaggerated sigh before shaking her head.

"What is it?" You asked.

"I'm a little angry that Rachel milked Monica and me this morning." She spoke with a pout. "I had wanted Master to taste me..."

"I don't see why we can't ask for some more milk for later use." You kissed the young woman's forehead, stepping away. "But we should probably first focus on getting them back to their owner."

"May I engage with them, then, Master?"

"Knock yourself out."

Diane nodded enthusiastically, snatching the backpack out of you and moving quickly towards the bovine monstergirls. You noted Marta looking a lot more relieved as the nurse began to talk with her. A part of you wondered if the nurse was using her aura of calm. "Come on, Monica." You commanded, feeling a little better as you began to walk forward.

Off in the distance, you could still see Tomas, Kat, Freya, and Coco. It was too far to really tell much about what they were doing other than walking in the same direction you were.

The farm was just over the hill, so you guessed it wouldn't take more than an hour to get there.

By the time you'd crested the hill, you noticed there was movement in the farm, some people were moving about. By the time Tomas and Kat had reached it, you could see the owner had just about reached them and were well into talking about things as you continued approaching. Diane's attempts to get as much milk as she could before reaching the farm was rather cute. Overall you were mostly glad that she had managed to get the whole group to calm down and relax a bit.

When you got to the farm, the only happy faces were that of the farmer and his monstergirls.

"Thank you for bringing back my girls." The man greeted, quickly being enveloped by the bovine monstergirls as they hugged him in a circle. "I don't reckon you'd want to come for some lunch? Food's almost ready."

"Sadly now," Tomas spoke amicably but curtly. "We've got to prepare for the challenge and get to the road."

"Ah, to be young again," the man nodded. "I'll make sure to send the details over so you can get your reward."

"And the Milktit?" Kat spoke up with a far friendlier tone.

"...right." The man grimaced as he looked over the five Milktits. "Do you have any preference?"

As he said this, the Milktits hesitated, looking amongst one another. You could tell that none of them were exactly eager at the prospect of leaving the ranch. One of them shared a look with the farmer. There was a shared nod. The monstergirl immediately stepped forward, moving to place herself in front of Kat.

"Miss?" Marta said, softly. "I'm not the best milker, but I'm sure I could be of help."

"That sounds good to me," Kat nodded, pulling the girl into a hug. "Welcome to the team, I'll put you down as my non-combatant."

"I appreciate it, ma'am... mistress." Marta bowed her head slightly, her eyes quietly staring as the farmer handed the sphere over to the young woman that was to be her new mistress.

Just like that.

A new life.

You wondered if it was always like this. The shared looks were sad, but they spoke of the accepted inevitable reality. Not of a tragedy. Perhaps Marta was thinking that this was better than being feral food. Or that her fellow bovines were not as ready for the tamer-girl lifestyle. Whatever the case, you doubted she'd oppose the change so much as miss the people she'd been with.

Was Diane like that? Did she miss the medical center? Or maybe she hadn't been away for long enough to feel it?

"Well, that's that," Mr. Gabriel grumbled. "Let's get going, then."

"Best of travels," the farmer said, with a particular individual in his sight as he spoke.

Marta waved, and you saw some of the other monstergirls tearing up. "Mistress, could you recall me, please?"


The girl gave one last look at the farm, waving as she turned into red light.

Looking at the tightness in the looks of those that stayed back on the farm, you sighed. "It's a shame the farmer lost half of them to the ferals," you commented once far from the farm and on your way towards town.

"Don't worry," Tomas spoke, the bitterness in his tone clear. "He had insurance. You know, because they're property."

"Something I should know?" Mr. Gabriel asked, glancing at Tomas and then at you.

"Teacher, do you think he should know?" Tomas glared. "That you decided to enslave Rachel?"

You quirked a brow. "The bet was that if she won I would be her slave," you said. "I don't remember you being around to see the result."

"Cut the shit Rick, we saw her kneeling before being recalled," Kat snapped with an impressive flip in mood, following with a far calmer sigh. "Besides, had she 'owned' you, she'd still be fucking you."

"Point," you replied.

"What's this about enslaving who?" Mr. Gabriel asked. "Wasn't she property already?"

"It's... it was a technicality only," Tomas faltered. "I was keeping her to make it easier for her to travel since her going alone would've been a danger. She would've been caught and probably gotten her mind erased."

"And rightfully so," Diane muttered loud enough for everyone to hear.

You looked at the nurse; everyone looked at the nurse. She fumbled for a moment.

"monstergirls like her ruin harems out of amusement before ditching their tamers," she muttered.

"You can't know that."

You noticed Diane turning from Tomas to you. You felt the lightbulb dimly turn on.

"We actually can," you said, reaching for the capture sphere containing the Succubus and bringing her out.

Everyone stopped on their tracks, looking at the Succubus. She looked around once, and her eyes lingered on Tomas'- the young man's anger flared, but so did the hurt. The Succubus promptly ignored it, turning to focus on you. "What's this?"

"Your first... second order," you said. "I want you to tell Tomas what your plans were for him."

"Have some fun, get to the city, go find someone hopefully more interesting," she shrugged nonchalantly.

"And his harem?"

A pause as her lips curled slightly upwards. "Part of the fun."

Diane stepped forward. "Would you have gotten him to leave his monstergirls?"

The nurse's glare was met with one from the infernal. "Answer her," you said.

Rachel rolled her eyes. "No, I mostly wanted to see if I could get whatever girls he got to leave him during Sadie Pokens. It would've been a lot more fun that way," she shrugged, completely oblivious at the young man's crestfallen look. "Is that all? Can we fuck already or would you rather gather a bigger crowd?"

You rolled your eyes. "I'd like you to apologize to him."

"Sure, whatever." With a sigh, the infernal turned to acknowledge the young man. She waited for a heartbeat, then smiled, wide, bubbly. With a giggle, she hopped right next to him, one hand caressing his shoulder, the other reaching down for his crotch. "Would little Tomas want a nice long suck as an apology? I'll make sure not to leave you unconscious this time~"

The change from disregard to happy fake giggles and batting eyelashes was the last straw. Tomas shoved her off, making the infernal take a step back. "Go fuck yourself." He turned around and began to march off, closely followed by an Elf that kept glaring in the infernal's direction.

"With pleasure, sir!" Rachel called out, reaching to squeeze her breasts as she turned to look at you, keeping the overly sweet saccharine tone. "Wanna watch Master?"

"That explains that," Mr. Gabriel shook his head, looking at you. "I hope you know what you're getting into." He said, taking Tessa's hand and beginning to walk.

"Already too late," you replied, watching Rachel's smile widen as the fake cheerfulness cracked, revealing the sultry amusement at the unfolding drama. "Kat?"

"I'm on it, Rick. But, seriously? Don't bring that bitch out with Tomas around." The young woman shook her head, leaving to follow the young man.

"Oh boo, I like it when I can do a show!" The Succubus pouted exaggeratedly, watching the other humans go, squeezing her breasts through her shirt and letting out a loud lurid moan that only prompted Tomas to walk faster.

"Well, that takes care of that," you sighed, glancing at the Succubus. "Anyway, you obeyed, I guess we might as well get things started. Kneel."

"Blowjob time?" She licked her lips.

"Nope," you said, approaching. “Gift time.” You said, reaching into the backpack.


“Two for one. First…” Your hands moved, latching the paralysis collar around her neck. Her eyes widened the instant she realized what you’d done. "A nice collar. The second gift is better," you spoke smoothly, pressing the activation button and making the device beep in confirmation. "Your name is Kiara now, congratulations on joining the team."

The Succubus did not look pleased, frowning at you.

"Do you like the name?" You asked, tilting your head slightly.

A scoff. "Could be worse. I'll take it, Master," she replied with narrowed eyes.

"Great," you nodded. "Second point. You are the bottom bitch around here. But you will be able to climb."

"Does that include the alpha position?" The tone in the Succubus' voice spoke wonders over the sarcasm she was using. "Will I be able to be the top dick sucker, Master? Will I get to eat real food and be told I’m pretty every morning?"

“You’re fucking hot, Kiara, no sense in holding that back anymore.” You shrugged your shoulders at her, watching her scoff. “Second, that totem pole includes me. So climb high enough and you’ll get to call the shots.”

That caught her attention, eyes widening before narrowing. “You’re bluffing.”

“Only one way to tell,” you said, returning the frown. "This is a game, remember?"

Her look appeared tentative, but not eager by any stretch.

"But we'll start simple. For now, you'll have to win a lot of privileges first."

"Such as?"

"Flying around without permission, for example," you said, seeing her eyes widen further. "But more on that later, we'll talk at the center. I do believe I promised to fuck you."

The sultry look in her eyes as she vanished into red light gave you a shiver. Clipping the device, you glanced at Diane.

She was beaming.

"I guess I'm taking things in the right direction?"

The nurse moved to latch to your arm, tugging you so she could whisper into your ear. "Could Master fuck me while the succu-bitch remains restrained watching?"

"I think I can do that."

"Sex?" Monica prompted, ears perked and grinning.

"Later soon," you said.

Monica pouted.


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