Morning came at the sound of groans.

Nothing much surprising, but there was something about it that still rubbed at you. It was Monica for one.

Slowly you opened your eyes, finding yourself surrounded. The Milktit... Marta? Her stomach had been serving as your pillow. You had to take a moment and check her over, clothed. A mental checkup. Milk, warmth, sleep.

Right, no fucking, though Diane had subtly tried to get you into the milktit's overalls.

Another groan, and your thoughts slugged through the morning ritual of telling yourself you should've been woken up at some point of the night. What happened to guard duty? Your eyes scanned the horizon, looking for the others. Tomas was awake, well away from everyone, his back turned towards the group as he and Freya were watching the forest. The young man's shoulders were still, his ears red.

Monica mewled.

Slowly you turned the other way around, and there she was. And she wasn't alone.

There was a certain Succubus leaning down on the feline, her hands glowing as she slowly caressed Monica's thighs. Rachel's eyes were on you as her fingers danced across the feline's skin; she was a hawk, no expression other than that predatory glint in her eyes as she squeezed the muscles and inched her fingers all over Monica's body.

Looking around, you could tell most everyone else was asleep. "Good morning." Rachel forced your attention back to her, a tiny little smirk as Monica squirmed and gasped. The feline looked lost in her own little world.

It was then that you noticed something else.

Someone else.

Diane was behind Rachel, half-hidden behind the succubus' curves. The nurse monstergirl was heavily flushed, squirming, eyes half-lidded and lost in a fog. Diane's hands were glowing as she was desperately trying to push away the infernal's tail. The leathery appendage was glowing as well, and it was clear the mere act of holding onto it had completely drained Diane.

Something ugly and intense reared itself inside your chest, searing hot, RED. It boiled through you like a storm that was preparing to be unleashed, you took a deep breath, images flashing through your mind, unpleasant images.

Rachel's eyes gleamed with mirth.

With clenched fists, you forced the red hot bitter pill down and into your gut. You'd been just about to jump her, try to fight her? You'd...

The Succubus' lips parted into a devilish smile. "Come on, Rick, jump me." Her body was pulsing with that strange light that your body could feel but your eyes could not see, and your brain kicked in. She was taunting you; she wanted you to jump her. Use her power to get you to fuck her then? Why?


A deep shuddering breath. Focus on how long it took to breathe. How long did it take to inhale? How long did it take to exhale? Breathe. Clenched fists, slowly, relax. You've dealt with worse, you could handle this. As you looked upon the infernal as she played with both your monstergirls, you felt the burning rage lower itself, slowly, slowly, descent into a simmer. Think, think.

You had several options laid out before you. Lash out? Demand that she stop? Recall Monica? Join in? No, that pang of pride from yesterday came back rearing its head and hissing at the Succubus as she was toying with Monica. Your Monica, your Diane. You frowned at that; the notion of Rachel teasing and nearly having goaded you... it was secondary. Your girls.

You focused, calm down.

Rachel was a Succubus, and they fed on strong emotions.

Your eyes glanced at the infernal's work, forcing your clenched jaw to relax. monstergirl's going at one another was normal... right? Calm down. Calm down, calm...

"Master..." Diane whimpered, eyes watery, voice trembling. Her hands kept clenching the tail.

"Please..." The nurse begged. "Please Master..."

"Poor thing, she's at her limit. I bet she-"

Whatever the infernal was going to say, you'd ignored her, moving fast to get to Diane's side. The nurse was shaking, short gasping breaths. Flushed, trembling like a leaf, her eyes began to close. "Tail..."

The nurse slumped.

A shot of panic ran through you, ice cold. Your hands reached to check the nurse's pulse.

Breathing, steadying heartbeat.

"She's just tired," Rachel spoke with a dismissive snort. "Couldn't handle even a whole- AHK!"

You'd lunged.

The hand grabbed the Succubus by the throat. It caught her by surprise, forcing her to cough and groan, but not even your hands could squeeze hard enough to properly choke her. Her body was just that invulnerable. The coldness of her expression showed satisfied glee. "Glad to see you're showing your true colours," she hissed with a sneer.

She fucking... your brain kicked back in. You couldn't hurt her. Not without trying to figure out if you could gouge her eyes out. Her breed was too tough for you to harm her.


"You want to get fucked so bad?" You snarled, letting go, stepping back. Fuck this bitch. "Bend over."

"Finally~," she purred, letting go of an exhausted looking Monica and shifting positions to lay atop of her.

Rachel was already naked, reclining over the feline, raising her tail and spreading her wings. She languished there, and you could see her tasting the scenario as it was unfolding. Her smile widened as the arousal burned through you upon her single touch, fuck it, fuck her, just end this shit already, give her what she asked and be done with her once and for all. Send her into whatever hellhole she came from, with or without Tomas.

You were just about to release your belt-buckle when you saw it.

A patch of redness, waving high in the air, marring the succubus' black tail like an angry sunburn, becoming redder by the second until it was practically glowing.

At the exact same spot Diane had been holding onto.

You reached out, grasping it.

And all too suddenly, Rachel shuddered and froze, her whole body twitched, jolted with sensation. There was a confusion in her eyes that turned into panic as she attempted to yank her tail out of your grip. It only made you grip more tightly and cause her whole body to freeze.

This time she let out a small groan. You quickly moved, tugging on the tail, hard. The Succubus let out a shriek.

You thought back to yesterday, to her taunt, to her spell on your crotch holding the steady warmth within you as it pushed you into the pink haze. She'd said it was possible to break her focus.

Latching onto that thought, your other hand reached out to grab the base of the tail to ensure it couldn't escape your fingers. "You want me to fuck you?" You growled, pulling at her tail. She was growing hot. Rachel growled, a snarl on her lips, and you felt a pulse incoming. You yanked the tail harder.

Whether it was pleasure or pain that she felt, you didn’t care. It stopped the pulse in its tracks; it died down before it could surge out of her. Your fingers were still tingling against her skin.

Keeping the tail tense, tugging at her spine, you wrung your fingers. The shrieks start taking a rhythm, moans mixed into it. You felt the heat inside your chest as your vision narrowed. The anger was welling and you yanked harder. Your arm started to hurt, grip feeling numb.


Monica was waking up from whatever fog had been put on her.

"Pin her," you hissed the command.

Monica knew that one well. Rachel tried to struggle, but you pulled again. The shrill scream felt as if it would break your ears, and the next instant it was muffled. Monica had planted that face against the dirt, her hands slamming the Succubus' against the ground. Your fingers kept squeezing and pulling, holding onto the spot even as your arm was screaming in pain.

"Rick sex?" Monica quipped, raising her eyes from the pinned Succubus at you. "Sex Rachel good."

The act of thinking for a way to answer that question got your brain to kick back in and past the anger. You blinked, breathing hard. You felt startled as you paused, blinking, the red was... dissipating.

The squeeze of your hand drew a muffled moan out of Rachel. The Succubus struggled to turn her head, spitting dirt, looking at you. You should've seen rage in those eyes, but there was something else you couldn't recognize. "Fuck me," she begged.


"No," you spoke the thought out loud, it was like a hammer blow, and she shivered. Slowly, you let go. "I only fuck my girls." Panting, you stepped back. "Release her."

Monica did as told.

No sooner had she let go, a beam of red light from a recall hit the succubus. Her eyes were still burning as she looked at you.

"Rick? the fuck?"

It was Tomas.


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